The AssCreed Odyssey DLC is kind of hilarious. There is a dude who is part of a secret society that essentially exists to kill video game protagonists. He keeps on trying to make me feel guilty about all the killing I’ve done. They had families! Wives! Kids! Husbands!

No, no they didn’t. Not until you retconned them into it. They’re just an infinite number of mix-n-match Spartans for me to sneak around and shank my way through, dude. Because if I was caring about these guys I would have put this game down LONG before you showed up.


You have a bunch of shapes whose stacking order you would like to reverse. You could do it manually with lots of Bring Forward/Send Back. Or you could open up the layer and drag them up and down.


1. Select them all. Make a blend.
2. Object 👉🏾Blend 👉🏾Reverse Front To Back.
3. Release the blend. Bingo!

Hi it’s me your weird old lady artist neighbor. Presently sitting in a quiet tree-filled roundabout in the middle of the park.

How much head could a hedgehog chog if a hedgehog could chog head?

So back in the end of 2018 me and Nick ended up at Patrecon. There was a thing where you could send notes to your future self. They caught up with me around the beginning of last year and sat on the coffee table for ages; I finally opened them today.

The audio drama idea never happened for us. Nothing astounding started at Patrecon. But I am now living somewhere sunny, at the very least!

New page of Parallax up on the Patreon!

In which Olivia attempts, once more, to communicate with the aliens.

Kink Shitpost 

I think I am being stalked by seraphim. “A Wind In The Door” showed up three times today in wholly unrelated contexts.

I keep waiting to turn around and see an excess of wings and eyes just on the edge of my vision.


Ahhh. :)

Yeah, this is definitely weird times, and trying to stay positive helps a ton...

Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s “Illuminatus!” trilogy has many flaws, first and foremost being that it handles women with all the subtlety and sensitivity that you would expect from two dudes who worked for Playboy in the sixties, but I am thankful to it for two things:

1. The seeds its appendices planted in me that lead me down strange paths the aggressively rationalist young adult who first picked it up never would have expected.

2. Its vicious parodies of Ayn Rand’s paeans to the joys of getting fucked in every conceivable way by Commanding Masters Of Capitalism for whom Profit is the One God inoculated me against libertarianism, and having seen what that shit does to people who swallow it, I am eternally thankful to the Twinned Bobs.

virus implied, fetishy inflatable suit 


No, what is?

I was really looking forwards to this because it would be the first time in a few years I'd been in a room full of people all dancing to some throbbingly powerful dance music designed to shake asses. I really gotta start getting out for more of that when c19 is done, there's so much in this town...

adventures in woo 

Never in my life did I think I would have cause to say thank you, Cox Cable. Damn. Thanks, Cox Cable!

Tonight I spent about an hour working on Parallax and about an hour coloring a really weird horny drawing and that is pretty good for my current focus levels, really.

Hey #mastoadmin if you have a patreon for your instance please drop it here for some visibility!


Yeah. I feel like it's only vore if there's the possibility of drawing HOT SEXY OPEN MAW CLOSEUPS.

That said I could totally see doing a picture of a genie sucked into a bottle whose opening was pointed towards the camera and looked like a moist, inviting funhole. There is a line and it could be blurred; "vore" now also includes stuffing someone into one's nipples, urethra, or anus if you apply the body part as a modifier, and I could totally see someone deciding that "bottle vore" is a thing and running with it long and hard enough for the rest of the fandom to agree that it is, indeed, A Thing.

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