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Gracious Anthracite

Woo. Got FOUR more pages roughed out today, plus some first-draft dialogue for a spot in the end of the Mixolyne story we've decided needs a little bit of conversation. Nick dislikes parts of that dialogue but that's perfectly fine, it's there to give him something to fix.

There's about five or six more pages left to rough out (2-3 on each side) and then both sides of the whole story will be in rough form. I am pretty excited about that! Then I get to ask patrons and a few pro friends if they're willing to have a look at it all and tell us what's working and what isn't.

And *then* we get to throw together a proposal and try approaching some YA publishers with it...


Yep! I am not sure it is ever going to be cool enough here to bother flipping them the other way, not now that my idea of "cold" has been changed by most of a decade in Seattle...

This evening’s office: bench under oak tree with GIANT wind chimes hanging from it. A nearby plaque says they are all tuned to the same scale, but only one is making much noise right now.

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Apparently during winter you want them to go the other way or something?

I just went through the apartment flipping the switch to reverse the direction on the ceiling fans and holy crap having them go the right way is making *such* a difference in how much of a breeze there is in this place. And in a humid town like New Orleans, ANYTHING that creates a breeze is great.

And as a bonus the one in the bedroom is making a lot less noise when going counterclockwise. I think they all need cleaning and balancing tbh, but this is better.

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I mostly tried Craigslist. I did not have much luck with it to be honest, there were a couple things that had multiple nibbles that never actually followed through. I ended up leaving some stuff by the curb and just leaving some things in the place.


Yep, all four of the domains I’ve heard speculation may be what Gab uses have been suspended here for a week or two. 😇

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Hmmm. There was some piece of smut I wanted to draw of my fursona but I have become distracted by my current desktop image of a guy having sex with what I am assuming is *his* fursona. Ah well.

Fired up the PS4 again. Bloodborne looks good with the wall texture and the Ornate Frame. But I am still probably never going to see any of the DLC past the first boss. Ludwig is a bastard and life is too short for me to ever Git Gud.

Recently I realized that one of the sculptures in the City Park sculpture garden is an Anish Kapoor and I just wanna order some of [The World's Pinkest Pink]( and sneak in and change it from a shiny silver abstraction to a pink silhouette.


Yeah, that always feels like a cue for a vacation from social media to me, too. Good luck!


The passing of the titties. Always a momentous occasion. :)

I played around with some of the video games I had on the PS4 and I am not sure I care about playing any of them any more, nor do I really feel like digging around in the store. Probably doesn’t help that, despite all of them being ART now, the available space on the wall is smaller than the 70” spread on the closet.

Guess the PS4 is becoming a Netflix machine or something. I should probably at least play
Bloodborne some, it will perfectly harmonize with this frame.


Being nice to dragons and singing songs with cicadas.

I feel like any youtube video over like 1 million views is cursed, and get more cursed with more views.