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Every time I pull my mask up to eat or drink something while I'm out of the house, I think about Rorschach eating beans straight out of the can.

deliberately choosing to export a kind of crappy jpeg of a rough sketch for a commission because you want to discourage the client from really getting into details that don't matter yet

Recently I felt like it was time to re-read Zelazny’s “Amber”.

I got a copy of the giant, unwieldy omnibus, and put marks on the side of the pages so I could tell where the hell I was in the overall saga.

It took me about a half a month, but today I finished it. The Merlin books sure are the middle series; they barely finish themselves, and open up a huge window for the third series Zelazny never wrote...

Read the whole post:

Carrion is pretty neat. I played it for two hours and don't see where to go next. Perhaps I will work it out later.

Coincidence Watch:

This morning I put down the
Amber omnibus to warm some bread to make a sandwich. Picked up the book again, read some more. Got up when the timer went off, made my sandwich.

When I picked up the book to continue reading while I ate, it was right at the beginning of the truce-and-dinner scene in chapters 1 and 2 of “Knight of Shadows”.

I did not alter the pace of my eating or my reading. But I ended up working on the last bite of my sandwich just as Merlin, Mandor, and Jasra finished their meal and got back to the plot.

also, picture of stool. Or more precisely, picture of gold-colored dragon ass shelf. I also ordered a purple pillow to cushion it.

I just ordered a stool that I hope is the right height for my desk. Should be here in the middle of the week.

This has a good chance of dispelling a lot of my current depression. by finally making it easy for me to stay at my desk for long periods of time drawing. When I don't draw enough, I get sadder and sadder and sadder, and I have not been able to draw enough since the pandemic began.

I think I could. The combination of a few stories Mom told me years later, plus suddenly being able to draw like 2020 me...

If your current consciousness was transported back in time and plopped into the body of you at ten years old, do you think you could get your parents/guardians to believe you?

Small girl passing outside the Bean Gallery: “Let’s go get some coffeeeeee!”

Man escorting her, probably her dad: “You know you don’t drink coffee.”

Small girl: “Oh.”

I laughed.

Today I went to a cafe a while and I actually looked at some commission emails so I'm gonna call that "oroductive".

okay I just heard delighted noises and looked up to see my neighbor's kid riding past the cafe I'm in, delighted at being able to ride his bike backwards (ass on the handlebars)

and now I am pretty happy

Lately I have been feeling tired and useless and low energy and I am pretty sure these are all symptoms of Being Depressed.

Realizing this makes it easier to try and let this pass through me, and to maybe even do things that will make it pass faster. But it still sucks.

Ruby Slipper is now pretty much an outdoors restaurant. Also apparently they are disinfecting every table’s condiments after use.

Ah yes, the special kind of dude who thinks that “having it hanging down from one ear like some kind of exaggerated earring” counts as “wearing a mask”.

Extra card proposal for the Silicon Dawn 2nd Edition: The Tentacle Pope.

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