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I think this design is done.

Trying to combine Miyazaki's forest spirits with Froud's faeries and faint memories of exposed-muscle-under-armor-plate Ro-Beasts from the Voltron of my youth that I can't actually find any evidence of online makes for a nice look, I think.

Especially after I wrap it in shiny pink rubber.

Masto meta discourse, #forkoff 

Finally played the copy of "Pyre" that's been waiting on my PS4 for like at least a month. I really want to smack the Pyreball announcer. Like, hard, in his face.

I find it amusing that the first thing it teaches you has nothing to do with its little sport. No. The first thing you must learn is that putting your cursor over a highlighted word will pop up a little lore summary. Really this isn't surprising given Supergiant's other games.

It's really pretty, its characters are defty handled, but it's still about A Sport and... meh.

me, lounging in bed reading the morning Internet: blows her nose

Nick, lying next to me: Ah, I see it’s time for the morning heffalump parade!

Me: *leaps on top of him, growls, and begins to claw, bite, and otherwise savage him*

Nick: Aaaaah! They turned out to be woozles! Aaaaahhh!

Summer Office 2 kicks people out around six so here I am in Summer Office 3 for today. I really love being able to wander around with my laptop and get shit drawn in small bursts. Super happy to have found a new place to do some of that downtown today.

Ah. THAT’S the inspiration I need for this. I just searched for images of container ship engine rooms. Big, complicated, constrained.

The City & The City (BBC) spoilers 

The City & The City (BBC) spoilers 

I have owned’s Texturino since it came out and have finally drawn a thing that needed it. I’m pretty happy with how quickly it let me jank things up with textures and save them in Graphic Styles for drawing in lots of future comic panels.

Apparently today is Pride Day?

Hi, I’m a trans lady who really doesn’t seem to have much pattern in the genders or genitals she’s interested in going to bed with. There’s a big rainbow flag in my window and my wi-fi is named “🏳️‍🌈🐉🏳️‍🌈”.

I don’t really feel much of a need to scream about it any more; I’ve had a lot of passing privilege for a good while. But I am pretty queer.

I've got one more commission slot left now! If you want me to make some custom emoji for you for your custom chat servers or as avatars or something, msg me!

*sits in a cafe for an hour doing some Parallax design work*

*posts some process notes about it to Patreon*

two-factor authentication wherein the second factor is me grumbling about trivial bullshit 

Okay. Proposed process for these "goth space dryad mech" designs I need to do for Parallax:

1. pull out some Brian Froud and Arthur Rackham
1a. wish I still had a copy of Froud's Dark Crystal artbook
2. copy parts of some drawings, making as many art brushes/patterns/graphic styles as possible in the process
3. use these styles to start drawing forms that fit the character themes

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