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Gracious Anthracite

I got in a nice groove the past couple days and just posted four new page layouts to Patreon. Feels nice to push the story forwards in a chunk like this. Now to start the lengthy process of finishing the drawings...

This sure is some Dark Web Patterns bullshit. Am I saying “yes” to “send me email to confirm I just bought tickets to see George Clinton next week”, or “yes” to “subscribe me to TSA Pre-Check Except With An Extra Middleman email”? Ugh, Ticketmaster.

Also, I am going to go see George Clinton next week! He’s like a thousand years old now, this should be super rad!

This is a wonderful line. It succinctly suggests that (a) the receptionist is speaking Spanish and (b) Donovan barely knows enough Spanish to even realize that.

(Steven Brust, “Good Guys”. Urban fantasy.)

I just spent like ten minutes going through all my installed fonts, then searching Typekit's heavy fonts, looking for just the right font to use for that thing Walter Simonson does where the entire panel turns into the outline of a REALLY REALLY LOUD SOUND. I am pretty sure *one* of these will do the trick.

At long last, I have drawn a label for the galaxy's second-favorite soda, Meh.

Another new page up on Patreon, in which Baron K utters several charming oaths of his native planet that remain untranslated.

Okay so @arthurwyatt was like GRAWLIX! and I was all YES and then I took out the Asterix to look at some of Uderzo's lovely grawlix and this happened. I am particularly proud of what is obviously "STUPID CAT".

That moment when you just can't decide if it's funnier to try and write some PG-13 swears for a character or to just leave it like this.

I just posted a super crazy page of Parallax to the Patreon. Non-patrons will see it in... a month or so, I guess?

Woo, another page of Parallax uploaded to Patreon! It's starting to feel like I can actually put out new pages on some sort of schedule again. I am quite sure this illusion will be quickly shattered.

That special point in one's life where one feels the need to consider spending money for a new font for *one sound effect*.

Illustrator why can't you properly blend between paths with complex appearance stacks on them. Expletives and muttered curses.

I went through Spyro 1 and screenshotted every single dragon at least once. Now to start work on that "rank them all by their fashion choices" blog post/]...

New page of Parallax upon the Patreon! In which the Big Dumb Object starts to wake up now that it realizes it has some guests.

I've got four pages done that aren't on the public site (, I should put them in the update queue soon.

Hey, I wanna take a second to say .

I’ve gotten more money by using Patreon to ask my fans for their direct support than ads EVER made for me. It feels a lot better to do it this way, too. Thanks a ton for your support, everyone. 💖

We might be back?

I’ll be taking the site down again in a bit; I moved all the images to a new drive and wanna make sure they’ll actually go to the right place and persist across a reboot before I say we’re back.

Getting back to drawing some Parallax. There are backgrounds I need to design for this set of VX10 pages and I am just totally punting on that in favor of having some fun knocking out character drawings.

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"The Return Of The Obra Dinn" has given me exactly one cue as to what the player character looks like: a few words in a female voice. All other details are lost behind the heavy gloves and coat seen on your hands. This is what I'm imagining.

She is probably looking at yet another mutilated corpse.You look at a lot of corpses in this game.

I was giggling helplessly for the entire time I was drawing this. Inspired by real events.