Tonight’s discovery: doing an image search for “worst unicorn food” is scary. Don’t do it.

AssCreed Odyessy: a mission chain ends with a quest to just stand there while two characters Orate at each other for several minutes of stilted dialogue

Me: runs around the one who has a staff that is the Mcguffin, bumping into him, saying “stick! Stick! Gimme stick!”

And if not for that I probably would have chosen the peaceful option to persuade him to give up the staff instead of taking the combat option. Maybe you end up fighting him after all, who knows.

Memo to sober me: put some energy into trying to make a NOLA drink and draw happen.

Why does Wacom keep wanting to have incredibly confusing names. First they renamed the beginner line from “Graphire” to “Intuos” and renamed the pro line from “Intuos” to “Intuos Pro” and now they have a small screen tablet called the “Wacom One” that just joined a beginner non-screen tablet called “The One By Wacom”. There are gonna be so many returns on accidental purchases of The One By Wacom.

If I did the "Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder" image meme that's going around today, three out of the four images would be screengrabs of the appropriate site saying "user not found". And the fourth would probably be just the tip of my tail wish some motion lines suggesting I was leaving.

Man today feels like it is gonna be a weird day.


Those are some good lizards! I’ve been starting to see the occasional lizard some days around here and they are all a delight.

pun of surpassing atrocity 


That... that ain't right. That definitely ain't right.

I just described my commissions as being open "slightly more often than Brigadoon intersects with this world" and now I kinda want to redo my commission info image as a riff on one of the posters for that movie.

Somehow, I feel like my mother is to blame.


"I needed to test this new announcement feature but all I have to say is LOOK AT THIS CUTE KITTY." [picture of cat]

It is always a good feeling when email replies to commission WIPs have phrases like "*incoherent screaming*" or "holy shit YES".

Jeff Vandermeer’s “Dead Astronauts” is quite a piece of writing.

@Soreth @zebratron2084

Toner? What kind of rich-ass edition is that? Mimeo smudges and hot-dog stains.

Some drawings you gotta start painting from the face. Some drawings you gotta start painting from the ass.

Today's commission is definitely one where I gotta start by loving the heck out of this ass.

Sex toy, lewd 

Sex toy, lewd 

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