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Half a beer + honey in some chamomile tea = dragon sleep now kthxbai.

Damn that knocked me out. I wonder if there was some Everyone Is Sleeping Off Thanksgiving Meal vibe involved? I am, admittedly, a lightweight in general.

I want to see a compilation album made up of songs professional musicians have sung to their cats, then worked up into full pieces whilst retaining their original lyrics about how you are a cat with a kitty head face and kitty paws and kitty innards.

Have I mentioned lately that Sugarfoot is a kitty? Because she is a kitty.

Tonight, someone out there needs to hear Information Society covering "Heffalumps & Woozles" and turning it into a total dancefloor banger. Maybe that someone is you.

Arguing with TERFs makes me tired. But getting a recommendation to block a TERF instance makes me smile.

Getting a recommendation to block a couple TERF instances and seeing that I'd already blocked one of them makes me smile even more.

So far AssCreed Odyssey is pretty much exactly what I expected: a big, expensive open-world game set in Ancient Greece.
There’s one thing I keep feeling is missing, though. The terrain is littered with statues of divinities and there’s no “worship” or “sacrifice” button.

This cafe is playing what I think might be the original Simon & Garfunkle version of "America". Which I have never heard, I've always just heard Yes's cover.

I got a few people wanting a physical copy of this panel I shared yesterday so I put it on Redbubble. Prints, shirts, blankets, stickers, the works.

The next page of Mixolyne stuff is coming along. Still needs a bit of a contrast/highlighting pass here and there but I am very happy with this SHOUJO MOMENT that these two biomechs are sharing.

I approved the new account applications. Be stylish, new users. :)

Hey : Is a new user's "why I want to join this instance" text available anywhere once you've approved their account?

Ok, so it seems that more useful then a poly book would be some conversational etiquette books.

I mean, I've wanted to improve my social skills for years, and didn't even know there books on that, I assumed etiquette books where like, formal stuff.

Does anyone have any of these to recommend? Doubly so ones good for Autistic/Apsie people?

begging for help with vet bill (long) (OK to RT) 

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