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It's been a while but there is a new page of Parallax up on Patreon! In which the Baron shows that he can, in fact, get angry. Or at least a little tetchy.

Email from Adobe about a new thread in the Illustrator prerelease forum regarding a build for [REDACTED NEW FEATURE].

The post is a list of stuff they'd like people to test around [REDACTED].

The replies are all people saying "who the hell wants this, how about you fix some of the issues we've been swearing at for like a decade now". And I just laugh ruefully.

I accidentally hit the button to make iPhoto do an overview of the album of pictures that make me horny and it’s all just kind of hilarious somehow to have “HORNY” and some dates written over giant cartoon titties.

I feel there is an argument to be made that the space between any highway overpass is a temple to Hermes.

A few days ago, after hanging a throw from the parade in his honor from my bike’s handlebars and blessing it in his name, I found myself in the Superdome parking lot beneath a major downtown interchange. Now THAT was a place to do MAJOR Hermes workings if I ever saw one.

I dunno why y’all keep worrying about if it was the Berenstein or the Berenstain bears. When I grew up it was the Dinglebearies.

I am so not in the right reality any more.

pondering magic (cw: magic) 

If you are looking for something to read while you are stuck at home, maybe my graphic novel about a robot lady dragged out of reality by her ex will help pass the time! It is dense and weird and somehow got cover quotes from multiple Hugo-winners. It is also free.

This is a good preface to a grimoire.

(Rufus Opus, “Seven Spheres”)

I went from "singing Spirit of Radio in the shower" to "pulling up Kobra and the Lotus' fabulous cover of Spirit of the Radio and cranking it" and I feel like that says something about the kind of the kind of day today will be.

Hopefully good. It's a powerful song and Kobra sings it with a strength Geddy never could because her natural range actually matches the vocal line...

Hey, all, I just wanna give a big thanks to the folks on, as well as the folks I follow on instances I don’t run, for continuing to CW their politics/covid19/stress posts! Thanks for keeping this place less of a primal scream of agony than Twitter and other commercial social media. 💖❤️💜

My meditation was interrupted today by two packages appearing in the mail: some fresh notebooks (my dream diary and to-do journal are both getting full), and my FULIGIN PAINT. Guess I gotta hit up the art store for canvas soon now!

I just looked closely at this cup I caught at Druids this year and I am delighted to still see Dan Frolich art in the wild, even if they’ve been using the same piece for twenty years now!

(Frolich did a LOT of art for Mardi Gras stuff back when I was a kid in the seventies and eighties.)

Damn. Kentucky Route Zero starts getting dark in act 3, despite that gorgeous musical number.

I think I am now caught up with where I was when I last played an episode. Next time I play will be all new stuff.

Today I ordered Wirecutter’s recommendation for a USBC power bank so I can spend all day working in the park without visiting a cafe full of tourists. I had to get it off of Amazon.

But I also fired up the Kindle app on my computer and made it download every e-book I’ve bought from Bezos and grabbed Calibre. I gotta figure out some settings but I’m done with their ebook ecosystem, and their attempts to make me spend more are the direct cause for this.

I sure have read a lot of competently forgettable sf/f via the Kindle app.

Oh god I need to do "the Pringle" and I can't remember how to do that

And while I am doodling stuff that will end up life-size... maybe a custom shower curtain? (thanks Neogeen!)

Trying to decide if this runs up against Redbubble's rules ( or not. Pointers to places that will happily print furry foreplay on a shower curtain are quite welcome...

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