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Just saw Apollo 11. Amazing. It is simultaneously boring as fuck and utterly gripping. Almost entirely constructed from NASA footage of both the moon shot and the control centers, except for a few explanatory diagrams.

Holy crap I did not expect to find an amazing place in midtown with twelve foot high ceilings in my price range. New Orleans is magical.

Dr. Pinkerton: *plays in-progress comedy industrial track*

Me: I like how it stops for a beat a couple times, is the third time an uncomfortablly long pause?

Dr. Pinkerton: IT IS NOW

Huzzah, we are gonna be looking at three or four places in Freret and Midtown tomorrow. Wish me luck! We might end up just going back to Seattle, packing up all our shit, and being gone by the end of next month.

Or maybe we'll run the numbers on the timing and decide to take a *bit* longer; I'll ask the realty company's agent if they expect to have any similar places on the market a little later. Dunno. Definitely feels like we're making some progress on this either way.

Coffee and begniets and apartment hunting at the Lakeside mall Du Monde

Mostly posted just to tantalize Keeem 😇

re last echo (

we will assimilate you

(or not, "enjoying the absolute quiet as long as you stay away from downtown" is a perfectly fine way to celebrate Mardi Gras, which I have done multiple years in the past.)

PEGGY, AFTER PREVIOUS EXCHANGE: "Come on, you gotta get your hands up! Get ready for some throws! It's what we're all here for! It's fun!"


PEGGY, A NATIVE: "It's Mardi Gras! You've got to try to catch some throws from the parade floats! Get you some beads and stuff! Get into the spirit!"


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A thought from meditation tonight:

I do not know what color magic is in most places, but I am pretty sure it is purple, green, and gold down here.

Seriously when the tail end of Rex passed I felt like something in me was refueled, the whole city comes together for this massive PARTY and that energy floats all through it, holy shit. I got smacked in the face with a bag of beads at the first float, Nick got beaned by a big Zulu medallion. It was good but exhausting.

This is the first time I have seen Rex in at least twenty five years and I think it refilled something I did not realize was empty.

The theme this year was “Aspects of the Sun” and pretty much every float was a Sun God.

I like this info sign in the Dallas Love Field airport. The arrows to the gates are a REALLY NICE TOUCH.

Got the Pro back. I like these new battery stats a lot more than what I was seeing when I left it at the Apple Store last week.

Copied over all the Air's files I've touched in the past week, started moving the music back from the SD card I put it on so everything would fit on the Air.

I am almost fifty and I can still crack myself up singing dumb songs about poo.

Yeah, it's gif, as in
giraffe, gem, gym, geode, geography, gist, gift, gyroscope, geez, gel, gibberish, giant, germ, gentle, gin, gene, general, and graphics

Brush "pencil"? Brush PEN. Or maybe a brush dipped in actual ink, I dunno.

I was just looking through an old folder of backdrops precisely sized for a monitor I used years ago and found this.

This is a picture of two of the stars of Parallax, back when it was something I was playing with as an idea for ultra-short sci-fi action cartoons that would be commercial bumpers. Well before Genndy's Star Wars show did that, fwiw.

Brush pencil on paper, Illustrator colors. The transparency on the windscreen had to be simulated manually because Illustrator didn't get transparency until 9 and this was done in 8.

Sometimes I look up from my own screen and look around the coffee shop and see what feels like a good quarter of the laptop screens with the default OSX backdrop. Usually Sierra.

I don’t know what it says about them. Or what it says about me that I can recognize that. It probably says that I spend a lot of my time thinking about computers, at least.

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