I have covered up the obnoxiously shiny Apple logo on the back of my new computer but it really needs more stickers. Who amongst my artist friends has stickers I can trade a few bucks for.

Oh damn this is a really nice addition to the standard point-and-click adventure UI. Dialogue history scrollback!

Return to Monkey Island also has "hit tab to highlight interactive stuff" which is one of those innovations that took a disturbing amount of time to pop up. I don't miss playing hunt-the-pixel.

Bottom: 3 terabyte external drive, full of backups of the 2016 MacBook Pro.
Top: 5 terabyte external drive, to be filled with the 2022 Air.

Technology just vanishing up its own asshole here. Half the size, power and data over one cable, almost twice the capacity.

It is really nice to finally have enough CPU to work with the texture layer on *and* do lots of crazy stipple effect stuff. So much texture.

Fooling around with applying Astute's Stipplism to entire layers, now that my computer's a lot faster. It's still not realtime but it's a lot closer. Might be interesting to tackle a serious image like this, I'd have to think of something that's not porn first though.

Two hours later it is actually transferring files. The estimate started around 36h and dropped fairly rapidly to around 8, I’m expecting to probably go to sleep before this is done.

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I wonder how long it will take for this to finish. Probably a while.

I'm back to work on the BE comic. I finally set up a preview of the whole thing for patrons: patreon.com/posts/twylas-titty

And here's a couple thumbnail teasers of that for everyone else. :ds_wink:

Replacing the battery in your phone is very easy and not at all stressful. It has battery now but isn’t picking up signal and I hope that’s just shitty reception up by my desk.

I am sure all of these messages I found after logging into Deviantart for the first time in a while are completely legit and nothing found at any of these links will be some kind of Trojan horse or scam. This is totally how a corporation with its own website and jobs board goes about recruiting for new talent: messaging people through accounts with no icon or posts, and names completely unrelated to the company!

so there I was minding my own business when suddenly my magicsona kinda poked her head into reality and was all, hey, remember me? we were kinda doing a thing and then we lost contact? wanna try again?

maybe it's time for me to start doing that daily ritual again.

Illustrator, 4.5h.

process notes on my website: egypt.urnash.com/blog/2022/09/

illustrator source on patreon: patreon.com/posts/71425399?pr=

prints and stickers and shirts and whatnot over here: redbubble.com/shop/ap/12262130

Passing thought:

How many people who commission furry art have some form of colorblindness?

When you talk to an artist, do you mention that you have this going on? Because a lot of our tools have settings that let us simulate your smaller color spectrum, and we can use that to help us make a picture that looks great to people with full color vision AND to you.

This hand is so big that it requires two layers: FINGERS and HAND. Yes, all in uppercase.

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Just posting this screenshot from Handy because the phone is at 1% and I need reference.

I feel like my cloudy skies have really gotten a lot better ever since I moved back to New Orleans and started *looking* at the skies a lot more. We get a lot of spectacular sunsets here.

Today I figured out how to make Illustrator draw super-dramatic shadows for me with a little help from Astute's plugins. How was your day?

generation dust

Today I learnt that the new term for "the tail end of the disputed territory between Generation X and Millennials" is "geriatric millennials". At first I thought it was maybe just a new term for GenX? Nope. Just for the latter half of the transitional zone that's mostly known as "the Oregon Trail generation".

"Geriatric Millennials" are at least nine years younger than I am. And of cours...

Read the whole post: egypt.urnash.com/blog/2022/08/

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