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Gracious Anthracite

@chr yep. And nobody seems to be doing much with them, I haven’t heard much new stuff about improved e-ink for like half a decade...

Oh also: do you want Super Ultra Night Mode on your iThings?

Open Settings. Go to the General pane; choose Accessibility. Hit Display Accomodations near the top; choose Color Filters, then tell it you want a red Color Tint at full intensity.

Then go back up to Accessibility, down at the bottom you want Accessibility Shortcut. Turn on Color Filters. Now triple-clicking the Home button turns off ALL THE BLUES AND GREENS, giving you an iThing you can use without ruining your night vision or making your brain think it’s perpetually midday!

Makes bedtime reading SO much nicer.

@chr it’s pretty crazy! I just wish someone would get a color e-paper screen to a usable state, I want my 300dpi laptop that I can use in direct sunlight SO BAD.

Today I learnt that a long press on IOS11 control panel items can reveal extra controls. Who knew?

@InspectorCaracal someday I should get back to my comic about a Master Thief who is also a lunatic raccoon lady with no common sense whatsoever.

@thamesynne there are definitely issues to work out with this whole “distributed service” thing, aren’t there.

@packbat I make no apologies for the eccentricities of 😇

Welcome to my corner of the People’s Glorious Social Network!

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@pocket does he show up in your mentions asking to be muted forever if you do

@dzuk but I also only have like a half dozen game soundtracks I actually keep in rotation. Rez, Spyro 1-3, JSR, and JSRF.

@dzuk I kinda prefer the Official Soundtrack of Rez to the data rip. I have both and the former works a lot better as An Album for me.

workin' on Parallax while iTunes plays lovingly scavenged music from JSRF that was NOT on the Official Soundtrack

because I am a fucking nerd who just cannot get enough Jet Set Radio

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@Xinjinmeng Nah, it's just one of those ideas that came up in conversation and had to be shared. I remain committed to the kink of "long-form narrative".

I really need to spend some time getting a kickstarter together for the second edition of the Silicon Dawn but UGH WORK.

I took this pendant off and put it down and the cord just kinda decided to take the shape of a cartoon heart...

@fluffy ugggghhhh. Why would anyone want that. The False Sun is happy to fill my world with its glory until I deprive it of electricity.