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Well that's not too bad I guess, 1h at the cafe has resulted in about 30min in Illustrator and some distinct progress on this panel.

Sometimes you just gotta take a glamour shot of the tiny plastic dragon who lives on your desk.

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It's been annoying me for a while that I'm mostly drawing Parallax in double-page files, but only tracking the completion status of the whole spread. I just added a new Finder tag: DOUBLE COMPLETE. And now I can quickly tell whether or not both pages of a file are done.

I really wish I wasn't limited to just seven tags in the Finder's quick access menu. You work with the limitations you have.

Sometimes I just gotta open up a second window at 100% magnification and pretend it’s 1986 and I’m using Deluxe Paint’s split-screen zoom.

Time to hang out in the Aerial Office and get some comics drawn.

nice try zuckerberg

(my facebook account does not have my high school in it, and this was not it - it is however where I grudgingly engage in social media with various friends from back home in New Orleans.)

Me: I should work on Parallax or maybe on pushing the Tarot towards a reprint.

Also me: Scarecrow Video is asking their members for comments on a logo refresh and both the candidates are really boring IMHO, what if I took a stab at it?

Today instead of lounging around the apartment feeling bored and useless, I walked on out to the Woodland Park Zoo and wandered around for the hour and a half that was left before closing. I threw a sketchbook and a bunch of drawing tools iny bag, but all I ended up drawing was a couple giraffe studies. Next time maybe I’ll just bring some basics.

Now I am sitting in an upscale pizza joint with a glass of wine, waiting for my dinner. Not a bad day.

Dear fellow cartoonists: there are more notes than just eighth-notes, and you can use these in your "this character is whistling" dialogue balloons.

Went to the downtown Barnes & Noble. Browsed for like 2h. Realized I forgot my wallet in my other bag at home when I went to pay for this. Luckily they take phone taps, so, mission accomplished - I now have a book chock full of photos of weird people pants. Among many other things.

Okay this disc usage graph looks a lot better. Let's see if my new attempt to create a cron job to clean out the remote media cache works better.

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just sitting in a cafe sipping an italian soda drawing my dragonsona dressed for summer and reading a book

Might finish this tonight, might not, dunno. Didn't feel like working on Parallax today. Might work on that some tonight instead. Who knows. It's the weekend.

Wanna see early roughs and layouts for the next four pages of Parallax I'll be working on over this month? They're on Patreon.