a better TotK opening, spoliery for everything that happens before the title drop 


Long cutscenes opening games are just never any fun. At least it’s not the ~3h of cutscene after cutscene that opens the only Yakuza game I ever tried playing. I think even if I’d just hammered the skip button that shit would have taken like a half hour of waiting for a cutscene to load, hitting skip, then repeating.


Moving pieces by the power of precisely directed trombone blares. Dude out by the French Market plays that way all the time.

brb, I gotta go start a high majgickqgh-themed food truck and call it "Frater Fritter"

Check out this treasure I found on the book shelves at the cafe last night.

Images, fantasy creatures, eye contact, violence 

#drawngs today, worked up some analog inks - ranger with cacomistle companion stalks a troll, and a burly barbarian fights a jackalwere somewhere in the wilderness mapped out by a comfortable halfling. And pencilled a paladin fighting demons!


I definitely felt like part of my brain was simply not being activated the first time I played whichever Saints Row introduced giant arrows hovering in the air to tell you which way to turn.


I keep on imagining Future You re-using this code well after you’ve forgotten about these messages, accidentally invoking them, and going from “befuddlement” to “laughing his ass off”.

Recovery Update 


if there was any justice in this world you would have access to a super powerful painkiller from work that is not yet scheduled by the FDA for being too damn good.

This is basically the home life of myself and everyone else who’s in a relationship with a furry, isn’t it.

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“Weed helps. Sometimes I just get totally baked in front of Illustrator and I lose a few hours; when I come back there’s art there. But I so cannot bring myself to set up for this situation on a regular basis any more. Mostly because my big GN from before the pandemic is completely stalled, and I don’t wanna put it away but I also don’t wanna work on it.”

Profane Productivity with Peggy, here we come :ds_happy:


“It’s episode 309 and we brought back Peggy from episode 9! How’s your productivity and methods for making it happen changed in the past six years?”

“Frankly, Kevin, it is completely in the shitter. Can I say that on here? Because it is.”



As someone who occasionally says “later on” in such a way as to emphasize that it is being spelt “l8r0n”, I am perfectly fine with these asspulls.

Riding down the Greenway with my witch hat on. I pass a lady who says “Blessed be!”.


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