so this diagram explaining different kinds of public nudity got posted to a chat I am in and now this has lead to me sitting here thinking "what if Horny Variant Peganthyrus was being an art model" and I am remembering the ways models would act in the many figure drawing sessions I've attended over my life and just casually knocking out some little doodles with absolutely no reference that would make the me who was taking all those figure drawing sessions green with envy.

And I guess really the right sentiment is to say thank you to Past Me for investing all those hours in staring at naked people with utter dispassion, and thinking hard about how to draw them despite repeatedly messing it up. Thanks, Past Me.

more eye pain 

in which I continue to toot WIPs of this big YCH, cw: cartoon butts and titties 

repost with CW: hurty op art 

description, invocation and sigils of Fotamecus, a time-fucking servitor 

I Am Not Milton Glaser

But I think if I wanted to, I could ape this definitively-seventies style of his pretty well; this is about twenty minutes of idle doodling and playing with Live Paint. It's a very different workflow from my normal one....

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in which I continue to toot WIPs of this big YCH, cw: cartoon butts and titties 

in which Anthracite mutters at Python versioning bullshit 

There are so many enemies in Persona 5 who are unexpectedly horny. Look at this pretty bird. I just wanna take him out on a date.

Sometimes you just gotta stop off at the hundred year old pastry shop for a snack.

This is Mr. Elephant. He belonged to my mother when she was a kid.

Since I don’t have any kids he doesn’t have much to do any more. He’s pretty happy to keep our face masks safe for us, though!

I feel compelled to dig up some notes on Drawing Hands Gooder from around 2000.

Twenty years later, this is still pretty much my thought process when I have to work out a tough hand pose.

I’m just gonna sit here and rev this motorcycle pope for the rest of tonight.

I think that every time I have ended up passing by this labyrinth, it was lightly drizzling. Today was no exception. I walked it anyway.

It did not transport me to the one true reality of which all others are shadows, unless I am already there.

in which I continue to toot WIPs of this big YCH, cw: cartoon butts and titties 

Finally making an art brush for a certain genie’s bottle. I think half the reason I never did this before is because I’ve been drawing her since before this model sheet existed!

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