The Archangel Dragons Of The Directions: Raphael

I have been commissioned to do a set of illustrations of the dragonsonas of the angels one calls upon during the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, if one is a neophyte in a magical system derived from the Golden Dawn documents. This is the first one. There will be at least three more.

Raphael is the Lord of the Spirits of Ma...

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Spending an hour and a half transcribing an invocation of Ra into my Magical Notebook and illustrating it is a perfectly normal way to spend a Saturday afternoon, right?

So I was sitting around late at night, a little stoned, reading some books of ceremonial magic, when something in the back of my head sat up and said "hey, you should draw Anubis". And, well. I mostly did. Sorta:

Hermanubis is a Greek deity who is somewhere in the space between Hermes and Anubis in their roles as psychopomps, which is a fancy word for "the nice guy who shows up after you die and ...

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Also while drawing this I was listening to this recording of Israel Regardie belting out an invocation of Thoth(/Mercury/Hermes/etc) and grooving to the UNEXPECTED TECHNO BACKING TRACK.

(CW:this is a well-practiced magician literally calling for a god to come down and hang with you)

According to file dates, I put up the current version of my website around August 2011. It's 2021 now. And suddenly it seemed very important for me to sit at a table in the park beneath a busy highway and revisit the front page. Guess I've changed aspect from Fire to Air somewhere in the past year or so.

I wonder how many spreads of notes this is gonna end up involving.

I had like a dozen books down off the shelf of Occult Books while doing this, and ended up rearranging the whole shelf when I put them back...

And here are some images from this process. Marked as sensitive because it contains multiple sigils and images derived from sigils.

The book is one the mother-in-law gave me for Christmas, it was sitting around empty when this project came in and was clearly the Right Book For The Job.

It begins to look like my new habit is that every hardback I own gets a ribbon glued into its binding when I pick it up. Integrated bookmarks! And markings on the outer edges, and the odd marginal note. Kid me would be aghast.

omfg Supergiant gave Dionysus a comment for "hey you sure do have a lot of ambrosia in your pockets" and it is THE BEST

(i had 7, if you're curious.)

angelic sigils 

Hello music-player skin Olivia, it's been a while.

I got mentioned in a retrospective of Audion skins over on Panic's blog:

Yeah this came out pretty red. We will see how it looks after a few washes but I am happy to see this color in the mirror again!

Also this photo seems to have turned upside down and I think I’m fine with that.

Woohoo, the hair dye I ordered a couple days ago came in! I can return to my natural hair color of “that ain’t natural”.

I wonder if people will start carding me for alcohol purchases again. Nobody cards you when your hair’s mostly white.

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