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@CheshireEmber yup! You had to learn how to use that tool, figure out the best way to make it part of your workflow, and maybe even modified it a little.

@mira Raarrrr. Rawrrr raraི̻༙̬ͥ̄ṛ̛̻᷈̇̌⃡͊ͥ̈ͮ͞ṙ̟͈͈̫̯̲̣̄͆̆r̙̥͍̪̄̿ͥ͒ͅr̡̮͑⃖͋̋̓̄͟


Did you know that your Wacom tablet is sending data on every click to Google Analytics? Seriously. This fucking future, geez.

Mastodon Pro Tip: don’t try to make sense of the federated timeline, just don’t. I keep thinking I should just edit it out of my instance entirely once I get things updated. It’s been like drinking from a firehouse since the FIRST few times a wave of users arrived and some of them stuck around.

@surlybobbys just put it down and walk away, watching the federated timeline was only a good idea when there were a few thousand people on the entirety of every Mastodon instance everywhere

Today I had a “I am so in for a Silicon Dawn reprint” message via Telegram. I think I have now gotten people telling me this through pretty much every way possible short of finding my phone number or finding me in person. I should try and get that reprint ball rolling.

@packbat Definitely not the old filtering on this installation of 2.0.0. I know the recent versions have Easier Filtering but I think they just hide it completely.

Well that's not too bad I guess, 1h at the cafe has resulted in about 30min in Illustrator and some distinct progress on this panel.

Damn I sure cannot focus in on drawing today. I got some work done on this next panel at least.

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@quartzwing I think awoo was down for a bit recently? Not sure.

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@miss_s_b I think those are decent examples that aren't likely to trigger anyone; well done!

I usually see modifiers given as "subject (~)" rather than "subject+" and I find that variance interesting.

@maloki Yeah, but I've found that to be a pretty blunt instrument.

It's like, say you love a bunch of obscure bands and boost some of their toots when they put out new music? Hey, that's cool, I check them out sometimes and I've even gotten into a couple thanks to you. But you also love some megastar that I am utterly sick of hearing about because their audience is large enough that they count as "news" (plus they spend more money on advertising than I will likely ever have in my life), and you boost their stuff too. Do I turn off your boosts entirely?

Right now I could block that megastar. But there will be more in the future.

Or I could just tell Mastodon "I don't wanna hear about any megastars" and be done with it.