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Gracious Anthracite

Time to say goodbye to the Grammy Museum. One last high-five to the giant hand sculpture on the window. is over and I’m going home.

This morning, I did not have a sandwich. The universe had a sandwich, paired perfectly with the smooth jazz on the sound system at the downtown LA place this occurred in. I vanished for a moment, and there was only the bliss of this really good sandwich being consumed, a beautiful harmony of music and ambience and tastes.

The second half was just a good sandwich. I may have been really hungry and a bit stressed out from this weekend.

Holy shit I just looked at the Do Not Distirb sign at this hotel Patreon put me up in

Went to Santa Monica. Sat on the beach and watched the waves, in the middle of a cloud that had come to sit on the city. It was spooky. But chill. And very very boring, which was what I needed after two days of .

We found these in the Horror Vault at LA’s “Last Bookstore”. Which is hella whimsical.

“Trying to make friends with [redacted] is like trying to make friends with a Superfund site.”

hahaha I met ONE last comics person at the afterparty tonight just as we were about to leave, and they KNEW MY WORK holy crap. I may have failed a social roll but we both had the excuse of "tired after long con" and "tizzly" and "hollering over very loud music" soooo

glad i'm staying an extra day, we're gonna love having a day of no obligations before flying back.

Hey, I have open slots again~

I can do emoji sets of your OC, emojified version of yourself as a display pic, emoji for your Mastodon instance, Twitch partner emotes and more~

You can find details and rates at

Jack Conte, at the end of his closing speech for Patrecon: Ask me hard questions!

First question: is your band gonna play at the closing party *applause*

Me: Just how much does Patreon owe to VC, and what’s your plans for profits after you pay them off?

Jack: oh god that is a super hard question that keeps me up at night *manages to convince me that he’s pretty goddamn passionate about keeping Patreon all about Paying Creators*

So um hey all you folks using Patreon as a paywall who hate folks leeching the whole atchive? Jeremy Bernal has been working on some tech to fight that that sounds pretty cool. Further news once it hits prime time.

This corner of the “tell your creator story” board at is giving me hope and life. IM NOT ALONE IN THIS HELL OF VIDEO STARS

hi here are some midnight thoughts about #patrecon. Show more

Need to take 4~5 commissions to be safe, but I'm rubberbanding back away from being social so streaming isn't helping anymore. So if you're interested: here is a form to stick your name in a hat!

hi here are some midnight thoughts about #patrecon. Show more

I really need to get around to updating MAMP. It bugs me about being an old version every time I boot it up to fool around with web stuff. And I always have to force quit it nowadays when I want to stop.

I just never feel like updating it when I want to try working...

actually hell I am thinking this while closing it down because I do not have the energy to update, I'm just gonna do it now. Ooh they have added an app to easily preview my local dev stuff on iThings, too. And a whole bunch of other interesting features.

Sign found on the ground next to an LA signpole. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

Okay hey I’m just gonna float this:

furry/furry-friendly discussion during the closing party, lets say 7-7:30 ish around where I drew a fox on this map. Look for this dork.

Panel title: You Can’t Please Everyone. Moderator (white guy) takes a lady panelist to task for not wanting to connect with alt right dudes online. Yep.