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to be quite honest, something like "um, would you be interested in drawing the same thing, but even fatter?" feels pretty much par for the course in this fandom.

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Cat Valente’s “Space Opera” is the saddest damn thing I have ever read that claims to be a comedy. It’s pretty good but it sure does have a lot of huge downers amidst all the goofy descriptions of aliens having Space Eurovisions instead of galactic wars.

I made it to the Ballard market in time for some painfully spicy cheese, which will help me survive another dreary Seattle winter week. There was a little jazz combo playing for tips. They sang a lyric about Basin Street and all I can think of now is that these guys are about as far from Basin Street as it is possible to BE without leaving the continental US, which resulted in a melancholy little wave of missing NOLA.

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I really need to get dressed so I can go out to Ballard to hit the farmer's market and get some really really spicy cheese.

But it is raining.

Ah well. "Starland is full of many harsh tasks."

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Oh turns out I just bought it and had it in the to-read on the Kindle. It is pretty fun so far!

Have you read Valente’s “In The Night Garden”? Very nicely done Arabian Nights-style nesting tales.

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I got in a nice groove the past couple days and just posted four new page layouts to Patreon. Feels nice to push the story forwards in a chunk like this. Now to start the lengthy process of finishing the drawings...

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I am generally finding that the parts of Spyro 3 where you control someone besides the titular dragon to be more entertaining than they were in the original. Part of this may be because I've mellowed out with age, part of it may be because I just completely binged on being Spyro through 1 and 2 over the past couple weeks... and part of it may be because Toys for Bob put a *lot* of love into sculpting and animating the other characters.

I suppose I will see how much the last one is worth when I unlock the First Monkey Shooter friend.


It might be because I’m a few versions behind. I should try to update soon, I think it was summer last time I did that?