This has been working pretty well as a way to quickly look over my current projects and decide what to work on in any particular day.

The left window's a search for everything I've tagged as being "in progress" The right one's a search for things tagged as both "in progress" and "commission". All sorted by last modification date so whatever I've been working on lately is at the top. With big icon previews so I can see what's what.

I am cleaning up my desktop and I found this drawing of Infinity Man riding a completely un-referenced version of the Forever People's techno-tricycle. It makes me giggle.

Drawing this demon lady is fun.

I could work on this page some more but I think it is time to go back home. Possibly close to bedtime, even.

Client: "Peggy can I give you some money to draw the heck out of 'the intro except they are hors'."

Me: "very the yes, I love my fuckin' job so much"

I did this back in April and am only uploading this just now, I really gotta spend a day catching up on posting commissions. I think this one was for @monsterblue? I should keep track of that sort of stuff in the files along with my timing log.

I am continuously delighted that I get to have conversations like this. Thanks a bunch to everyone who supports my work with a few bucks every month.

Well that's an hour of work spent on bringing this 2016 model sheet up to my 2022 standards. And changing a few bits because I felt like it.I'll have to redraw Chlöe's hair on the page I posted to Patreon the other day but that should be pretty trivial.

I also gotta set up styles for their dance outfits, that's probably another half hour at least. Then I can draw most of the rest of the comic at pretty high speed.

What keeps on installing Maxon Cinema 4D in /Applications. I have never downloaded this thing.

Some cursory searching suggests it comes along with After Effects. Wheee.

Maybe I should remove the eight-year-old version of Illustrator, too. I doubt I'm ever gonna need that. Maybe I'll wait until it's a decade old, "I have ten years of old versions of Illustrator sitting on my hard drive" feels weirdly right for me.

I am stoned and just scribbled this down in my journal. Is this even a legal idea? I have no idea. I kinda love the idea of giving residents of a very liberal city a way to vote by proxy on *every other race in the very conservative state*.

I was looking through my drive and I found this half-roughed comic from 2016. Still looks good. Maybe I'll finish it soon.

I threw the full 13p thing up on Patreon, if you want a preview.

I am impressed at how much I dislike this simple three-word sentence that appeared in my inbox this morning.

Designers wanking over the most deliberately boring font in existance, AND putting it on the world's most inefficient database? Yeah no thanks. Unsubscribing from these MyFonts emails that I rarely look at anyway.

This plinth used to hold a mounted statue of whatever Confederate traitor general the Norm Francis Parkway used to be named after. I am very pleased with this replacement.

This looks about right for the dialogue font of a squeaky rubber cat lady fronting a band that is also a TF catalyst.

I sit in a forest. The city is spread out at my feet. I can find the house I grew up in.

With the right key, one could say and do things here that effect the entire city. I can tell I do not have this key. Not today at least.

I am also playing almost blind, the sun coming in the windows is washing out the image projected on the Magic Painting. This made for a kind of delightfully immersive experience while delving a dungeon; the Starlight spell gave me JUST enough bright blue light to see what was going on, and when it ran out the lantern was there to make things barely visible in red tones. This lead to some pleasantly tense moments while dodging enemies I could one-hit kill.

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The Elden Ring experience is greatly enhanced by getting baked and using the load times to make an illustrated note to myself. It’s so much more fun to make my own adventurer’s journal than visit a giant checklist the game keeps for me.

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