Seriously I know that talking about this probably makes me sound like An Old but godDAMN I really dislike how hard it is to organize and CURATE a collection of digital stuff compared to "here is the shelf for this sort of thing".

It is nice to have all this shit compact and in one place and searchable but, damn, there's something to be said for looking at your collection of stuff and deciding what way of organizing it suits you.

I just went scrolling through my list of albums in iTunes and damn I sure do miss having a bunch of CDs alphabetized by a human hand that knows that "Aphex Twin" belongs in the A's but "Astor Piazzolo" belongs in the P's.

Relatedly, god every time I try to find a book on an e-reader I sure do miss having bookshelves with fiction alphabetized by author, with an order within that which makes sense to me and mostly acknowledges series, and having other shelves grouped in my own particular order. Like "I dunno what I want right now but I think it's somewhere in the Myth/Folktales shelf".

You cam create various kinds of sub-groupings in book apps but doing this is just so fucking awkward compared to "pick up book, put on shelf".


The only argument to be had here is "are you sure it shouldn't be a rocket pack instead" IMHO!

@Vordus @mawr

Yeah, as a pro artist, this triggers my “no spec work” reflex too.

If you want some community involvement then maybe see who’s available for art work and interested in the gig, then hold a vote for who to commission, and pool some donations to pay some/all/all plus a huge tip of the artist’s fee?

You could also maybe let the denizens throw around some ideas for what the new look of the public pages should *be*.

Of course if an artist who likes being on wants to repay you for running the place by doing art for cheap/free, that’s cool too.

I am really annoyed at OSX right now. I have a saved search that is supposed to show me files with the tags "commission" and "in progress" but two files I have been working on are just *not* showing up. Restarting Finder does nothing, nor does removing and reapplying the tags.


I guess shaping expectations? “Some GenX dude” vs “cranky old Boomer” vs “still-lithe Millenial” might be a thing you want to share?

Not that most of my bios or profiles put a date on it.

well we managed to corner CJ and get his second dose of anti-worm medication down his very unhappy complaining throat, I hope we can manage at least one more - the doctor said that five doses over five days was idea, but three over five should help a lot too, and he'd already given the first.


All the important actions must be covered!

Even if half the time there is no use for the bark button, just having it is a joy.

So four hours later I am back home and CJ's diagnosis was, as I kinda vaguely suspected, "full of worms". He has been given one dose of a five-dose anti-worm; we should be able to get the second in him tomorrow as we're keeping him in tonight, and as long as we can get three doses over five days he should be good. If we can get all five in him then it'll also clean him out of girardia, if he has any.

And then hopefully he will have more energy, and not try to hog all the food, because he will actually get nutrition from it instead of feeding worms. security issues Twitter links 

Huzzah! CJ is in the carrier and the carrier and I are in a Lyft on the way to the vet. Here’s hoping that fixing him up is low stress and easy for everyone involved including him.


I have a sudden desire to do a mockup of a typical DOS screen with an actual NICE font.

Not that I ever used it, I was an Amiga faithful until I switched to Macs. I sure did not use the default font on that for very long though.

Kobold in a little car, done mostly 

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