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Gracious Anthracite

I went through Spyro 1 and screenshotted every single dragon at least once. Now to start work on that "rank them all by their fashion choices" blog post/]...

Every day is a good day to celebrate dragons and the fact they exist.

Please continue bringing us feasts. Failure to do so will result in immolation, or at least a grumpy-pants.

New page of Parallax upon the Patreon! In which the Big Dumb Object starts to wake up now that it realizes it has some guests.

I've got four pages done that aren't on the public site (, I should put them in the update queue soon.

Woke up in the usual grey place. Went to Morsel with Nick and poked at some relationship issues. Felt much better after getting that out and having a seriously tasty biscuit. And then we discussed Parallax stuff. That's getting close to the point where I ask pro friends for Serious Crit, a pointer to someone we can pay for that, or maybe a hookup with a publisher if they think it's strong enough.

Semi-gross observation Show more

I just spent a couple hours taking screenshots of all the dragons in Spyro 1. Nick and I are going to make a listicle that ranks their fashion choices. It was a really delightful and low-key way to celebrate my birthday.

I was all set to sink into a miasma of low-energy sadness in the Dragon Hibernaculum (ie, the living room) for the evening but then @zebratron2084 dragged me up and now we are sitting in a cafe and I have gotten some progress on comics and Life Is Good Again. I feel like a completely different person.

always the helper, never the hamburger

I was standing in the shower thinking about my current mood and how the advent of winter is definitely changing it for the worse, pondering a long rambling post here that would be cw'd for mh(-), suicide mention, and other wonderful things like that, and then I came out and saw four crows gathered around the peanuts I'd put out on the stump in front of the apartment before starting my shower.

And suddenly everything felt a lot more bearable. Altruism is a hell of a drug.

You know you're old when you only remember your birthday is coming up tomorrow because your computer pops up a reminder.

I’ve been working my way through the Spyro remake and it’s kind of fascinating to consider the tone shift between 1 and 2. Show more

It is 5:15 and the sun has gone down and my entire body just wants to curl up and sleep. I guess this is why Seattle spawned an international coffee empire.

Awrite, fuck it, I just found the 'careers' section on Blaine Kern Studios' site (they're one of the two major float-building companies in NOLA) and sent them a resume and a chatty cover letter. I'm not expecting anything to happen what with them mostly being sculptors but you never know.

Sudden thought: if I end up moving back to New Orleans next year, I should take my portfolio around the various local companies that make Mardi Gras floats and throws.

"What's your job?" "I make Mardi Gras happen."

And let me also say to the folks who help pay the hosting bills for Birbsite is a hellish wasteland in part because their profit model involves keeping you there as long as possible to show you ads; here, you can stop by, communicate, and then get on with your day. Thanks for helping to keep this place running, everyone! 💖♥️🐉🔥🔥

Hey, I wanna take a second to say .

I’ve gotten more money by using Patreon to ask my fans for their direct support than ads EVER made for me. It feels a lot better to do it this way, too. Thanks a ton for your support, everyone. 💖

Okay I think we're back.

Sorry about the downtime, folks. We ran out of disc space on Friday morning, and the usual methods of clearing space did nothing. I chose to err on the side of moving slowly rather than doing SOMETHING even if I wasn't sure it was right, so it took the whole weekend to get things up again.

We are now paying ten bucks more per month for some extra storage, which should help keep this from happening again any time soon. I need to make sure there is some monitoring in place on this new space, but right now I just wanna have some supper and play Spyro for a while.

We might be back?

I’ll be taking the site down again in a bit; I moved all the images to a new drive and wanna make sure they’ll actually go to the right place and persist across a reboot before I say we’re back.

I should filter out the word 'webinar' from my timeline

Not because it's distressing

Just because it's terrible

I am really glad Toys For Bob replaced the bone in the hair of the gorillas and monkeys on Tree Tops with an arrow. They went from looking cringeley Ethnic to just plain goofy.

Not so hot on the one hard-to-get-to dragon in that level who has, uh, really big red lips, though.

Also getting 100% on Tree Tops is exactly as much of a pain in the ass as it was in the original, and I have resorted to visiting good ol' GameFAQs to learn what to do there. And for the 99 lives code because I ran out oflives repeatedly missing the supercharge jumps in Fucking Tree Tops.