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Gracious Anthracite

Hahaha oh god the reactions of those of you who looked anyway. Yessss. I can’t stop cackling like a villain whose plan has come to fruition; your lost innocence is so sweet.

For the next part of your education, I strongly suggest not asking the Internet what a “lemon party” is.

Every time I am reminded that the word “ponut” exists, and that I know what it refers to, I feel a wave of ineffable sadness, tinged with regret for my lost innocence, flow through me.

If you are ignorant of this word, the culture it comes from, and the things it’s exis implies, then I urge you, o wise follower: do not ask the internet for a definition of this word, lest you, too, mourn a few more drams of your lost innocence.

At long last, at the tender age of fortysomething, I have found a book that I feel truly deserves to live atop my toilet, to be read in those brief moments of contemplation.

Do you want a new career in the exciting field of human trafficking?

slllooowwwwlllyyyy figuring some shit out

or at least trying something; gotta think about how this isn't working so I can either start again or fix what I have

I can feel my brain desperately trying to procrastinate on a Hard Thing and I think it is time to grab my most powerful weapon against this, and just say that I’m going to work on this goddamn background until I hear the ladybug timer go DING.

Whenever I look at Twitter I keep seeing people talking about being at Anthrocon or getting ready for SDCC soon and I just keep having this feeling of dread wash over me when I think about how I should probably start taking my comics to conventions again and how much I really do not relish the thought of spending most of a week stuck behind a table slowly starving and worrying about whether I'm going to cover my expenses and whether anyone will ever care about my comics ever again.

Perhaps the solution here is to quit looking at Twitter from *any* of my devices for a few weeks instead of just nuking it from the phone.

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“Come to bed! It’s only seventy degrees outside, I’m gonna freeze to death!”
-me, to Nick

It’s actually only 66 and I’ll be fine but

Oh geez I just wrote like 2700 words about How To Comics over about an hour and a half, after a friend asked me a few questions in IM. They'll be going out as a few blog posts sometime next week after I let them sit a bit and maybe do some editing, or add in other shit I forgot.

Memo to self: make sure I’m designing things at the proper scale relative to the comics page, so I don’t have to constantly resize styles that depend on stroke weight.

tfw one of your instance's users reports someone on a remote instance for being a jerkwad

and when you go to have a look at their timeline on their home instance their account's already gone

I love this fucking social network, people ACTUALLY GET IN TROUBLE for being a jerk.

It occurs to me that as one ages, birthday cake stops being a celebration and becomes more of an apology.

Here. You survived another year of your body falling apart around you. It kinda sucks. We’re sorry. Have some cake and forget about it for a few minutes.

unlike many 16 year olds in 2009, i was reading Godel Escher Bach and not Homestuck, but it doesnt matter! because the two works are actually IDENTICAL in purpose, scope, and quality, both having exactly the same universal acclaim that derives from the effort-justification of having to finish chapter upon chapter of poorly-executed cultural references, interspersed with silly pictures and endless-but-ultimately-pointless dialogues between four characters

As fireworks start going off over Seattle, please join me in putting your hand over your eyes and singing along to our national anthem.

You know what I miss? Having an online community of cartoonists to go hang out on. That went away when the Webcomics Underdogs forums closed up; there's a Facebook group, but it's just not the same.

I guess nowadays people are probably running DIscord chats or something, and, just, ugh, Discord constantly reminds me that it's By Gamerz For Gamers, and eats battery like there's no tomorrow.

Today I just noticed that one of my comment got called out in the MeFi sidebar.

There's not much to the comment, for what it's worth. But hey.

"That's a slightly better nutrient slurry." - me, in regards to my second attempt at making a smoothie.

Aaaaallllsssssooo. The Puff cartoons were co-directed by the man responsible for “Down And Dirty Duck”. Which makes the creepy goddamn duck pictures seen on the walls of the kids’ rooms much more menacing. As is the fact that the third Puff (which we are saving for tomorrow) is about an imaginary duck friend who’s gone rogue, which was kind of the plot of Dirty Duck. Hopefully it doesn’t end with the kid fucking their duck friend like Dirty Duck did...

The seventies were a strange time for animation.