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Gracious Anthracite

Drat. The display name field does not have room to change my name to "Gracious Anthracite, Procurer of Tiny Cakes". I suppose I could edit that but I am really not in the mood for that right now.

It is really amazing how much more high-energy "Hover" becomes when one of the Hideki Naganuma tracks comes on. You're puzting around the city to inoffensive synths, then you pick a mission, and all of a sudden you're zooming along while singing "TAKE ME UP TO HEAVEN ABOVE! TAKE ME UP HIGHER UP HIGHER UP YEEHAW!", and the game's not any faster or slower but it sure *feels* faster.


I'm only on Discord under extreme duress, so "it's a Discord thing" would explain me not hearing it. I wonder why people decided they needed yet another term for "user icon".


Patches worked for me for a while until suddenly they didn't. Apparently your body eventually decides to just stop processing it that way or something? So it's pills for me. I don't drink so they're pretty much the only thing straining the poor gland.


I have never heard "pfp" in my entire time on the Internet, which dates all the way back to before there *were* web browsers to let you visit web forums with profile icons for the users...



I keep on saying I want to get a cheap electric guitar so I can finally fuck around with one instead of trying to thoroughly Master the Acoustic Guitar Before I Am Allowed The Power Tool like I had to do as a kid asking for guitar lessons. I keep on not doing it. Current excuse: one less thing to haul in the upcoming move.


Ugh yes, it got harder for me to do that to myself every time until one day when I just loaded up the needle and put off injecting for like a half hour. I called my doctor and switched to pills. I just couldn’t do that to myself any more.

Yeah. Recompose or cross the balloon tails.


Oooooh. It’d be nice to stop hassling with the daily pills if that worked!


Share it with whoever you think is cool. :)


There is exactly one excuse for it: comics originally written in a R-to-L language. And even that's hazy.

Also very special circumstances where you are doing crazy things to the reading direction.

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Frequently for most of the past couple years.

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Did this learning experience involve gluing anything to anything else?

In celebration of being a year old: have an invite code. Good for ten people; pass it to a chill friend.

Mastodon is a week or two past two years old:

And will be one year old tomorrow.

My dormant account on was apparently created about one month after the initial announcement of the whole project, so I guess that makes me an Early Adopter for this whole thing. I've been enjoying not having to chop my thoughts up into Twitter-sized chunks any more; it's been a pleasant perk in a year that needed little perks badly.


Pigeons aren't THAT disposable! I think.