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Dude just rode past me in the park. No hands on the bike because they were both in use on the flute he was playing.

Passing thought: why are so many Disney villains magicians? I can think of exactly two non-villainous magicians offhand: Merlin in “Sword and the Stone” and Elsa in “Frozen”. It all feels really ironic given how fundamentally magical the medium of animation is, especially when Disney went on to make the “Magic Kingdom” theme parks.

Oh also I guess there are the good fairies in Cinderella? And maybe the fairy in Pinocchio. By and large though any cartoon magician in Disney (or most other US cartoon features) is the heavy in a fairy tale adaptation.

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peggy turn off the internet and get back to this crazy commission of [censored because it is a secret from the person who commissioned it]

Also here is a picture of the site from the end of October, featuring an entire fucking half a crane impaling the street. I could feel the soul of the city screaming somewhere in the back of my head when I took this.

Exploratory sketches for “Old Brian‘s Deck Of Tactical Cats”, a proposed edition of Eno and Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies” with Gorey-inflected illustrations of cats.

Terrible project idea: Old Brian’s Deck Of Strategic Cats.

An edition of “Oblique Strategies” with cute little pen and ink drawings of cats illustrating every card.

Outer Wilds continues to be a fascinatingly unsettling game. The whole place is collapsing upon you from the moment it starts, it’s full of unenlightening alien ruins, and there is also whatever the fuck is going on in the Dark Bramble where you can get eaten by space fish.

I have found that I am less about preserving the sanctity of life when a roach is involved. Or a mosquito. Or an ant trying to bite me somewhere intimate.

I am no longer a kid who idly kicks over ant hills and squishes them as they run around. But critters that get up in my food and try to use me as food? Yeah I’ll give them the charity of making their miserable lives shorter, if anything.

the part of a drawing's process where there are parts I kind of totally hate and I know that I can fix them but thinking about ways to fix them feels like an insurmountable problem much less actually fixing things

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wwdc snark 

wwdc snark 

wwdc snark 

Last night I had a dream where I was told to get back to work on Parallax so I guess I'm gonna have a look at the current status of all the pages for chapter 1 today.

Facebook ad. Mmm, yes please, I would like some zombie fungus in the morning!

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