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Gracious Anthracite

The Woodring Continuum seems to be expanding into our world. I find this worrisome.

okay peggy you've flipped through the same routine of sites like 3x and there is nothing new to distract you on them

get dressed hit the farmers market go get something done

or find a more interesting way to slack off than "the internet"

Today's realization: oh hey I can redeem PSN codes for games I Kickstarted by going to the "redeem prepaid card" page and pasting the code from the email instead of having to type it into the PS4 with my controller.

I am trying to convince myself that re-reading Iain M. Bank's "Surface Detail" is a productive use of a day that I originally hoped to spend drawing Parallax. I pulled it off the shelf and plowed through the first third in one session; it's kind of amazing how easy it is to sit and read A Book On Paper compared to the constant temptation to do ANYTHING ELSE when I'm reading something on the ipad...

warmup/procrastination: I want to have little drawings of all the Important Characters at the beginning of each chapter of Parallax. And I want to use these to make our central conceit of "they look different depending on who's telling the story" CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I feel like I need to spend more time drawing Kirt and Noa; their friendly headshots feel a little lacking. Olivia and the Baron have like a dozen comics pages worth of practice behind them now...

That special feeling when half the internet is wailing in grief over the suicide of someone whose entire body of work is a complete mystery to you

If things go even remotely well I hope to be posting another page of Parallax to the Patreon this evening. Three small figures to draw, and some Weird Word Balloons to make.

I'm thinking it's getting to be time to start posting copies of pages to FA, Tumblr, Twiter, Masto, and FB. All with links to the full chapter and to the Patreon. Start making it easy for people to share Cool Pages and for people to start following and supporting it. I kinda want to have some Mixolyne pages in the can before doing this but I also think I shouldn't wait.

"I know, I'll use floats!"

Now you have 1.9997 problems.

(oldie | goodie)

so here is my plan to solve Seattle's homeless problem

1. start counterfeiting US$
2. regular dumps of fake US$ in homeless camps
3. like lots of it, with signs that say FREE MONEY
4. this probably has a few issues, i'm stoned rn

Today's accomplishments: Show more

Today's accomplishments: Show more

parallax: observe my new directory structure. Show more

parallax: observe my new directory structure. Show more

ps: I wasn't actually asking for advice on this, more just being bemused that my reaction was to pass off some Useful But Confusing Texts. n.n

A friend is muttering about her place being beset by Demons. What do I do?

I give her a couple of beginning magical texts that I found helpful, and some advice on how to construct some kind of warding ritual by cobbling ideas together from the internet. Or just steal one she likes but think hard about who she's asking to help before committing to that...

I really need to start eating better. I can feel my body falling apart around me.

Or at least start taking vitamins and whatnot every day, I've been slack on keeping the pillcase filled this past month. May was just a mess.

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I’ve been hearing that the Vlad Taltos books are pretty good for a while. I’m finally reading the first one and it is immensely charming and readable!

Whether I’ll want to come back to this voice and world a dozen times is an open question. But the first one’s fun even to this jaded old lady who’s read every fantasy trope at least three times by now.

Trans Pride Seattle could use a little help, they lost a bunch of money unexpectedly from sponsors backing out and gov't funding disappearing.