Sometimes someone links to an Alex Grey picture on one of the mystical subreddits I read and I find myself looking at it and wondering how much of his schtick I could get Illustrator to do for me.

It would probably be a pretty valuable exercise to work over one of his paintings of, like, giant faces made up of crystals with eyes on every facet, you know? How close can I come in a fraction of the time it took him to paint everything by hand.


Anyone wanna lay odds on like 90% of the people in the story being white?


I mean there are actually some black people in the one image they have, and Joe Pumpkinhead gives me "he's a black dude when he's not on fire" vibes, but then again one of those dudes is named Doctor Voodoo so, yeah, I don't have high hopes...

Marvel is gonna do a comic about a magical academy in New Orleans. I am looking forwards to the nuanced, accurate depiction of New Orleans that this project will surely have.


Pretty much yeah. Hope it’s not a permanent max hp loss!

May well be a touch of bronchitis. X-rays looked good though. Got some antibiotics waiting for me at CVS and I guess I can mostly get back to normal life now...

I just got my first x-ray in, like, I can’t even remember when. Teenage dental exam was the last one I think? I wonder if I can get them to email me a copy.

Finally trying to get someone to look at this stupid cough I’ve had for a week after inhaling a piece of bread. I was trying to acquire a PCP to have a look at it but I spent the first half of this week playing phone tag, and I’d promised Nick that if I didn’t get an appointment when I called them this morning we’d go to the local walk-in urgent care clinic. Who at first didn’t wanna let me in because I have the wrong insurance. Despite having seen me before.

The American healthcare system is such a huge damn mess. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to mostly avoid it throughout my life so far.

I really hate the “archive” button in iOS mail. I never know where the hell mail goes when I hit it by accident because it’s where the “flag” button used to be.

Maybe I should check out some of the alternative clients someday.


Depends on where you are. There were a LOT of ice cream shops that did serious business in winter when I was in Boston, it was basically “we are frozen anyway so let’s have some treats that won’t melt”.

I had a sandwich and felt less terrible. Did laundry. Got a panel of Parallax drawn.

Blew off calling the doctor because something had to lose and it was that.

vent, don’t bother reading 


I’m not sure I’ve been excited about going to a con of any kind for years. They’re work. Grueling, miserable work.


Probably people who had the con email them about this a few days ago. :)

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