teeth teeth teeth teeth 

Resetting my old computer to pass on to the neighbor’s kid. Gotta figure out what to do with the stickers. Peel them off and keep them somehow? Trash them? Pass it on with some history on its lid?

Huh. Turns out that little circle with benches by the children’s museum is a labyrinth! That makes two in the city, there’s one over by the Tree of Life in Audubon...

Serious rain coming down now. I ain’t going anywhere until this is over.

Hmm. The completely empty porch of the Children’s Museum might be an interesting place to work? Also that little circle with benches is worth investigating for sunnier days.

A little wet to be today’s office, but a nice place to sit under my umbrella while waiting for the rain to pass.

This footnote from the text sitting next to the unfinished New Major for the second edition of the Silicon Dawn still makes me happy.

Transom Cat is very hard to get a good photo of sometimes. My phone did NOT want to keep its f-stop low enough for this image.

I think it’s time to go die in space for a while. I might decide to get a little drunk while doing that, too. Space exploration mix well, right?

uspol (workshopping imagery and slogans) 

So today I found myself looking at some scans from Mike Saenz' drawn-in-macpaint comic "Shatter" and I wondered how well I could fake it.

30min later... all of this is live, too, thanks in part to Astute's Phantasm Halftone effect!

So today I got this photo from @troodon of their brand new Urmahlullu shower curtain.

I am told one of their cats was freaked out by it, then sat on the toilet and sang at it a little bit. I think that means it's working. :)

I just spent about an hour in the office writing the second draft of my letter to potential printers for the deck. It’s getting overcast and thunder is rumbling so I think it’s time to go home.

For a few days we have been battling a roach problem. We’ve put out traps, we’ve put down diatomaceous earth and peppermint oil.

Today I moved the track can and a lizard scuttled up the wall behind it. THE CALVARY HAS ARRIVED. And it is impossibly cute!

A very loose schedule from the first draft of an e-mail to some local printers.

No promises, but maybe it is finally time to get the second edition of the Silicon Dawn out there.

If I keep meditating maybe someday I can find the way out of this world.

Kittens are venturing outside. You can see a few more hiding behind the blue chair...

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