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Gracious Anthracite


Or lengthened in the remake to deal with the fact that its credits go on about five times as long as the credits of all three original games put together. I think they're the longest ones I've seen in a few years.


The credits track on my copy of the PS1 soundtrack is 4:10, fwiw. Got it off the Internet, think it was just ripped off the CD.

I never imagined I would be so happy to see a diagnostic come up with “battery failed”. My Mac is now on its way to be serviced. I was so braced to be ready to argue after how they blew me off when I took it in last month.


maybe she's really, really floofy, and thus a bit taller when dry?


You don't realize how much you lean on a thing until it's vanished sometimes.


Oh dear. Haven’t seen that myself, I’ve been seeing replies fine at least.

HEY ME. Disconnect the Pro from Backblaze before taking it in. Thanks.


Oh good, I was worried you were thinking about opening yourself up to a world of drama. 😇

At long last I am copying data from the he backup drive to the Air. Time estimates are fun; a few moments ago this was estimating fifty-something hours! Hopefully I will get up tomorrow to find all my data on the Air, so I can get some art done after bringing the Pro to the Apple store.


Are they allowed to be a curvy bat girl instead

It is kind of sobering to look at this map of my user directory and see how much space Decrypting Rita takes up in it. Eventually Parallax will probably take up more.

Image generated with Daisy Disk and annotated with Illustrator, if you were wondering.

Yay! All my music is now on a tiny drive small enough to swallow. Or to stick in the side of the Air and forget about. Now to back up the music-free Pro and see if Migration
Assistant is willing to do its thing.

Halfway through now. Guess it’ll take like six hours total. I am getting absolutely nothing done today, oh well.

Yep. Not enough free space to complete migration. As I expected.

Guess I wait a while for this progress bar to fill up, then try again. It took like 45 minutes to get this far; I think it’s time for some brunch.

OH RIGHT. *That's* how I kept all my files *and* my music collection on the old Air. The music lived on a tiny SD card hidden in the Air's SD slot, which would bring my current home directory down from 395 gigs to 250.

I'm glad I have enough adaptors to plug the SD card into the Pro, clear out the old copy of the music directory, and tell iTunes to move the current one over there, so I'll be ready if Migration Assistant decides that the backup it thinks is ~700 gigs is, indeed, that large instead of the ~400 gigs I managed to prune it down to.

@packbat @kistaro

yeah, I kinda suspect that the reason the media cleaner tsk stopped working is that we're currently running a version of Mastodon that was right before the rake tasks started getting replaced by tootctl, and maybe there was some preliminary work going on that broke things...