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I gotta start carrying some kind of snack in my bag again. Mixed nuts or something.

Today I poked my nose into the Patreon Discord and saw a guy asking for advice on how to grow his paying audience for his YouTube channel wherein he putters about with a metal detector.

Apparently he is not the only person to do this. Apparently the people making the most money doing this are buxom ladies.

At long last. I feel Future Shock.

This leggy poker was hanging out in the lingering rain puddles on Jeff Davis Parkway about two blocks away from my place in Mid-City. I’ve startled these guys on the Parkway at night in the past, this is the first time I was able to come back for a photo instead of just seeing a flurry of grey wings retreating to a tree.

Nick has been working on the outlines for the rest of Parallax (chapters 2-5) and holy crap this comic is going some places.

Looking for recommendations on dragony romance novels where the dragon(s) *don't* shapeshift into humans.

Holy crap Hawkwind has a new album coming out this October.

sex toys, furry porn, desk photograph 

And water is back on! Damn, that was a lot less hassle than I was braced for by a LONG shot.

So I took out my computer and sat there for about a half hour drawing until they got close to my number. No reconnection fee, just a $100 deposit I paid in cash, and they tell me our water should be on by 5 today. I would call that a critical success on the Bureaucratic Encounter Table. Apparently the modifiers are favorable on weekdays, most people end up there on the weekend because Day Job.

Today’s adventure: whoops looks like we never actually set up an account with the Sewerage and Water Board and they finally turned off the water today after like... three months of using it without pay? I’m just glad they didn’t do this last month, coming home from our Barry hurrication to no water would have SUCKED.

the ship of theseus experiment except it's replacing the parts with slightly different pieces to ultimately transform the ship into a trojan horse

when does it cease to be a ship? when does it begin to be a horse? how long will it take you to notice my army of minions flooding out of the structure and taking over your city?

This evening’s second office (first was outside Cafe Du Monde, who seems to have gotten their begniets dialed in now)

I just spent the last hour writing the design brief for the Nemesis version of Kirt and Noa's mechs. Would've been a bit shorter if I hadn't managed to make Mail crash.

I feel like An Grown-Up.

Today I heard caterwauling outside. So I poked my nose out and saw Sugarfoot hanging out on the edge of the porch. I decided to put out some food and who should show up but Shadow, Sugarfoot’s mom, who promptly monopolized the food bowl. And tried to go for more when I refilled it but got the message when I gently held her back and pulled the bowl away for Sugarfoot.

Then they both explored the apartment a little bit.

This morning I dreamt that I was standing on a neutral ground painting a picture of Mid-City. Then I thought it would be really cool to paint a huge Gothic vault over the low houses and stores and write HIC SVNT DRACONES on it in Roman capitals.

Also there was a car sitting behind me while I did this with a distinct air of *lurking*.

Mild woo mention, oblique and possible sigil 

Hey everyone! We just put eight more pages into the Parallax hopper, you’ll be seeing them showing up soon.

If you’ve got some spare cash to support us on Patreon you can see them now and see the new pages as they’re drawn.

But don’t feel pressured by that!

Well that was weird. My shift/cmd keys were not registering as staying down when I held them down, which makes working in Illustrator kind of a royal pain in the ass. It happened briefly last night with my external keyboard, and was happening again on the laptop keyboard here at the cafe.

A reboot fixed it. I hope this is not a regular thing.

Computers are such complicated chaotic systems.

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