Everything you type on that thing becomes vaporwave.

It looks a lot clickier than I'm into - I *like* short-throw Apple keyboards, they work well for people who type with the tips of their fingernails IMHO - but goddamn that thing is stylish.

NSFW; mostly naked sweaty imp shortstack w/ musket 

I have a few friends with fountain pen collections that they have bemoaned the growing size of.

Would any of these friends like to sell me a decent, but unremarkable pen they've grown tired of? The disposable Pilot Varsity I've been using lately is out of ink and it's maybe time for something decent.

Looks like I got most of the way done with the page where Stella talks about how she uses weed in her practice.

I tossed it up on Patreon along with the roughs of the three pages preceding it where I talk about more sober tools. patreon.com/posts/49960086

is it trolling for Stella to suggest Satie's "Vexations" as an example of a Powerful Song for beginner magicians to listen to

I think it might be trolling

Today I learnt that John Coltrane has been literally canonized. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Col

Apparently his patronage extends to "all artists" so maybe I should light a candle for him onea these days.

Went out to cafe. Spent an hour on the first rough of a couple more pages of Stella’s Guide. Came back home and lolled around uselessly. I should get up and draw some more stuff.


Thanks! I've been practicing them for like thirty years at this point. :)

nudity, horny subservience, birdsite 

Every now and then I get email from people offering to write "guest posts" for my blog. Usually I just ignore them. This one is just so wildly off the mark that I had to write back.

awrite fuck it, I rendered out the new file and tracked down exactly where I needed to change the filename


I was never really quite happy with the hidden dragon at the bottom of the front of my website. But never quite unhappy enough to actually pull up Illustrator and redraw her.

Until today. When I deployed ten years of study, better technique, and new tools to do a much better drawing in probably half the time the old one took, if not less - I am kinda sure I was still mostly using the pen tool when I built the original version of this site.

I dunno if I feel like actually putting this up before bed. Might do it tomorrow.

@001zlnv @JulieSqveakaroo @Phorm

god just imagine the potential for hassle once we have usable AR glasses, popups everywhere until you find the obscure setting buried under ten years of old code to turn it off

@001zlnv @Phorm

Oh damn, thanks for doing the research for me! I don't think I'm quite at the level where I can justify $3-4k for a week in the rotation. Maybe in a year or two of actually sinking some energy into promotion...


I suddenly wonder what it would cost to rent some space on one of the digital billboards by the highway and just put up image + QR. :)


There's like THREE goddamn alt weeklies here, maybe four, I'm not sure, it's insane.


I seem to recall you are Not Tall but damn that is still a hell of a lot of plush bunny for four bucks.

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