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Guess who managed to get out of her cone and clawed at her scab.

Hint: this kitty.

She had the cone on all yesterday and last night and her face hole is definitely smaller; I’m gonna put the cone back on in a bit and I know she will not be happy about this but the sooner it heals the sooner we let her back outside..l

Today’s office (2). Not shown: brass band playing outside the cathedral, occasional scent of horse poop drifting in from the carriage waiting line.

Someday soon I need to have a good look at the statues in the corner of Jackson Park. Dionysius in the West, who’s in the other corners?

Time to get out of bed and feed cats and meditate.

This cat keeps on purring and crawling into my lap and kneading and demanding pets and it is super cute except for the part where she also keeps stepping on my junk.

"That'll be $12.12"

*opens up wallet, finds two fives and two ones*
*finds two pennies and a dime*
*digs in her bag while the barista gets the drink together and replaces that dime with two nickels*

I would not have done this if anyone was waiting in line behind me, of course. But it made me happy to do this.

Watching Shadow try to groom herself and just lick the inside of her cone is the saddest thing ever.

Well okay in the grand scheme of things there are many many sadder things but it is still the saddest thing I have seen lately.

Hey : one user (A) on my instance does not get notifications when one particular other user (B) of my instance @s them.

A and B are mutuals; A has checked that they have not muted or blocked B. Is there anything else we should be looking into here? Anything like prodding the db or some tootctl invocation i should try?

There is a guy on Nextdoor flipping his shit because a marathon this Sunday blocked his car driving plans and it is fucking hilarious, because this is in the middle of Carnival season and people Uptown have to get up EVERY DAY and decide “okay which side of St Charles do I want to be on today” and act on that pretty early because they won’t be able to get their car across the parade routes until pretty late.

(Mostly Nextdoor here is lost and found pets, to be honest. It’s pretty chill.)

Shadow has been scratching at her wound again so... cone time. She was so not happy to be put in it but she is such a good kitty for not scratching the fuck out of us as we did this.

Shadow has been confined to the house for a couple days now while her cheek heals. She is getting a little stir crazy; she is finally bored enough to deign to actually pounce on the Jingly Man.

"New Orleans is pretty much like any other city really", she says, while checking the schedule for a parade made up of goofy nerds dragging tiny, tiny floats made from shoeboxes through a few blocks of the Marigny.

This is a nice article about what it’s like to live in Las Vegas. It resonates with my experiences of growing up in one Tourist Destination, spending a decade in another, and eventually moving back to the first. 

listening to Steve Hillage prog out and drawing a butterfly-themed Axe of the Gods

So today I learnt that King Cake Hub, a specialty shop that gets king cakes from all the bakeries all over town, is a worrisomely close distance from my place. It’s a really good thing that ritual demands a certain restraint on consuming these things.

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