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Gracious Anthracite

At long last I am copying data from the he backup drive to the Air. Time estimates are fun; a few moments ago this was estimating fifty-something hours! Hopefully I will get up tomorrow to find all my data on the Air, so I can get some art done after bringing the Pro to the Apple store.

It is kind of sobering to look at this map of my user directory and see how much space Decrypting Rita takes up in it. Eventually Parallax will probably take up more.

Image generated with Daisy Disk and annotated with Illustrator, if you were wondering.

Yep. Not enough free space to complete migration. As I expected.

Guess I wait a while for this progress bar to fill up, then try again. It took like 45 minutes to get this far; I think it’s time for some brunch.

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Roses are red
I'm no poet
So I'll just draw
A rose instead


sometimes you just gotta have multiple views on the same document, and today I finally refined my Time Sink filter string to filter out the ":1" in the window titles so I can more easily see what documents I've been working on today.

so just made me laugh

(context: we are both moving out of the general Seattle area, and discussing our respective plans)

As I trudge through the snow, pushed out of my lair by a combination of cabin fever and wanting food I don’t have to make, it strikes me that this may be one of the last chances I will ever have to make a snowman.

I am pretty happy passing that up, to be honest.

Hmm yeah I think I will send a zombie-queller and a knifeplay addict to dig around in the ruins of a dracula's castle. What could possibly go wrong.

Crow footprints in the snow. Starting near the stump I put peanuts on most mornings and wandering over to near the window.

what if I increased the width of columns on to like 50em

think i'd have to do something about images coming out super-huge, i mean yes that is a pretty kitty but it really dominates the screen in a way I kinda don't like

i dunno, it's something that's been kicking around the back of my head lately while i've been busy drawing stuff and swearing about my computer's battery life

This is definitely gonna take a while. Guess I’m not getting any art done today.

I bet this is gonna take a while. Time to slouch in the living room and watch some of the goofy anime I rented for the forthcoming Snowpocalypse.

Which may have begun; it’s snowing outside.

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I was making the facetious comment that Slack should have just turned to SubGenius imagery for their rebranding and then Nick pulled out his copy of the Book Of The SubGenius and THIS amazing thing leapt out of it.

A dagger stabbing a clock. With stylized wings. Perfect for the chat program designed for you to kill time on at work. Maybe drop or simplify the wings, just the clock and dagger would be pretty striking!

Lazily pokes at the Skeptic for a while before bed.

Didn't get much art done today, had to hassle with getting my rent paid - the bank switched to a new inter-bank payment processor and it was a bit of A Mess all around. Sitting there on hold drains my energy a lot. Plus pushing myself in yoga this morning and having to wear my admin hat around here kinda ate a lot of the rest of my energy.

I keep on sitting for a while, then shifting position and realizing my legs are super cranky because I stretched *hard* this morning and it is a very good kind of pain.

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Today is the day in which I admit to myself that I have no damn idea who most of the cast of this book is aside from the one character who comes from a previous series. I have book 2 and 3 of this series, tried starting at 2, and was puzzled.

I could get 1 if I looked. And I’m sure it would make sense. I’d know how Cool Ancient Mercenary Assassin Singer Lady came to have a beef with this dude who blows up planets and sells recordings of himself doing it for zillions of spacebucks. Or I could just open it to a random page and fully embrace the special pleasure that is coming in cold to a weird world and figuring out what’s going on.

Fuck it. I’m a pro. I’m going in.