Looks like I got most of the way done with the page where Stella talks about how she uses weed in her practice.

I tossed it up on Patreon along with the roughs of the three pages preceding it where I talk about more sober tools. patreon.com/posts/49960086

Every now and then I get email from people offering to write "guest posts" for my blog. Usually I just ignore them. This one is just so wildly off the mark that I had to write back.

awrite fuck it, I rendered out the new file and tracked down exactly where I needed to change the filename


I was never really quite happy with the hidden dragon at the bottom of the front of my website. But never quite unhappy enough to actually pull up Illustrator and redraw her.

Until today. When I deployed ten years of study, better technique, and new tools to do a much better drawing in probably half the time the old one took, if not less - I am kinda sure I was still mostly using the pen tool when I built the original version of this site.

I dunno if I feel like actually putting this up before bed. Might do it tomorrow.

I have finally gotten off my ass and put everything from the Tarot deck up for print-on-demand!

If you have been wanting to put any of the cards on your wall, or your chest, or a shower curtain, or anything else, now is your chance to give me and Redbubble some money to make that happen.


Here's a couple more pages of Stella's Guide - the first ones in the chapter on fundamentals you need to start playing with a little bit before really trying to do A Ritual.

They're on Patreon too though there's nothing extra there today, I'm kinda low energy. :) twitter.com/egypturnash/status

please enjoy an EXCITING comic about being a solo creator in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! it is also an AD for an attempt to BRIBE you into being my SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM for a chance at getting me to draw something that we both agree sounds like fun!

god writing ad copy is so not my calling


fucking around with Astute's "Architect" plugin to try and make some spanish moss out of a smoke brush

Is this a bunch of long lines with short lines in the middle, or alternating long lines?

(Rotate your phone to landscape, I doubt this little optical illusion works in portrait.)

One of today’s offices. Sitting in the park is always good but feels especially good when working on a picture of a spirit who tends to bring in a forest setting whenever I invoke them.

me: okay how can I make the fourth Dragonsona Of The Directional Angels as intense as the first three, the color association really does not lend itself to that

me a little later after mixing a few Magical Ray-Bearing Paints in Illustrator: yeah this is gonna hurt a lot

I am looking through my email and there is a teaser of a popular topic on Nextdoor and you know what I don't think I need to click on "See More" to know what was going on.

cw: naked cartoon raccoon lady being tied up 

"Shit, I kinda wanna ape their style a bit. Go door to door with a sexy nun type vibe. 'Have you heard the word of Winger? Blessed be his generosity. Long may his holy whammadoodle spurt, and bless us all with Wingerization!' "


The Sign Of Osiris Slain

Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother.
Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer.
Sol, Osiris, Slain & Risen.
Isis, Apophis, Osiris: I. A. O.

Happy Easter, eh?

Illustrator, about 1.5h.

The sunlight is bouncing off of the yoga mat I stand on, and from there to the front of my desk, and it looks like the desk is anodized aluminum and now maybe I need to paint the front edge of my desk with metallic paint.

witch lifehack: sit on the bus and imagine little cubes and pyramids tumbling around you instead of catching up on social media

Also, damn, I really love the snazzy little header this one page out of all of the thousands of pages in the SXP wiki has. it does a really nice job of evoking an entire design system lurking in a three-ring binder somewhere.

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