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Gracious Anthracite

I am pretty sure half of making this work well is composing the art in the outer ring of panels to make the flow obvious. And maybe just using the Reading Direction Arrows Of Shame.


I am working on a page where I want to have little panels of dialogue going around a big central image. Probably all the way around with some dialogue going R-L.

Would any of y'all happen to have examples handy of people making that work really well?

Today I found myself pointing to PE Bonewitz' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame.

It is designed as a way to tell "moderately eccentric religious group" apart from "dangerous cult" but in these times it's probably useful for evaluating other groups as well.

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Lotsa people out for the Dr John second line today.

Oh right. WWOZ is playing Dr. John's music all night.

I could listen to the stream. Or I could get the little radio I got to keep in the kitchen (and to use in the event of emergencies) and listen to it off the airwaves.

Yeah, hearing it over the local radio feels better. if you ain't in NOLA though.

RIP Mac Rebenack, better known as Dr. John.

His music was one of the things that kept me sane whenever homesickness welled up in me.

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Am I the only person who finds it kind of funny when a 2FA notification pops up on the very same device you're trying to log in with?

I'm also glad I don't have to go hunt up one of my other devices to get the code. But it always feels kind of redundant.

Yesterday my phone was refusing to get any data off the cell network. I thought it was maybe a late victim of Tuesday's water damage. I put it in rice overnight. No change this morning, it was still showing a connection but getting no data. Pulled the SIM card and reseated it, to no avail. I sighed and scheduled an appointment at the local Apple Store, and hoped I'd be able to fix it instead of replace it - this 6s does everything I need and still has 85% of its battery capacity.

Then it hit me. Oh. Maybe I'm just disconnected? Yep. T-Mobile was trying to charge an expired card.

DERP. Paid that and now I have a working phone again. Paid my rent too while I was at it.

Today while working on Parallax I found myself looking at the in-progress model sheet for this crazy little noodle and omfg they just make me so happy to look at.

(They won't be showing up until chapter 2.)

Well that's promising. I took the computer out of the rice it was sitting in overnight (with a paper towel keeping the rice from leaving tiny particles in the ports, thanks for that warning @frameacloud). It is now charging off of both ports.

The tablet is being recognized in both ports, too.

That's a load of stress off my mind!

Note to future me: make damn sure my backpack is closed when it starts looking like rain.

It's odd to see the bad habits of forum admins from the 1990s being played out on the world stage.

So instead of using numbers, Theo’s Pizza gives you a card with a celebrity on it to take to your table. Today my pizza will be watched over by The Purple One. I feel honored.

Rice rice, baby,

Gonna leave all this stuff in its respective containers overnight, hope it all works fine tomorrow!

Oh dear. I got caught in the rain and it turned out my backpack wasn’t completely closed, so some water got in. Now the Mac is only charging through one port and I can’t get the tablet recognized in either.

Gonna get some plastic bags and stick the computer and cables in along with some rice to hopefully dry them out. Wish me luck.

New Orleans subreddit: Hey here's the lineup for the Voodoo Fest this year, I don't recognize anyone past the third line, am I old?

Me: hell yeah I have paid about as much as a one-day ticket to see the Glitch Mob in Seattle, so that's at least one day sold for this GenX bitch.

It is important to be able to tell which trash can is for recycling and which is not.

I cannot decide if the ex-Irem folks doing a Kickstarter for R-Type Final 2 that lasts a mere week is a stupid move or a super ballsy one.

It’s a day old and mostly to its 416k goal so I guess it’s ballsy. Wouldn't be surprised if the main point of this campaign is to prove there’s enough interest in one more run down the Bydo timeloop to get corporate funding.

And yes they have my money. I missed out on Final for assorted reasons.