Today I learnt that CSS has added a “hover” check to @media queries, and that every modern browser supports it, so maybe I can finally add some “you’re on a touch screen” fixes to my personal site, which has a lot of cool mouse pointer hover effects.


It's so damn hard to remember this in the moment sometimes. But it is very true.

more anti-composition maunderings 


This is a large part of why I moved back to New Orleans. SUNSHINE.

Also some of you people are lunatics and I am delighted to get asked to draw such insane things <3

One hour later and I have notes to myself on eight of the nine inquiries I've got, and one email mostly drafted. Progress! Also time for a break maybe. Gotta go find some power for the laptop and maybe lunch for me.


waiting for fuligin/vantablack/etc to be available as a dye


The forest view is awesome, it really feels like a candid shot from someone who just stumbled on them and is caught between wanting to get a good view of them and not wanting to get stepped on. This is definitely an interesting place for you to explore!

I am sitting at a cafe away from stupid cats who want to go get stuck in attics and it is sunny and I have a hot cup of chai and I am going to sit down and read all these commission emails and start thinking about prices and my interest level.

Actually wait this chai has gone cold while I browsed social media, I'm gonna get another one and THEN get down to email...

So we let Artie out last night and guess what dumb asshole was sticking her head out the attic next door at food time this morning. Goddamnit Artie.

Well at least this time it was faster to get her down. Ugh.

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