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One of the cats who Does Not Live Here got the Jingly Man caught on his hind foot and started running in circles like a dog.

I am toying with joining the Friends Of The New Orleans Museum Of Art. I spend a lot of time in the park working and it would be pretty cool to be able to wander into the museum any day and slouch on a bench in a quiet gallery for a while, working on my comics in a Temple To Art. 

I keep on sort of feeling like this is a good month to offer some commission slots. Probably PG-rated at most, done under my main identity rather than the pornmonger.

Spent a while laying out my letter about tarot reprinting, and a while more fiddling with the VX10 pages of Parallax. I love it when I get to do goofy little exaggerated drawings of all these characters!

I should start keeping a lightweight sketchbook in my bag and pulling it out when I’m on the bus instead of fucking with the phone.

Hi kids! Tammy the Talking Toilet here to teach you important poop facts!

There is a part of my brain that keeps on humming a spritely little piece of fifties library music that I know because John K liked to use it in his work and I would really like it to never do this again.

Though I just realized it MIGHT actually be Yogi Bear library music, I should check.

Deciding which to defederate your Mastodon server from is a subtle art that involves picking up on obscure clues like "the admin link on this instance is just a mailto: link to corpsefucker@rape.lolz".

I am probably going to remove the gradient on this sound effect but it still makes me really happy so I am sharing this here.

Me, yesterday and this morning: oh man drawing this panel is gonna be a ton of work

One half hour in the park and another half hour in Monkey Monkey later: It's done already?!? Damn.

Brief contemplation: what if I started streaming my work when I am plugged in at a cafe?

One quick internet search of software for this for the Mac, I decide this feels like a lot more work than I am willing to bother with given that I feel like "adding an overlay of the keys I press" is the domain of $200+ apps.

Awrite I just spent an hour writing a formal letter to $MAJOR_AMERICAN_TAROT_PUBLISHER about possibly doing the second edition of the Silicon Dawn.

I still gotta format it for printing and print it out, as they don't take electronic submissions. But that's for tomorrow. I wanna get some drawing in!

Okay Peggy get up and take a shower and decide what you are going to do with today, wouldja? Maybe have some better kind of breakfast/brunch than a slice of king cake?

This morning, @zebratron2084 passed the First Test: we had some more king cake, they got the baby, and did NOT choke on it.

That brown stuff oozing out is raspberry chocolate goop and holy crap this is so rich. King cakes have gotten decadent since I was gone.

Okay this raspberry truffle king cake is fucking obscene. We had a slice apiece and do NOT have room for another go until MAYBE tomorrow evening, holy shit.

Nobody got the baby yet.

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