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I got Internet set up today! No more trying to use my phone as a hotspot, which has become painfully slow when we hit the throttling cap on that three days ago.

[approximately 3k of bitching about what a pain in the butt it is to get internet set up and the special joys of unlocking one's credit reports to do so]

Lying in bed lazily catching up on chat rooms and listening to the rain pattering on the air conditioner. Every now and then a fat drop falls into its vents and makes a distinct hollow, resonant ping.

Also have a gallery of celebrities who have been lured to the swamp and had their power stolen in a “coronation ceremony”.

So it turns out that the unassuming 24-hour bar and grill three blocks from the new place is a semi-legendary live music joint. I mean this is New Orleans and you kinda can’t swing a cat without hitting one but still. I am drinking a strawberry Abita and waiting for both a burger and the band.

Now this. This is a GOOD SPELL for getting someone the fuck out of your life with some vengeance mixed in.

(From “Old Style Conjure” by Starr Casas)

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Awrite, I just uploaded a few new pages of Parallax to the site. We should be going up to page 19 on the VX10 side over the next month or so.

Maybe I'll manage to finish Mixolyne pages 11/12 by then. They're a doozy.

HEY there's a new page of Parallax up on Patreon!

I'm also loading a few pages into the site's buffer so non-patrons should see something soon, too.

Nice announcement outside the local bookstore.

So I just had cause to look up Humbaba and, dang, furry artists, get on drawing this dude.

Cyberpunk is dead. Now it’s time for cybertrap.

Also steamtrap, dieseltrap, hopetrap, cthulutrap, clocktrap, splattertrap, ribodub, and elftrap.

When I left New Orleans. Popp’s Fountain in City Park was dried up and falling apart. Now it has been lovingly restored, and holy shit it’s gonna be nice to sit around it with my laptop drawing stuff. I’m gonna feel like a character in a Maxfield Parrish painting.

Thanks to everyone with suggestions as to how to get these outlets to work, I will try them when I get home!

I had a snoball and now I think I am gonna sit by this lion-guarded lagoon and see if I remember how to draw comics.

This place has... enthusiastic murals. Check out the perspective on that bass drum.