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Does "re-reading an old SF book from your youth, realizing you have used the same framing device for an episode of YOUR sf story in progress, and brainstorming with your writing partner how you can swipe what your predecessor did with that framing device for your story" count as "work"? Because that sure is what I did with today. Show more

…Having the bizarre realization that those memes that put labels over things in a stock photo or other image have essentially re-invented the political cartoon by accident.

Hey : has anyone out there ever changed the invite generation code to not allow people to generate invitations that are good for an infinite number of uses?

I've tracked down where the form is submitted and can delete stuff from the collection in the max_uses input to have fewer options for how many users, but can't figure out how to make "infinity" not an option. If I remove the 'prompt: I18n.t('invites.max_uses_prompt')' part then it just comes up with a dropdown with a nameless first option, which generates an infinite-use invite.

Book thoughts: When Gravity Fails. Show more

Book thoughts: When Gravity Fails. Show more

I opened up the blinds and looked out. It was raining. Maybe, I thought, I wouldn't put out any peanuts. They'd get drenched before anyone ate them.

Then I saw a raven come flapping in to land on the power lines outside my place. Do they now know that me opening this window means there will probably be food? When I got the peanuts and went out, there were *two* ravens waiting on the power line. I am definitely A Source Of Food to the local corvids, and this makes me happy.

The peanuts are now all gone into the beaks of... about six local corvids, I'd say? Only ever saw four at any one time, and I *think* it was some of the same birds repeatedly. There are still two hanging around making sure *all* the peanuts are gone.

There is a post on Hacker News this morning wherein a throwaway account asks for “cheaper” places to leave the Bay Area for. Absolutely nobody suggested New Orleans; the closest place was Houston.

Which makes me feel good. I really don’t want to move back there and find the rate of change in the cost of living starting to rapidly accelerate due to lots of tech money pouring in. if you want to see how much YOUR city’s economy may be at risk for “disruption”.

Damn, the battery on this Mac Pro sure is not aging well. I should not be down to half power after sitting outside working in Illustrator for about thirty minutes. I miss the Air.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

“Psychological Warfare”, Paul Linebarger, 1948.

Some things never change.

A little light reading for a rainy day

According to the calendar alert that just popped up, will be one year old as of next Sunday. Thanks to everyone who’s made it something worth running.

Thank you for putting an alert about today’s lovely uspol news on my bedtime ipad’s screen, News App. You just lost your notification privileges forever.

Today I discovered that if someone reports a toot with a CW, the admin interface for dealing with reports shows the CW with a rapidly-color-cycling *rainbow* going through the CW.

I think this is a whimsy of which I approve.

I keep seeing articles about Tim Berners-Lee’s new “Solid” project and they keep being long on handwaving about THE LOST PROMISE OF THE READ-WRITE WEB!!! and short on actual examples of how ordinary tasks like “talking to one’s friends”, “talking to the world”, or “publishing one’s creative work” would be changed. I feel like a puzzled tourist in the land of the Emperor’s New Clothes every time I try to make sense of this thing.

went okay despite me blowing most of the day on video games. Just got some backgrounds left and that's another page down.

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