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Gracious Anthracite

I have wandered into Capitol Hill and determined that I kind of really miss the days when I’d come down here with dance gear on under my other clothes, work in cafes/parks for a couple hours, then do pole dance class, and maybe hit up Lil’ Woody’s for a tasty-ass burger afterwards. I have not exercised enough to feel like I deserve one of their burgers in ages.

Maybe I should resume pole dance class. Get back in shape. I’ve forgotten enough of the details that it’ll be some measure of challenge to my brain as well as my body again...

At any rate, fuck it, I’m in Lil’ Woody’s waiting for my burger, even if I HAVEN’T burnt enough calories to really deserve it today.

I did not know until now how badly I want to live in a building with a GIANT EGG on its side.

Dear brain. Please stop singing Thank you very much. Love, Peggy.

Hey all! I just silenced a few asstastic instances that were showing up on the federated timeline. If you see any more, let me know; one of the pleasures of running a corner of the People's Glorious Social Network is saying "none of that 4chan/gamergate/alt-right bullshit here" and making it stick!

also geez is it just that I've been trained to associate "cute anime girl face avatar" with "jerk" by the past few years or is every single corner of the fediverse on the .moe TLD kind of giving off "may start screaming about how hitler was right at any moment" vibes

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Hello fellow millennials! Check out this heckin' radical new soft drink!

Flipping through my downloads directory for something, I found a photo of a friend's booty. Clearly labeled as such in the filename. Sitting right next to the pile of Silicon Dawn files I just got from Lo Scarabeo.

It's still a nice butt and I'd still happily cuddle it but that was a heck of a thing to find while poking at my computer at the breakfast joint.

Current state of the kitchen. I am pretty amazed at how fast it went from “a kitchen” to this.

Er. Haven’t had my breakfast yet.

Good morning guys coming in to open up my kitchen wall again to see how bad the damage was from the leaks a month ago. It sure is hard to be social with you when I haven’t had breakfast again.

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I should maybe catch up on Steven Universe. Except I have no idea what the last episode I saw was. Looking at Wikipedia's list of episodes suggests I have like fifteen episodes between the last one I saw and the SHOCKING NOSPOILERS REVEAL of something I thought everyone had been suspecting since like season two?

hey comrades, Amazon is trying to bully Seattle out of taxing a _tiny_ fraction of its profits. come out on Saturday to show them we won't stand for that, and to pressure the city council into passing the EHT!

Virtual cabin in woods for writing. it's a 3rd person exploration game but you go to the cabin and can write stuff on a keyboard, outputs to a txt file when you're done

oops, my bad, they were actually saying this in /r/fonts.

Making important design decisions for Parallax.

Big thanks to the dude who made a post to /r/typography saying that they felt Cooper Black was becoming the new Comic Sans. It's perfect.

Oh holy shit there is going to be a third Bill and Ted movie. It is not a reboot; it stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as the same characters thirty years later. I am sure that watching it will make me feel very old but I am also going to watch it at some point.

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