Because you can hire web developers and make a half-assed experience for everyone on every platform instead of hiring people who actually know how to use programming languages that don't live six levels of abstraction away from the hardware and maintain 4-5 versions that actually feel like native apps on their various platforms.

Everything is web-first and it's all shit now.


Looks like a nice one to curl up in a hammock with on a sunny day!

Goddamnit Evernote. You spent the last couple years fucking up your apps by rebuilding them in fucking Electron and adding a bunch of bullshit that looks pretty but gets in the way of actually using them for their core uses. And you STILL have absolutely no facilities for dealing with sync conflicts beyond “now you have two copies of this note, have fun figuring out what changed!”.


You did it well enough to show up on the local timeline here, at least. :)

On the rare occasions I paint, I tend to come to it with no timeframe or goals, so it's okay for me to make an incoherent mess. If you want to Get Gooder At Painting and get past the stress, I might suggest some of the following: 

Just when did I become someone who thinks "a serious, solemn history of an offshoot of the Temple of Satan" is "casual reading on my day off" anyway


It means you may actually be a stinky not-dog-thing from beyond time and space, deep in your heart. I think.

I spent today taking a sad kitty with a bumpy nose to the vet. Now I am rewarding myself for successfully not absorbing her immense stress and fear during this by having cake and a cookie.

I think this may be the most gracious “It’s not FOR you” passage I have ever encountered.

(Michael Aquino, “The Temple Of Set”.)

In the VERY unlikely event of me ever becoming a real estate developer, I want to name a suburb’s streets after Cats.

No. Not breeds of cats. CATS. “I live on the corner of Rumpleteazer and Jennyanydots” cats.

If there is a railway nearby I think it is imperative that it NOT intersect or run along Skimbleshanks, just to annoy anyone who takes the trouble to chase down the reference.

holy crap Wacom support is actually asking for the applescript that stopped working, I guess they actually *do* want to continue supporting that interface? That's a nice surprise.

Rando on Discord: are you good at illustrator

Me: It's been my main medium for 20+ years. Probably.

Me: If you're about to ask me to do your homework, you're in luck - I'm currently having a 90% off sale on my normal rate of $10k/h.

(because it almost always IS "please do my homework" in my experience)

Someday I am going to end up in an interesting conversation with someone who notices that I always sign for credit/debit stuff with a sigil invoking Mercury.


It's easier to read news and imagine worst-case scenarios, or ones based on the same seemingly-unstoppable societal processes continuing to grind inevitably forwards. Coming up with stories of getting out of the current mess is HARD.

Plus yeah there's definitely a market for misery porn. How many horrible things can you find an excuse to describe in lascivious detail, as a grimdark author? You're just showing how bad it could be, honest, you're not into any of it At All!

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