The earliest recorded use of the word "otherkin" for people who identify as other than human was July 9, 1990 in the Elfinkind Digest mailing list. Yesterday was July 9, 2020, so that word was coined exactly 30 years ago! Happy belated Otherkin Day!

Source, where you can read about the history of it:

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kinda looks like i'm gently nomming the other avatar whenever someone boosts my post :dragnthink:

slightly spoilery question 

Tonight I died in space by trying to get to the far half of the Sun Station, missing, using my suit jets to adjust my eccentric solar orbit to aim towards the home world, and crunched into a paste when landing on its moon.

I also saw inside the Ash Twin, visited the Quantum Moon, and got into the core of the gas giant. I’m down to one place with “more to do” and one big question mark on the rumor map. I think I am close to the end of Outer Wilds. Or at least to *an* end, apparently there is a good and bad end...


It’s pretty neat! I feel like there might be something to do after having a conversation there but I sure can’t figure it out...

I am finally on the Quantum Moon! Thanks for the tip, @Inumo ❤️

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A small town in Washington is making their own corona economic relief money. Fuck waiting for DC to argue their way through more relief cash, take control of the monetary system.

Printer #1 meeting went decently. They'd have to send the parts with the spot gloss out to their Texas plant as they don't have the setup for UV-cured gloss in the NOLA plant. Which would add like $400 i shipping to the whole affair. Still a lot better than overseas shipping! I'll have their quote on the various aspects of the project in a week or so.

I just successfully fooled myself into being well in time for my print shop meeting by thinking the 2:00 alarm was the time I was supposed to be here instead of just an early one for the 2:30 meeting. I am an Adult who regularly has to be On Time for all sorts of things!

Resetting my old computer to pass on to the neighbor’s kid. Gotta figure out what to do with the stickers. Peel them off and keep them somehow? Trash them? Pass it on with some history on its lid?

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Why Twitter is Awful, Halfway Dadaist, Hilarious yet Sad, Pol-adjacent 

outer wilds vague spoilers 

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