There is a thunderstorm outside and once again I am instinctively counting seconds after a flash of lightning to get a sense of if I should maybe unplug everything because the strikes are really near.

polesona name/costume doodle, 45min

Really her type treatment should probably be in a mix of Papyrus and Comic Sans for maximum cringe value.


I could also consider splitting a room with you and just go check out the con as a non-dealer for once, if you're looking for roomshare/acquaintances.


I should really check that out soon. Think I might have sent in a table application. If I did and I get one then I'll certainly be going.


Nobody begins as a good artist. There is an old line about how everyone is born with ten thousand bad drawings inside of them, and you can't start getting to the good ones until you've gotten them out. I got it from Chuck Jones's autobiography and I am pretty sure he cited one of his mentors as its source.

Congratulations; by the end of you will have gotten seven bad drawings of pigs out. If you enjoyed it and decide a few more would be fun, you'll probably come out of them able to draw cartoon pigs doing things without having to think about it. Maybe you'll even have a few realistic attempts out. Maybe you won't. It's no biggie if you haven't, Sandra Boynton built a decent career on drawing funny little cartoon pigs.

OH YEAH. Pole dance is having some effects. I just grabbed the doorsill and did ten pull-ups that got me entirely off the ground for a few seconds, without any real feeling of strain until the very last ones. I have passed through the month-long valley of misery, stretched out to a month and a half because of winter holidays, where I was struggling to get fit enough for the things one does in pole dance to be *possible*, never mind graceful.


That desk is kind of hilarious. Sixteen hundred bucks and it doesn't even come with the storage tray they show in some promo photos. And it doesn't even have any obvious branding to function as something that sits there in the background and quietly says "I am so filthy rich I can pay sixteen hundred bucks for a desk".


Yeah that's a hell of a combo, isn't it. By the time it comes around all this suffering I've been doing at pole dance class may make it possible for be to shake my ass all night to their sets...


Never heard of it. Wikipedia says it's Windows-only so I probably never will.

@lminiero @grumpygamer

Proton apparently doesn't even run on Macs yet. It sure would be nice if Valve would fix that but right now I think the solution is mostly "run the steam client in Wine or whatnot" and that's its own steaming pile of fiddly bullshit to wade through.

Oh damn, April is gonna be a good month: Skinny Puppy's stopping here on their final tour, and Gary Numan's coming through too, on a triple bill with Ministry and FLA.


I suppose I should be really glad I spent the day largely offline, then?

video game where you are a small cat in a highly stylized world with simple little cat quests

and where whenever you nap you start hunting nasties on the differently-stylized astral version of the same world

eventually you of course end up with abilities like walking through walls in the real world, staring down an astral nasty trying to manifest in matter, and tfing into a slinky sabretooth panther in the astral plane, you know, completely mundane housecat stuff


It’s so cute when the foxes think they are above bunnies in the hierarchy of bottoms.

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