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Gracious Anthracite

If anyone is getting sick of these, I am just about done - the only furniture I'm gonna post thatI haven't yet is the bed. We're probably gonna save that for the last week here because, well, sleeping on something is nice.

I should probably delete this folder full of old Surfer's Serials. But I just can't. Look at all those skull friends!

Huh. Apparently if you are both autistic and beset by gastrointestinal problems, there is a pretty good chance that a microbiome transplant could remedy both of these problems.

Hey are you stuck using Discord or Slack for something and hate watching their clients eat up tons of unnecessary CPU and RAM? Check out Ripcord:


It's the end of an era. Not counting the one print I'm keeping (nine of Wands), I have three Courts (Queen and Chevalier of Wands, King of Pentacles) and two Minors (fives of Swords and Wands).

Plus my living room is a lot emptier without the giant beanbag chair and "moving out" feels a lot more possible now...

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Today so far: I have closed up a couple of boxes of stuff that were like 95% full and put them with the rest of the Box Pile. This is part of clearing out enough space to shove the Comfy Sack out of the living room, through the studio, and out of the door when its new owner comes by later today.

Also some general craigslist response stuff. Think I might tackle more of the living room closet today, too.

One more. Most of them have already vanished. I like to think my improvements helped.

okay, this one's really loud for the folks in the nosebleed seats!

IF you CAN, PLEASE add image descriptions!
IF you have accessibility needs that make it difficult/impossible,
OR you are using technology that makes it difficult/impossible,
OR you just don't have the damn spoons for it today,
OR you just plain forgot,
* * * DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!* * *

the *problem* is the many, many people who do *not* fall into any of the "however" categories who are *not* using the image descriptions, and this makes a lot of images posted to Mastodon useless for people with accessibility needs. if you fall into any of the "however" categories, IT'S OKAY! I promise! folks get frustrated about the lack of descriptions and yell generally, but if you're in the "however" section, they're not yelling at you! okay? be good to each other! use image descriptions *if you can*! if not, don't worry! 💚 💚 💚

Oh heck yes the last of the large Silicon Dawn prints is getting picked up tomorrow. On to other parts of the packing problem.

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Spent another hour or so working on this air spirit piece tonight. Think it's close to done, I just gotta draw the black one off in the distance in my rough, and see if the shininess I see in my mental image of what this should be actually works in context.

Pro tip: do not design the logo for your ironic clothing brand with a giant white space in it.

Bonus tip: if you must do this, ensure you are not posting your fliers outside the home of a cartoonist.

Life pro tip: Carry a metallic sharpie in your bag. Draw derpy cartoon faces on ads that annoy you. Especially ones with giant white spaces like these.

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Oh yeah I finally got all the stuff around and under the coffee table cleaned up, so I can close it and put it up on Craigslist. I have not seen this thing in its closed state in at LEAST a year, if not longer.

(It'll be a hundred bucks, if any Seattleites want it before it goes up on CL.)

It is really fascinating to see how much I stress out over cleaning up a desk/table full of little things. Every one of them is a decision I have to make. And at the bottom of each of these piles of stuff is... residue of Mom’s death. That’s certainly part of it.