If we must be specific than: me. But any dragon is fine for this.


perfectly unbiased and balanced, trust me with tits like this you want them to be balanced

dragons with big titties


Yeah, that’s really fucking depressing now that I think about it. Pretty symptomatic of how the promise of web was thoroughly co-opted by profiteers. Fuck everyone who wants to “disrupt” a “market”.


There's potential in the approach but if the source data is "every image we could acquire regardless of licensing" then there is a major fucking problem.


Pretty much, yeah. If Facebook could kill TikTok without all that pesky "having to police user generated content" hassle by substituting it for AI generated stuff, they'd be delighted.


Or will the corporations seduce us into staring at the endless AI-generated Pretty Colors Show that they have relentlessly optimized for Engagement?

Reading Hacker Newsers insisting on the inevitability of AI art taking over everything is making the Butlerian Jihad sound equally inevitable.



I don’t have to imagine. A ZX80 was my first computer.

I do not, honestly, remember anything about the feel of its “keys”. I may have purged this memory. Really it wasn’t until the c64 that I understood enough of what was going on to try and write anything.

I have covered up the obnoxiously shiny Apple logo on the back of my new computer but it really needs more stickers. Who amongst my artist friends has stickers I can trade a few bucks for.







Time to start planning that Farscape campaign.

Or to start building Muppets to roleplay through at the players.

Medical, HRT (~+) 


phorm I think you are definitely a trans at this point :)


"Did not-a great-a Julius bleed for-a justice-a sake? / What-a villain touch'd his-a body, that did-a stab, / And-a not for-a justice?"


They come with two pens; I will happily trade the skinny pen I'll never use for the fat one you'll never use if you get one :)

PSA: The bus is already not a good place to talk about anything illicit but now it is an even worse place to do so. wired.com/2012/12/public-bus-a


That is really riding a line between kinda tacky and kinda exactly what I want. Or it would be if we ignore that I haven’t used anything besides what comes with my consoles since the PS1 days.

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