Goddamnit Evernote. You spent the last couple years fucking up your apps by rebuilding them in fucking Electron and adding a bunch of bullshit that looks pretty but gets in the way of actually using them for their core uses. And you STILL have absolutely no facilities for dealing with sync conflicts beyond “now you have two copies of this note, have fun figuring out what changed!”.

I spent today taking a sad kitty with a bumpy nose to the vet. Now I am rewarding myself for successfully not absorbing her immense stress and fear during this by having cake and a cookie.

I think this may be the most gracious “It’s not FOR you” passage I have ever encountered.

(Michael Aquino, “The Temple Of Set”.)

Ninety bucks for a set of all four of my Arch-Angel Dragonsonas as scarves. redbubble.com/people/egypturna Yeah, not too bad, I'm going for it - prints would be more intensely colorful, but these are a lot easier to casually hang up when I want to enhance the Magicalness of my space, plus they will also work real well as clothing accents.

This morning, this panel of Absinthe was a vague sketch. Now it is a cameo of Big Barda and Mr. Miracle, with the latter's facemask turned into a gimp suit because this is a goofy, horny comic.

Also damn this decade-old* Illustrator file is super slow to work with, I dunno what the hell's going on. Saving a new copy over it helped some, maybe.

* estimated, Illustrator hasn't been properly leaving the file creation date untouched when saving over a file for years

I am blowing the dust off of Absinthe and I found this costume model in the edge of one page. I am amused at past me's choice of pose here.

I am reading Number Of The Beast again. This description made me put the book down and make horrible noises of revulsion. Aunt Hilda is about fifty, and I have heard far more about her sex life than I am comfortable with. She’s been described as small but not as *neotenous* like this before.

late night quick doodle of Inspector Kaese from "Five Glasses of Absinthe" looking very, very agitated

Whenever someone asks for help duplicating a text effect on the Illustrator subreddit, I always like to replace the text in the reference images with something that makes me giggle.

More thoughts on reading Heinlein’s Number Of The Beast 

This paragraph in the brief bio of Moebius from the “Deconstructing The Incal” book I got today feels like it explains A WHOLE LOT about Gir’s work, both in L’Incal and elsewhere. There is... something to listen to... out there in the desert.

So far I have read six of the micro-fictions in this collection of 2000AD’s “Future Shock” shorts. This is the first one that ends on a hopeful note.

I rather suspect the actual ratio of hopeful to horrible ends is gonna be lower than 1/6…

God I fucking rue the day web browser makers decided to let people customize scroll bars without providing a switch to say "I cannot see your handle in its track, also it is so skinny that half of its active area is hidden behind the drag area for resizing the window by grabbing its side".

(Someday I really need to fix the custom CSS for dragon.style to stop auto-hiding the damn things, I hate that too.)

Went to a comic shop for the first time since the pandemic started. Did not quite break three figures. Which was a pleasant surprise.

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