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I am tired and grumpy and my comic is terrible and nobody will ever want to read it and oh I haven’t had breakfast, I should probably have some breakfast.

(Personally I have found a keyboard shortcut in Illustrator that makes a new layer AND pops up a layer settings dialogue, with the cursor waiting in the name field. Cmd-alt-L. I don’t make layers any other way now. Does Photoshop or Clip Studio or Procreate whatever have a similar feature? I have no idea.)

Digital art advice:

Name fucking layers. “Layer 437” is not a name, “AHSJFIEHDNVKD” is not a name. You just made a new layer with the intent of doing something particular, type that into its name.

Lock layers you’re not using. When you switch from one layer to another, lock the one you’re leaving. This will help you avoid “oh no I drew on the sketch layer” types of shenanigans. Also make your sketch layer easy to tell you’re drawing on - I like 50% difference, it will be very obvious very quickly if I’m putting color on it.

Mmmf. Drawing these next few Mixolyne pages is getting frustrating; there's a lot of background work to do and I've been kinda putting it off. There's one I skipped last month that's got a bunch of that, too.

I'm gonna have to just grit my teeth and push myself into Background Mode for a few days. Ain't nobody else gonna draw this shit for me.

Alternatively can I simplify some of these BGs? Possibly. Let that thought stew, hmmm>


Sudden thought: Meyers-Briggs personality types are astrology for boys and materialists.

Inspired by this Wired article on the enduring popularity of the system despite it being well out of favor in psychological circles.

Working on Parallax. Sometimes I just gotta let loose and pretend it's 1986 and I have an airbrush and a whole spectrum of Dr. Martin's and I'm not afraid to use them.

I never thought I'd use Puppet Warp. But it turns out it's a really handy tool to have in my toolkit for when I decide I want to push around something I drew without really thinking about the individual points.

Today, in an odd corner of the internet, I found an article about bearded dragon mutations. One of those mutations makes their skin transparent, and those that have it are called trans dragons.

Today's lesson is that trans dragons are 100% real and they all have really cool eyes. That is all.

Provably TMI, albeit obliquely 

This is a very useful bird site thread for anyone trying to untangle all the maneuvering and ritual involved in Brexit.

We just watched the second episode of the Dark Crystal series. It's pretty good! I'm really enjoying how they're expanding on all the details from the "World of the Dark Crystal" book I re-read obsessively as a teen; I recognize so many stuff from the pages and pages of exploratory designs that didn't make the cut. 

ukpol (?!?) 

I just plugged in the Old IPad and played Goat Up, a lovely little Jeff Minter game that’s no longer available. It’s still fun.

hey what if I hung up the piece that was guarding the door at the old place, that’d make it feel more like home maybe

*takes it out*

Oh crap I don’t have anything to hang it up with ffs. Guess I’m putting “some drafting tape” and “some poster hanging sticky hoop” on my shopping list, and “art store” on my to-do...

Sugarfoot has wandered in. She was flopped on the floor next to the coffee table that hides the subwoofer and receiver. I put on some music and she was INTENSELY PUZZLED by the noises coming out of these boxes.

Now that I have taken out the phone and photographed her of course it is no longer interesting, and she is lying on the floor of the studio instead. Sometimes the tip of her tail flickers.

We are watching the rest of this show via torrents because fuck this whole skipping-the-credits thing.

Holy shit trying to watch the credits on the Dark Crystal series is a fucking nightmare. Flies by too fast to read. And Netflix keeps on jumping to the next fucking episode. Can’t find any fucking way to change that on the PS4 player either.

The show was pretty nice but I am filled with rage due to trying to read the goddamn credits. People worked hard on this and I want to see who they fucking are.

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