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“Here are the expressions I waded into hip-deep regexp to write” would help even people who have a clue as to how to make nginx do this. People who do not have this clue would probably appreciate a pointer to the appropriate part of the nginx docs at the very least.

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@fedichive Hi! Do you have any mechanism in place to let people and/or instances opt out of being archived? Because I would like to opt out of archiving.

A I am really glad I track my time nowadays. I was able to look at this week and see that I’ve been making my time goals on Parallax for the past four days, plus a chunk on last Sunday. So I feel no qualms in giving myself permission to give in to this lack of energy I’m feeling today.

I have also not had anything to eat today besides some begniets so I may change my mind after getting a sandwich in me...

(I am still a half hour short of working my current total weekly goals. If I do make that then maybe next week I might try upping what I’m asking myself to do by a little bit, I think there’s definitely room to be a bit more productive without risking burnout.)


I been stealing liberally from the Culture for ideas to build my comics on, I guess at some point I feel like I can take the liberty of referring to him by his first name. 😊


That’s a capital I not a lowercase L. I’m referring to spaceship names pre- and post- Iain M Banks. 😇


Take the number you’d use in one piece with a couple characters and a moderate BG, multiply by 3-12 panels per page, then by two pages in the file.

It gets pretty crazy though. I think this is the first time I’ve ever put together a composite image of them all opened.


It may look a bit less insane if you consider that this file has two pages, each of which is made up of 3-12 little paintings? I’m pretty liberal in my use of layers though.


Yep! Definitely a post-Iain ship name.

I am really glad I set Time Sink to retain its logs indefinitely. It’s nice to be able to figure out how much time I spent working when I have days where I never get around to using my to-do/diary.

There are spaceship names from before Iain and there are spaceship names from after Iain.

And yes, ‘Splain is a warship. What else would she be with a name like that?

(Elizabeth Bear, Ancestral Night)


Sure, have your friend drop me a line from their account here and vouch for you. :)

Person on the Illustrator subreddit: How do I make Illustrator make a bunch of scaled and rotated copies of a thing?

The first reply: There is no magical solution to this, you'll just have to tediously copy it, rotate, and scale manually.

Me, replying to them: There is a magical solution and here it is. *writes a short, numbered list of precise steps*

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Laptop Woes, Cont'd (With apologies that I am venting my anxiety here) Show more