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Feels like a good day to take a walk with a freshly painted jackal mask.

Lately when I meditate/do minor magical ritual practice stuff I have been getting visons of unidentified guardian/deity types just... sitting there and casually watching me, with a smile. Like, the same kind of attitude you have when you’re watching a kid repeatedly try to do a brainteaser and waiting for the moment when you see a lightbulb go on over their head because they finally figured out they could put 2 and 2 together to make 22.

Next time I get this I should ask them for hints. They’ll probably just tell me I have everything I need to work it out. It’s that kind of smile.

Every now and then I pick up Rayman Legends again because I want to listen to the fish sing. And then I poke at it and am amazed at how many levels it has that I have still never touched despite playing it for most of an entire winter several years agon.

Sitting around listening to an ex-Floyd jamming aimlessly with the Orb before I go to bed.

I was originally gonna listen to Orbus Terrarum, which is kind of my favorite Orb, but for some reason that’s not on the iPad, probably because Apple thinks my old VBR rips are too shitty for them to want to match.

uspol (mild, persuading the parents) 

Aww man, Uderzo died. I spent so many hours as a kid poring over the intricate Imperial-era European backgrounds and super solid cartooning he and his assistants did in Asterix.

RIP, thanks for the great BD.

Damn this is some sweet stuff. I like it. It does indeed taste like rainbow.


My entire friends list this weekend: CROSS ALL THE ANIMALS

Me: oh hey I never did finish the last few levels of the ps4 geometry wars

Transom Cat sits in the window over the door watching me meditate, mewing occasionally to make sure I know she’s there and I should feed her. 

*drowns out the person playing a sermon across the street with Fires of Ork*

Second coat. It’s... black, I guess? But not any kind of light-swallowing void black. Maybe if I could find my hair dryer to cook it a bit it would be blacker, the how-tos definitely mention that. No damn idea where it is or even if I kept it in the move, so much shut is still in boxes.

First coat. The left side was thinned with water (wearers left, not Image left). Right side is straight Black 3.0. Now to let it dry overnight, then maybe do a second coat.

covid19, internet 

Me: Hey @zebratron2084 would you hate me if I took this Anubis mask that got beat up in transit, patched it some, and used it as a test for this Blackest Black paint?

zebratron: [stares, eyes wide in amazement]

Me: that’d be a yes then

Lazy, sluggish, kinda tired, horny. I spent all day slouching on the couch reading. Gotta get out and move tomorrow.

let's make it a social norm in the fediverse to trunc the tracking mess off the ends of urls

So hey if you are using Adobe stuff like me, they are not offering any kind of Epidemic Economy Collapse Discount, but if you go try to cancel your plan their standard user-retention flow will offer you two months free. Supposedly if you call them to do this you might get three instead but who the hell wants to pick up the phone? I did it online and got two months off, good enough.

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