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Mass-downloading all my Furaffinity favorites and setting my main desktop to endlessly cycle through all this weird-ass furry porn when I'm at home continues to be one of the best life choices I've made in years.

There is an article relating to Mastodon on the front page of HN this morning. Five hours in and it’s still hasn’t had anyone going on about how terrible Masto is because it SUPPRESSES MY MARGINALIZED RIGHT WING DISCOURSE WAAAH yet. I feel like it will be an important milestone when we see one of these fall off thee front page without getting any of that kind of comment.

it's that time of night when i contemplate just drawing some weird porn because I didn't make myself spend as much time drawing comics as I wanted to today and I want to keep rebuilding the habit of "spending a certain amount of every day drawing"

except nothing's inspiring me in that direction, maybe i should just go to bed

celebrity death/comics (~) 

Finished "The Return Of The Obra Dinn". More guessing than I am entirely comfortable with was involved. But at least now I know when the monkey died.

A very satisfying logic puzzle, for the most part. Identifying the otherwise-anonymous crew members by their slightly distinctive shoe choices was more than I was willing to do, though, so I just guessed those.

Worth the money, I think.

Getting back to drawing some Parallax. There are backgrounds I need to design for this set of VX10 pages and I am just totally punting on that in favor of having some fun knocking out character drawings.

naked cartoon dragon lady, nsfw 


It probably would, especially if you can get the knack of using it without resting your arm's weight on it. Or at least that's my guess based on what's minimized wrist issues in my career as an artist, especially after switching to using my Wacom stylus for everything.

DM me a Paypal/Square/etc address?

I just got a message from a couple theatre students in England who want to use my Tarot deck as the structure for some randomized performances.

I really need to get that reprint moving and all I wanna do is draw Parallaaaaxxxxxxx *whine*.

I think that 100%ing Artisans World and all its levels is a good place to put down the Spyro remake for the night. 

happy transgender awareness week!

| aware of transgender |
| pls pet transgender |

so today is my birthday and i think it would be super cool if a bunch of queer people followed me today

"The Return Of The Obra Dinn" has given me exactly one cue as to what the player character looks like: a few words in a female voice. All other details are lost behind the heavy gloves and coat seen on your hands. This is what I'm imagining.

She is probably looking at yet another mutilated corpse.You look at a lot of corpses in this game.

Return Of The Obra Dinn (spoilers) 

Return Of The Obra Dinn (spoilers) 

There are a bunch of people at the Cupcake Royale in Ballard with laptops and manual typewriters. I think they are nanoing a wrimo.

*continues to draw Parallax*

Multiple people did the math: Love Is... was making around $48 MILLION yearly in 2018 US$. Sheeeiiit.

Also while researching this drawing I learnt that at its peak somewhere in the seventies, the "Love Is..." panels were earning their artist 4-5 MILLION pounds per year, in 197x money. (I am mildly curious what that is in 2018 US$ but not enough to hunt up the 197x exchange rates.)

I was giggling helplessly for the entire time I was drawing this. Inspired by real events.

"The Return Of The Obra Dinn" is the best game I have ever played about being an insurance adjuster.

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