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I dreamt I was in an auditorium and Mark Zuckerberg sat next to me and was a nervous fucker who wouldn’t shut up and kept on asking me one nosy question after another.

I moved away. Stay the fuck out of my dreams, sleazebag.

There are about seven names I will respond to, depending on the context, and I’m not going to list them despite that being today’s “hey it’s fun to share things that might show up in security questions” meme on birdsite.

There are also something like three names I used to respond to that I no longer respond to. Dig up my boy name and throw it at me and I will reflexively look your way - and then tell you to fuck off. I really don’t hear it much any more, the first name is very out of fashion despite me being one of three kids with it in elementary school.

art illustration: nude wolf lady with caffiene. 

Me yesterday: I think I'll work on that YCH some more tomorrow, I can probably get the first pass on all the figures done if I focus some.

Me this morning: it sure does feel like a day to play some video games, guess it's finally time to have another go at Persona 5.

Me just now: It sure is seven in the evening and I don't know where the time went and I sure did get an abusive gym teacher to Hashtag Me Too the heck out of himself.

Actually I think my throat was itchy because you failed to properly chew a bit of bagel that has been slowly working its way down our throat all night, thanks a lot past Peggy.

I sure do bicycle faster than most people I see on the bike trails in New Orleans. Every now and then someone with a racing bike passes me but that’s about it unless I am super tired and hauling a basket full of food.

Learning to shift gears probably helped. You don’t really need to pick that up in a flat city; you do in places with hills. Wrapping a bunch of beads from the Krewe of Hermès around the handlebars and asking him to bless my bike may have helped too - the day I did that I had someone pull up behind me while I was waiting for a light and comment on how fast my bike *looked*. And my bike is a cheap beater that I have deliberately let get scuffed so it looks not worth stealing.

One of my favorite things about human-run social media is that if your feed goes quiet, it lets it be quiet instead of dropping in stuff from a bunch of strangers it thinks you might like.

Or maybe that “hey follow this rando” behavior is a thing I loathe about corporate-run social media.

Peggy I am pretty sure that the reason your throat is a little itchy is because there was someone around the cafe's deck with a cigarette for a while, and not because you caught the covids. Everything's cool.

I just spent a half an hour procrastinating on getting back to that genie party YCH by submitting a proposal for a show of images of various deities to a local gallery looking to fill next year's schedule.

My art has a very wide range. :)

in which I continue to toot WIPs of this big YCH, cw: cartoon butts and titties 

in which I continue to toot WIPs of this big YCH, cw: cartoon butts and titties 

While working on this Accidental Genie Party, I have discovered a very important question for an artist to ask of people who want you to draw their genie character:

What's their lamp look like?

(Or bottle, or bong, or whatever else they vanish into when they're not granting wishes and making trouble.)

I got the last straggling model sheet after some email digging. Total genie count for this YCH piece: Five. Out of ten slots.

I am fine with this and rather amused by it. I did not intend for this piece to be Genie Bait or anything but I was also aware that the general theme was, well, not *not* Genie Bait either, y'know? And now here I am with an accidental theme of "big lazy genie party".

Which, hey. Wish party. What's not to like?

A drag queen that discovers that their family has been trying to tell them their whole life that they’re secretly dragons of royal lineage but they have been misunderstanding the words

penumbra why did you eat a burr, I hope that kitty digestive systems are prepared to deal with eating a burr

here is a remix of Gary Numan's "Cars" that has been turned into a giant, dark, brooding symphonic beast by the aforementioned Flood and it is fucking hilarious if you have the original song stuck in your head forever like I do

I am probably about the bazillionth person to make this joke but when do we get a special 20th anniversary re-release of TMBG's "Flood", remixed and modified by Mark "Flood" Ellis.

Oh hey and if you're not following me on birdsite/have my RT's off there/whatever, check out this short comic I did with

This is part of a little project called "Nice Day Wanda", wherein the Scarlet Witch has a bunch of happy little moments instead of, you know, angsting over destroying the universe or something. Scripts by Alex, art by a bunch of Alex's friends including me.

It is 10:30 AM and I have gotten out of bed, had a semi-healthy breakfast (mixed greens/berries/nuts/honey smoothie), spent a half hour working on that big YCH, *and* done some dishes, who am I and what have I done with the Peggy who was here for the past few weeks.

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