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Gracious Anthracite

Dang the keys on my old Air feel so *bouncy* after getting used to the Mac Pro.

*snarls at failures to log in to the App Store so she can update the OS*

*discovers that the time was way off, fixed that by toggling automatic date/time setting off and on in the prefs*

Time to take this Air from Sierra 10.12.6 to Mojave!

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Fediverse user eli b is not forgotten. This painting lives on

that special feeling when you send off a completed commission and get back an email that just says "Fuck. Yes." <3

Gumroad, from VC to lifestyle • Amazingly personal and detailed article about a VC-backed business that didn't really work out, found a second life as a lifestyle business #linkblog #gumroadstartupsventurecapitalvckpcblifestyletootme then after writing that note about how boring my dreams typically are, I went back to sleep and had dreams involving motorcycle jousting on the hulls of decrepit spaceships, and getting thrown out of the airlock for the space pirates to find.

The past few weeks, I have kept a small book next to the bed and recorded my dreams as soon as I wake up. They have been startlingly mundane and insignificant as a rule.

What is interesting is their frequency; while sometimes I initially think I dreamt nothing, I can regularly remember something. Fourteen out of seventeen nights so far have something written down, often filling a page or three of this little book.

The people who made this film adaptation of The Tempest sure did make some... choices.

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Have gallery showing in Boston. Sell about 4/5 of the 80 pieces in it.

Leave town.

Ten years later: hang a few pieces here and there around Seattle, four months before I plan to leave.

Maybe this is not the best way to experiment with being A Gallery Artist. My passion just isn’t there, my passion is comics. But maybe I should spend some time flirting with the gallery system when I move back to New Orleans, well before I decide to leave for somewhere else...

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I just put some yellow dye in my hair followed by a lot of red over it and, like, hi again, Peggy, it's good to see you in the mirror instead of that increasingly-frumpy aging lady. Let's see if I can manage to actually keep that look instead of losing it in a week. I used to do that just fine and then I lost track all the subtle details of how to keep up a brightly artificial hair color.

I just spent a while trying to read Nick's battered copy of "The Book Of The SubGenius". It feels like an extended sales pitch for itself that never really gets around to actually telling you anything of what it's supposedly *selling*. Show more

why is there a file in the folder for the theoretical second edition of the SIlicon Dawn for The Queen Of Pancakes

I blame @zebratron2084

Every time I put on Eat Static's "Dead Planet" there is at least a 50% chance that my music volume will be cranked to maximum by the time "In All Worlds", guest starring Robert Smith of the Cure, is over.

And a not-insignificant chance that I'll hit the 'previous track' button when it's over so I can hear it again, too.

I am packaging some of these old Tarot deck prints up to take to a gallery and wow, dealing with big physical prints sure is a lot of hassle. It would probably be somewhat less hassle if I'd sprung for plexiglass when I framed these originally but I was already blowing multiple thousands on printing and framing, and that's *with* a deep discount on the printing labor thanks to Tugrik. (<3)

Ever since taking these out of the closet I've been toying with the idea of spending a certain amount of time taking breaks from the Big Comics Projects with image series that I could hang in a gallery. Remembering how much hassle and expense framing is really pushes back against that idea.

I was making the facetious comment that Slack should have just turned to SubGenius imagery for their rebranding and then Nick pulled out his copy of the Book Of The SubGenius and THIS amazing thing leapt out of it.

A dagger stabbing a clock. With stylized wings. Perfect for the chat program designed for you to kill time on at work. Maybe drop or simplify the wings, just the clock and dagger would be pretty striking!

I hope the crows see the peanuts I put out before the snow covers up the stump again, geez.

I just spent two hours sitting in a cafe revising my hidden animation portfolio to apply to a few positions I heard about at Netflix. When I came out it was snowing. if you are curious.