Perhaps this man expertly playing the heck out of Bach’s Toccata & Fugue In D Minor on an acoustic guitar is what you need today. It was a thing I needed.


Is the information display in the center explaining that these strange artifacts surrounding it were what we once knew as a “phone”?

Am i cursed? 


What the fuck how do they do this are the contractors gonna come finish the job, holy fuck.

Today does not seem to be a work day. I was up until 2AM last night and slept until 2PM, and spent most of my energy so far on going out to the farmer’s market.

I did however have a fabulous sandwich made with a fresh baguette and huge local creole tomatos so the day is pretty good overall. Maybe I’ll get into the art mood when we get home after a trip to the beer store for a food pop-up Kin wants to get something from.

Evidence that reality is mocking us, Crypto mention, Corporate buffoonery, Snack Cakes (¿‽?) 



Evidence that reality is mocking us, Crypto mention, Corporate buffoonery, Snack Cakes (¿‽?) 


Usable for purchasing the services of young, dumb gay boys who like being filled with cream, I would presume.

Harm/Comical Death Type discussion 

@Pathia @BestGirlGrace

The next question is which one of these is most likely to end up as a scene that awakens thousands of viewers to a new kink.


They're so tiny! The only way you could get a snack through there is if you liquefy it and shoot it in with a syringe.

This has been working pretty well as a way to quickly look over my current projects and decide what to work on in any particular day.

The left window's a search for everything I've tagged as being "in progress" The right one's a search for things tagged as both "in progress" and "commission". All sorted by last modification date so whatever I've been working on lately is at the top. With big icon previews so I can see what's what.


just stick it in the... wait, do modern computers even have any openings to make this joke about? floppy and cd drives are long gone.

I should have a breakfast but I am so lazy right now that even the task of making a breakfast seems onerous.

I am cleaning up my desktop and I found this drawing of Infinity Man riding a completely un-referenced version of the Forever People's techno-tricycle. It makes me giggle.

Drawing this demon lady is fun.

I could work on this page some more but I think it is time to go back home. Possibly close to bedtime, even.

re: Stranger Things no spoilers... I think. 


Damn that image is an artifact. Wow.

Client: "Peggy can I give you some money to draw the heck out of 'the intro except they are hors'."

Me: "very the yes, I love my fuckin' job so much"

I did this back in April and am only uploading this just now, I really gotta spend a day catching up on posting commissions. I think this one was for @monsterblue? I should keep track of that sort of stuff in the files along with my timing log.


Thank you for thinking that! <3

There's a *lot* of people on the Illustrator subreddit who're looking for cheap art.

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