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You know what I miss? I miss necroposting. 

Huh. Telegram now has animated stickers - and they are fully vector. Sadly the way to generate these involves After Effects and holy crap that is not a program designed for fast, fluid use. Just looking at a few of the video tutorials that show up when I search "advanced character animation after effects" looks super fiddly and tedious. Yes, even more so than Flash.

Today I dragged Nick out to the mini-golf at City Park and it was pretty fun. Except maybe for the part where we were so overheated from walking home that we just collapsed in front of the air conditioner for like an hour long nap.

Page Mix-15 of Parallax is done, I think. Gonna sit on it and look at it again in the morning before I decide for sure. Maybe needs a lighting finesse pass, this is some complex stuff that's gotta be blown-out but legible.

Mix-14 is pretty close, I just gotta slave over an elaborate background in the first panel, then cut and paste it and add PAINFULLY BRIGHT LIGHT.

Today’s office mate. I would give them snacks if I had any. But people regularly picnic in this area so I bet there are lots to be had.o

I keep on looking at this piece in a nearby used furniture shop and wanting to turn it into my work desk. It’s wide enough. But I’d have to install a slide-out shelf for the keyboard and tablet to be close enough to where I’d end up standing and I don’t think I wanna spend that much in resources and time (mine or a specialist’s) on top of what they already want.

Maybe if it’s still there in a few weeks and they’ve dropped the price and I haven’t found anything simpler. Like there’s a cabinet at the same place that I could make work as-is or with a tiny bit of modification that’s only $60.

Once when I was stoned, I was convinced Thoth encoded the meaning of reality in that one card that's the same on the front and back.

Shit's definitely getting more sustainable down here. Rent is less than 2/3 of what it was in Seattle, and Nick's started paying half of that. My Patreon earnings for another low-production month came to almost half of what was left. And if I get off my ass I should be bringing *that* up soon.

(as always, thanks to the folks who support me being an artist drawing aggressively non-commercial comics!)

They can still see us but we won't hear a damn thing they say to us unless you explicitly decide to follow one of them.

Sp apparently Gab is using the domain Guess what domain I just silenced and blocked all media from?

Hey since Twitter is full of people freaking over their current rules maybe banning all furry porn: have an invite to my Mastodon server, 

scammy-looking links that may well actually be from who they purport to be from 

"Maggie May": that point in "Let It Be" when I ask myself why the hell I even have this mess of an album in my collection, much less why I am letting iTunes continue to play it when it comes up randomly.

Hollow Night sure is a pretty metroidvania that I don’t think brings a single thing to the genre besides “it’s really really pretty”. I downloaded it and played what feels like most of it (got to the castle and back out of it) tonight and I’m really not sure I feel a need to finish it.

Maybe I’ve just done all the metroidvanianing I need to in my life.

Jet Set Willy 2 remake as a metroidvania. It’s halfway there already, it’s the prototypical entry in the genre of “explore a really big really weird house, also you are British”, which was totally a thing on any 8-bit computer with decent sales in the UK.

mostly a couple DLC paths I'm not sure really sound like things I want to do, it looks like? And a revision of how Research works, which promises to be less of a pain in the ass.

oh hey now that I have the big monitor sitting on the shelves I'm using for my computer again i could

play Cultist Simulator again

I wonder what's been added since I last played it around the end of February

Dracula Pride flag (inspired by

The central colors represent the blood of the (hopefully) willing victim and the two fangs of the healthy Dracula, while the black represents The Night.

Also the trailing end is adorned with tattered lace to represent the decaying finery of a proper Dracula.

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