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Gracious Anthracite

that moment when you completely throw out the initial roughs for a page because you want to utterly change the mood it creates

Oh hey thank you all very much for the weird cartoon porn the other day, it really helped clean out my brain after going digging in the drama mines.

Woo/magic stuff; image is a sigil in support of some stuff I'm dealing with. View if you're willing to send some energy our way Show more

Some stuff for #mastoadmin re: my instance's fork: feature branches, yay! Merge these branches into your install if you want them.

- local-only
Adds an additional privacy option of Local, which only sends the toot to the Local timeline and local followers.

- softfollow
Option to approve a follower without sending them locked toots. Instances without the feature fall back to rejecting the follower request.

- rp_tools
Currently just has roleplay-voice styling.

Oh hell yes I have been working on this page FOR EVER and now it is done. Patrons can see it now, everyone else gets to wait until I've finished the next couple pages.

Bless you, anonymous Wikipedia contributor who drew the assorted clefs found in music staves and posted it as a SVG. Bless you. You have saved me much time.

*donates to wikipedia*

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Rendering a web page is a very, very complex process that involves implementing some very complex specifications with lots of potential edge cases to get wrong.

If websites look funny when you're using a web browser whose version number is less than one, it's probably the fault of the browser and not the site.

Starting to feel like fall here in Seattle. Light coats, grey skies, pumpkin spice, sweaters, all that cozy bullshit mammals say they love. I hate it so much. I’ll be in my cave if anyone needs me, wishing I’d never left the tropics.

Oh geez I might have finally finished the current Forever Page of Parallax. There’s a couple things I could add but it works well enough now.

Hey I'm looking for an artist who can illustrate a fursona for me, if you know someone who's open for commissions let me know!

You never see billionaires sponsoring another season of their favorite anime, for example.

weird cartoon porn Show more

Streaming random sketches and stuff for an hour or so. Idk. Maybe will do $5 (Paypal) quicksketches for folks who show up?

I feel like drawing, I don't know what to draw, and I don't wanna doodle alone. Come hang out. :)

Damn, this page has finally started to feel close to Done. I just need to bullshit in a couple more weird plant-factory parts, add in some connecting pipework, and do some shading to fix the contrast problems this panel currently has.

This page has taken seventeen forevers. Admittedly a couple of them were spent on doing updates; it's good to be back to work on art again!

“You can’t miss it, it’s the building with the glowing cobra heads flanking the door.”

this weekend's furry masto drama and my official response as the admin of Show more

hahaha I am starting to get replies to my request for summaries of This Week's Drama which is, as I suspected, turning into stuff I really just am going to be made very sad by trying to disentangle, and then the Silicon Dawn bot comes up with [the Chevalier of Cups]( and: yeah I think I just need to go spend some time in the isolation tank before trying to parse all this and maybe set up a nice healthy emotional buffer with some chemicals.

When's the last time you were the Cavalier of Cups?