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Gracious Anthracite

Good morning, water dripping from the bathroom ceiling.

Good morning, noises like someone snaking a drain coming from the ceiling.

Good morning, plumber.

oh shit there was an Audiosurf 2 a few years back and it even has a Mac version

with mod support for your own goofy custom skins for the essential task of "going down a track very quickly dodging shit to a cool tune you picked out of your collection"

And now I get to reap the benefits of being an old fogey who still "buys" "albums" instead of just listening to Spotify or Youtube.

This game about being a wandering painter in a fantasy world looks very relaxing and very boring. I would be all over it if it wasn't PC-only.

Hey I just wanna say thanks to everyone who is CWing their commentary on that speed run telethon thing. Thanks a ton! ❤️

and now I shall have some breakfast, and hopefully quietly pack this old drama back into the box it came from and never take it out of the metaphorical attic again.

poking at an old wound Show more

I just got shown a photograph of the results of male-to-intersex surgery and I have so em complicated feelings about that.

furry and smutty Show more

hey what if i just spent today getting really baked and drawing some sexy pinups, I've been working hard on that crazy Parallax background and today feels like a good day for A Break

mutuals: gimme a ref sheet and if this still feels like a good idea once I'm out of the shower something might happen, no promises

Sat in a cafe for an hour. Got some more progress in on Weird Disorienting Architecture, made some small changes to how I'm putting all of this together.

Image is marked NSFW but is actually just chock full of high-frequency B&W stuff that will play games with your visual cortex if you unhide it. admin note Show more

more Illustrator nerdery Show more

more Illustrator nerdery Show more

Okay yeah this seems to be a way forwards. Don't go crazy with the wiggly lines until the very end and I should be fine. File sizes are still growing faster than I'd like but I think it's doable. Show more

Oh okay it's definitely some of the stuff I set up today and last night. Whee. This is gonna be fun. I think I may need to spend a little time experimenting with different ways to achieve certain effects, deleting these new wavy-line fills brought the file down from 244 megs to 21, which is much more manageable.

It's always kind of worrisome when a file's size suddenly jumps from five megabytes to two hundred. I'm doing *something* that's making Illustrator save a shit-ton more stuff.