Try the “Soft Rumblings In A Quiet Cavern” theme, it has the same colors. I really LIKE the oldest-first view of “The Sound Of Waves Reversing” but i never put in the effort to make it work with all the parts of Mastodon built for newest-first.

going down to the french quarter on a weekend and quietly enjoying all the tourist titties on display

@Soreth @mawr @Doephin

This is what happens when Midwesterners try to make floatation tanks, isn’t it. Just float weightlessly in the corn, alone in the dark, and see where your mind goes.


I think it’s had it since day one, that pretty much how I’ve always used it.

Not surprised it’s not an option for Spotify, that really seems to want to completely fragment your listening...


iTunes does this, it is pretty much always in this mode on my computer.

Sometimes I wish there was a "search" function for Illustrator's toolbar. Which stack is this particular tool I rarely use and don't have a hotkey for hiding in?

(This would be in addition to OSX's "search" function for the menus. Which I use occasionally.)

I really gotta get my commissions queue cleared out. It's been so damn slow.

Played more Outer Wilds DLC tonight. Got to a new area after seeing a filmstrip that said "don't do this" and immediately going to do just that.

It really feels like that should have given me a huge boost towards the endgame and yet I still really don't have the faintest idea of what I am ultimately supposed to be doing.

Google Drive for Desktop is Bad and Google should Feel Bad :blobnotlike: 

Experimenting with a Golden Dawn system of constructing images of angels based on the letters of their names.

Total Peganthyrus Vortex

that moment when the drugs kick in and you realize that there is absolutely nothing in the universe except you and your infinite reflections

So one of the things I do to put off getting work done is to go to the Illustrator subreddit and answer people's "how do I do this" questions. Yesterday there was someone asking how to do this:

 to which I replied

draw a t...

Read the whole post: egypt.urnash.com/blog/2021/10/

NSFW; herein is a dragon with just an illogical amount of butt 

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