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They have pointed out that it is eminently possible this was actually Grant Morrison trying to further his one-sided Majgickqghal War with Moore by annoying small comics fry. Either way, sheesh.

So @zebratron2084 just dreamt that Alan Moore stole their weed and I am like, dude, don't you have better things to do than to steal the dream weed of the SO of some baby comics witch halfway across the world? Sheesh.

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(oh also gonna get back to work on your piece first, @nautilee)

Streaming again.

If you wanna get in the queue and can't watch streams then PM me on Mastodon or send some email to!

god damn it is a weird feeling to be writing an introduction post on a PHB forum in this day and age

I continue to be occasionally astounded at how lucrative drawing furry porn with a price of “whatever you think it’s worth” is once a decent chunk of your audience has Real Jobs.

And at how wonderfully absurd the things I get paid to draw are.

We are monsters. Shemp snuck into the house and we put him back outside in the rain and thunder. I felt so heartless.

We really gotta get more furniture and set up a cat bed of some kind so we can let the little mooch hang out here. Also maybe get him a flea collar.

I feel like doing some streaming today. - NSFW!

I'm starting with something for me, but commissions are open!

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I like that Mastodon pretty much only ever emails me about new account requests that are actually written by a human. I wish there was a way to make it just auto-reject all the html-stuffing spam requests though!

Maybe there is and I haven't found it, I dunno, I haven't felt like investigating every single detail lately.

Spent an hour and a half out in the park working on Parallax. Eventually this incoherent mess should be a pretty rad page of Kaiju Combat. Eventually.


ugh, my back has been cranky lately and the past few days it has been cranky in dramatically different places. I think this is my cue to start doing yoga regularly again. Ordered a few mats so I can do it at home on the title floors, guess I'm gonna go out to the park or something to do some for now. Time to dig through those apps I've had for a while and start using them.

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