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Evening snack.

Flowers near the bookshop, possibly reference.

A very good kitty who seems to think there is something very interesting in a corner of the pantry. And it’s not the cat food, either.

Stopped at my mom’s favorite bookshop. They still remember her fondly.

Two hours making all the scaled versions of the Nemesis versions of the Mixolyne mech styles. Including some inevitable fuckups of course. 

This file with all the mech design for chapter one of Parallax has gotten super slow to save. I think it may be time to split it into a few parts.

They were singing;

I, I really like pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee 'cause I heard they had pie
All the good old boys were eating some pie
Singing "All of us really like pie"

Spent another half hour setting up to rescale all the styles for these mechs. Not shown: very screwy-looking small mechs.

Might finish it tonight? Might just do it tomorrow. I dunno. This is boring-ass technical stuff that NEEDS doing before I can really move on, but is still hard to make myself do.

I should also probably make food happen.

New post on Patreon: I spent the last few days turning Anthony Waters' lovely concept sketches into finished models for the Evil version of Kirt and Noa's hostframes.

I am in the laundromat and Let’s Make A Deal is on. Both contestants and large parts of the audiences are in cheap costumes. I wonder if anyone has ever worn a fursuit to the audience of one of these “wear a costume and we might select you as a contestant” shows.

===== KITTY ALERT =====

Belated bulletin:

Two porch-moochers yesterday. We spoke to our next door neighbor's teenage son, and he confirmed a Kitty Fan Theory that I had suspected for months:

Miss Quivertail is actually Shadow. This quantum-collapses the number of cats to three: Sugarfoot, her mom Shadow, and Skittykitty. Update your scorecards accordingly.

Sugarfoot: walks in and plops on the floor like she owns the place

Shadow: FEED ME?

Me: I just made this apartment look ten times goofier!

Dropped it off at a local bike shop. Fifteen bucks for them to realign the wheel. Which answers the question I had about whether it’d be worth getting the tools and learning to do this myself vs. paying for a pro to do it every... six months or so?

I mentioned this one bump on Jeff Davis Parkway I go over pretty much every time I leave home and the dude at the shop was like, oh yeah, I know that damn metal plate all too well.

It should be ready tomorrow or the day after. I can manage. The neighbor’s kid was out front last night and today doing some maintenance on his bike too, must be Bike Maintenance Day.

Flipped the bike upside down and tried spinning the rear wheel. It’s visibly wobbling back and forth and grinding against the frame for part of its travel. Think I’m visiting a bike shop tomorrow to either get a spoke wrench or drop it off for them to fix while I do something else.

The rear wheel goes over a LOT of bumps so I’m kinda not surprised it’s gotten warped. It’s felt subtly off for a while. Getting home is gonna be a hassle though.

Ugh. I am pretty sure this dust used to be my left rear brake pad. Something is misaligned and this pad is just constantly jammed on the wheel. I get to learn how to adjust and replace my brakes soon!

Having a window that opens directly upon one’s tub is great, because sometimes you get to take a shower when the sun is shining in the window and suddenly there are double rainbows hovering over your titties.

aaaah I just had a conversation with one of my Art Idols in which he asked if I'd be interested in doing some art for an RPG based on his stuff despite him originally being adamant with the publisher that he wanted only his art in it

doing something right

OH right it is Football Night and about 90% of all eating establishments (including the one we’re at) are tuned to The Saints Game.

Everyone in the pizza joint is clustered at the tables in the center with a great view of the TV instead of spreading out evenly across the place as usual. Except for us.

This other comic doesn't even look anything like my art, there are outlines and stuff, it is drawn in an anime-inflected style; competently enough but I feel like anyone with, like, functioning *eyes* who has followed me long enough for me to do something horrible and unforgivable to them should know what I draw like?

Anyway both of the accounts they used in this conversation are suspended on this instance for (a) being a butt to me and (b) turning out to be a known Major Pain In The Ass for the Seattle postfurry scene who constantly tries to get around blocks with new accounts.

tfw when some rando with an anime avatar mentions you in a thread about a comic they are hate-reading because they think you drew it

but it just has a similar name to your comic

then when you say "who the fuck are you and what is your beef with me" they ask you to delete an account on your server that doesn't exist


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