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Gracious Anthracite


IIRC Copics can be refilled.

*checks* yep they can! Like $6-8 for a bottle with 5-13 refills, depending on the size of the marker you’re pouring it into.

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It is 🥚 day. Please, have a good time with 🥚


Now I’m thinking about the closing tags on old Looney Toons and the sharp difference between the spoken “The,uh, th-the,uh, th-that’s all, folks!” and the written “Th-Th-that’s all, folks!”.

There’s probably a sweet spot between painstakingly accurate capturing of it and just enough to give the impression of a stutter without it becoming the entire character, similar to how accurately rendering every eccentricity of an accent in text is tiresome.


There is certainly some kind of trans-species stuff going on there too!

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The Easter Bunny is always referred to as a male

But he runs around depositing eggs everywhere, which is generally a thing associated with the *female* side of reproduction

Conclusion: The Easter Bunny, a beloved symbol of Christ's ressurection, is a transman.


Oh that is super cute! I’d consider going to say hi if they’re weren’t like two hours away by bus...


Yes, I’ve seen it be a niche site in the past.

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So many details in that. Lots of sub-sigils. Surrounded by names on the lips, I wonder what they are...

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Sounds like new job is making stuff with generally looser tolerances? Have fun embracing the sloppiness!



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Oh that's never any fun. I have been there.


Oh dear, that's some special prose styling. :)