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Gracious Anthracite

Has anyone ever done a Batman story where the Joker goes on trial and gets handed the death penalty? Both of the states Gotham might be in (New York or Jersey) have had it, and the Joker has killed an ass-ton of people.

It’d probably end up somewhere horrible like Bruce Wayne paying for a super expensive lawyer because of his aggressive No Kill code or something, and then the Joker gets out and does more of his murder clown bullshit. Wayne denies all responsibility, of course. I don’t want to write it myself, that’s for sure.

I am playing Spyro 3 and holy crap the new model for Shiela the Kangaroo is kind of disturbingly yiffy.

Oh no wonder this album feels like it's been going on forever, it's a *four disc set* of Vaguely Asian Chillout Music by Various Artists.

Today I learnt about an ant-mimicking spider that gives milk to its spiderlings and I kinda want to draw an anthropomorphized one with the obvious qualities one would accentuate when drawing a creature notable for giving milk. (cw: pictures of things that look like ants but are actually spiders)

I sure did stub the fuck out of some toes tonight. Leaving this here to serve as external memory if it’s still grumpy in a couple of days so I can say how long it’s been when I go to a doctor.

Poster to the Illustrator subreddit: I made this experimental thing. Is there a name for this style?

Me: Yes there is! It is called "you drew a vague teardrop shape and put a rainbow gradient on it."

I just replied to an email notification of a comment on Dreamwidth by replying to the email and holy *crap* it was so much less hassle than clicking on a link to a Social Media Site and replying there. So much less "sticky" and probably so much healthier in the long run.

Dang, Caves of Qud sure is the roguelikiest thing I have played in years. My first character died after an injection of healing serum interacted badly with the "hulk honey" i was under the effects of, which renamed every item and monster to something RRRAAAGGGH or GgrrAAAHH. I then blundered around flailing at assorted RRGGGAAHHs until one killed me.

The game didn't even tell me what actually killed me. Just said I was killed by a GGGrrAAAAHHH.

Exactly what I was expecting really.

I feel greasy. I need a shower.

I blame the pizza slices I had for supper.

Today's artistic challenge to myself: how can I effectively bite Richard Powers' style.

#mastoadmins followup re: account registration spam: looks like all the spam account emails point to the same MX server, if you add this domain to the email blacklist, it should prevent any email whose domain has an MX record pointing there.

tl;dr: add to your email blacklist, it should prevent most of these spam registrations

#mastoadmins if you're seeing registrations like this i recommend you add those domains to your email blacklist, to at least stem the flow (they seem to have an infinite supply of these domains...) at /admin/email_domain_blocks

hey #mastoadmins, i've been seeing a lot of spam registrations over on M.O. is a username that seems like it's a bunch of randomly selected syllables strung together, a display name that's Firstname Lastname (seems to be from real people on fedi in some cases), and an email that's <username> @ one of these domains:

they haven't done anything yet other than confirm their accounts, including follow anyone other than the default follows, but watch out in case they do

Hey do you wanna see some design work for about fifteen pages in the future of Parallax?

I just put five pages of Parallax in the queue. Y'all should start seeing them showing up next week!

We're about a third of the way through each chapter, if you're curious.

Today I sat at my computer, digging through my collection for something to listen to, and started to feel like I am tired of everything in it. I guess the modern solution to finding new music is Spotify or something similar but I kinda hate that. I need to find SOME way to hear new music again though.

Woo, another page of Parallax uploaded to Patreon! It's starting to feel like I can actually put out new pages on some sort of schedule again. I am quite sure this illusion will be quickly shattered.

That special point in one's life where one feels the need to consider spending money for a new font for *one sound effect*.

Illustrator why can't you properly blend between paths with complex appearance stacks on them. Expletives and muttered curses.