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tiny lizard update, sorry about it being super blown out, they are in shadow.

tiny lizard visitor let me gently pet them whilst they lapped up some condensation from my drink, then left after I picked up my drink while they were clinging to the side of it, lapping up more condensation. They are now perched on the fencepost.


At absurdly high pressures, who knows how long it will take to get something that is superconducting at both room temperature AND room PRESSURE, but still...

(fwiw I have made it to the second area so far, that's it)

I keep on seeing people go "woo, escaped from Hades after 15 attempts!" and are y'all playing on god mode or something because, well, see screenshot?

I am also a bit handicapped by some controller troubles, it only recognizes my ps4 controller if I use some command-line arguments, and it thinks it's a 360 controller; it also has some weird issues where there are some directions I just *cannot* run or aim in, if I move the thumbstick in a circle Zagreus will move in an arc, then keep moving in one direction for a bit before suddenly popping about 90º to go through more of an arc, then pop another 90º before getting back to the original direction...

hey so today is's birthday. I've been keeping this place up for three years now.

I would say "running" but I dunno if it's been hands-on enough to call it that. It's small and chill and I select for new users who aren't going to change that.

Thanks to everyone who's been on here, past and present, for generally keeping this a nice place to be. Special extra thanks to everyone who's donated to help keep this place running, it doesn't cost a ton but it's nice to not have to cover it all from my slowly-shrinking hoard!

It is such a pleasure to play a video game with good writing in its native language after all these hours of the awkward translations of Persona 5 I've been slogging through lately.

("They" in this case is the gods of Olympos. Who... who are really good at complicated pasts.)

Really hoping Nyx is less of a Karen than the leader of the now-dissolved Mardi Gras krewe bearing her name.

YAY I found a workaround to getting the PS4 controller to work on the Mac version of Hades. It uses Xbox graphics in the config screens but who cares. TIME TO SLASH SHIT UP.

Okay so some higher angels like seraphim manifest as a whole bunch of rings of eyes and wings and whatnot, right?

And then there are fascinum, little winged peens that appear throughout a lot of historical contexts - marginalia in illuminated manuscripts, talismans, whatnot.

What if fascinum are just serap peens? They've got a zillion disconnected eyes and wings, why NOT also have a zillion disconnected peens too?

Good morning! I just got up and sat next to my SO while they finished up a phone call for some tax stuff... and got cut off when it was almost done. And then the system said it was not accepting anyone else into the wait queue when they called back. How’s your day starting?

oh wait no it came out approximately forty-one years ago at the end of 2019, it's been a really long year

I was just reminded "Sayonara Wild Hearts" exists and that I spent a while getting gold runs of all its levels when it came out approximately forty years ago at the beginning of 2020.

It is a very very pretty game and if its actual memorization/twitch gameplay is not your bag then perhaps you will enjoy watching me run through it.

Geez how many forms does the seventh boss of Persona 5 even have. I got beat down by the fifth one.

Time to stock up on whole-party life-ups and maybe see if I can teach everyone the "reflect physical damage" skill. And wish it was easier to get MP restoration items, geez.

health insurance question (okay to retoot) 

Today I learnt that it is very hard to not grin like a lunatic when you are cycling along the bike path with a 3' lavender plush unicorn under your arm.

Making her wave a hoof at everyone you pass and whinnying doesn't help this either.

I just figured out how to use the Mastodon admin interface to steal emoji from other instances. It's pretty easy to use its search to grab sets and even stick them into a little category for easy access.

I should still get around to batch-uploading Mutant Standard. Life's too short to post those by hand.

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