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Gracious Anthracite

That was fun. I had a dream I opened up my wallet and all my cards and ID were gone.

When I woke up I immediately went and checked my actual wallet. Everything was where it belonged.

In which someone calling themselves “noobnoobhoneymaster” posts to the Discordian subreddit looking for help with their Discord login, and the assorted denizens are exactly as helpful as one would expect a bunch of half-assed Erisians to be.

I am pretty sure that the “Dragearans” in the Vlad Taltos books are intended to just be typical High Fantasy Elves but I persist in imagining them as, well, wingless dragon people.

CW: spider phobia, chronic illness, cut request so I can avoid arachnid pictures Show more

Scene: a city under always-cloudy skies on a remote planet. Thousands of cables rise up from the buildings, vanishing into the grey skies.

Follow them up and when you finally burst through the clouds, you find each one ends in a hot-air balloon with an array of solar panels all over it.

Looks like a good place to slouch for a bit and poke at this comic script that needs poking at.

That sure *was* fun. I should really make some time to update to the latest Mastodon, which finally has Toot Editing. But not today because D&D.

Oh good resetting the SMC seems to have done it. It didn’t look like it did at first but then after a moment there was a very soft charge mode beep and now it seems to be back. That sure as fun.

Why is my computer not turning on. With or without power attached to it. Grrrr.

Okay. You know what? I'm instituting a new thing. You can participate if you want to but there's no shame if you don't.

I'm gonna call it #BeMyNeighborWeek in honor of the 50th anniversary of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". (I'm four months late, shh.)

Until 12:01 AM on June 24, I'm going to try to be like Mr. Rogers. No sick burns, no scoring points, no annoyed brush-offs. I will do my best to be patient and kind and understanding.

You can be my neighbor if you'd like.

"Eating Raoul" sure is a hard movie to watch.

uspol spam; birbs; canpol; good ideas; the heroes we needed

I spent two hours total on this background. I could tweak some stuff and may well do so before I call this page finished, but I think it is pretty much Done.

I think Illustrator agrees. It's getting really, really slow. All these overlapping complex pattern fills and transparent shapes take a lot of thinking to render.

I know a background is close to done when Illustrator starts grinding to a halt when it tries to render it.

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I am very glad I left the apartment this morning instead of succumbing to the urge to sit there idly poking at the net and getting hungrier and hungrier. Instead I had a shower, took my pills, drank some water, and spent a couple hours sauntering around Ravenna Park and working on Parallax. Now I am waiting at a bus stop to go downtown for lunch at Pike Place, then find somewhere I can work while my laptop recharges.

@green YEP. Luckily making that toot was the last thing I did before leaving the party!