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Gracious Anthracite

I love how Dr. Pollo's interrobang pin ended up also looking like a P.

Dr. Pollo will probably appear for all of one panel of Parallax, so I am trying to push his design to the absolute perfection of "if Colin Baker's Doctor Who was a rooster".


There was one episode of Utena where I found myself keenly aware of exactly how much animation they were avoiding doing in the beginning of the episode, and I was all, OKAY THIS FIGHT BETTER KICK ASS.

And it did!

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the counter to that:

"wow, there has been an absolute minimum of animation in this episode, and the plot arc sure felt like it was gonna climax here, lemme get some popcorn for the AWESOME SCENES that I hope are coming up!"

cat thumps on iron grille on the front door

a moment later I see Shadow through the transom window above the front door, looking around somewhat puzzledly

I was gonna help her down but I had to get dressed, and also try and take a photo first, and so of course she just leaped down. Bounced off the grille somehow, I think? Cats.


“It’s like changing your oil except a lot stinkier”

Huzzah, I got one of the achievements related to Yolo Album Mode on Sayonara Wild Hearts. Also Minter’s latest finally came out on the US PS4 store and it befuddles me in a good way.

“ I apologize in advance for the SUPER POO STINKY KITTEN who may be hanging around the porch. He is still learning important things about having a gastrointestinal tract and the responsibilities that come along with one.”

- things I never expected to have to say

Damn I really hope Shadow teaches Pooplord to properly bathe himself soon. That boy’s scent has a Presence.


I dunno, it’s all very much one package for me rather than something I can really peel apart into music and lyrics.

FWIW my reaction to the all-instrumental album Ghosts was “there are some good loops in here that could be part of some pretty good tracks if they were actually put together with some lyrics”.

Dang. That’s a NICE spider. The bright spots are rotating lights from a hidden projector. I am envious.

Hmm. I just remembered I’d started re-reading Mieville’s “The Scar” a few weeks back and now I can’t find it anywhere. I wonder where it went.

I drew Parallax on Saturday and now I am feeling a really strong pull to just blow off drawing any today. I have gotten really really used to A Weekend Off Of Drawing Comics.

I am listening to “Pretty Hate Machine”. Via YouTube. Because right now the only thing hooked to the stereo is the tablet or the phone, and iTunes will only sync four tracks off of the album from my computer to that, because I used Audion to rip them as VBR MP3s before losing the physical CD in Katrina. I’m a long way away from who I was when I first heard it and somehow this technological distance feels appropriate.

It’s still a pretty powerful album, I think. I respect what it meant to the self-hating miserable teen boy I used to be. And “Reptile” off of his next album was very much Style Goals for no small part of my transition.

I don’t think I’m gonna return it to active rotation, though.

I just learnt Nine Inch Nails’ album “Pretty Hate Machine” is thirty years old today and holy crap I am ancient of days now.


the black kitten is called Shadow Jr because he looks just like mom but I think I am calling him Umbra because that is a better Small Shadow name. UMBRA AND THE POOPLORDS.


I think the best they could do is gently nobble my toes unless I was passed out unconscious.