polesona name/costume doodle, 45min

Really her type treatment should probably be in a mix of Papyrus and Comic Sans for maximum cringe value.

“New Orleans’ Best-Dressed Clown-Themed LCD Soundsystem Cover Band”

My hat has been improved.

I also stitched a stretchy hair wrap inside it; it has gone from being a little bit too big to clinging tenaciously but comfortably to my head, even in a decent breeze. But the button is the true perfection.

another twenty minutes or so doodling some text and refining the lighting with Astute's Gradient Forge plugin, it would be interesting to do a short comic in this mode with "sober" parts drawn in simple B&W

cw: still contains very loosely drawn human butt

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ten minute doodle of naga witch lady, inspired by misreading a thumbnail of a witch lady behind a cauldron full of alligator while I was doing an image search for something else entirely

cw: i guess there's a naked human butt in there but I haven't actually put any work into delineating it, also the whole thing definitely has horny energy to it

I went to Office Depot for some folders to put the printouts of Parallax in and impulses on some sparkly purple washi tape for the sole purpose of giving Frater Printy a stylish name tag.

I think between this and the bike acquisition I have done a days worth of work. Time to get dressed for pole dance and head out to a cafe with a book.

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New bike acquired. Still needs a few things but they’ll come soon.

Yay! I finally got my new printer hooked up and it is working well. After one test print I immediately launched into printing out the entirety of Parallax so @zebratron2084 and I can stare at it and figure out how to FIX it.

Frater Printy is spitting them out fast, I suspect I might be done already if this was going over a wire instead of through the air. Perhaps the best place for Frater Printy to live is next to the router in the living room, where he can have an Ethernet cable to that?

After twenty-three years, my personal file organization is finally starting to break down.

Since 2001, I've used this method: all my art lives in ~/gfx/working, in folders named with the year, with a lot of aliases in there to help me quickly access large projects that may span across more than one year. All the stuff in the top has a space at the beginning of its name...

Read the whole post: egypt.urnash.com/blog/2023/01/

This little sheep-dragon was a gift from @zebratron2084’s mom. She has been named Flossie, and now hangs from the overhead fan’s chain. She is enjoying her flying lessons.

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