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Gracious Anthracite

I love how Dr. Pollo's interrobang pin ended up also looking like a P.

Dr. Pollo will probably appear for all of one panel of Parallax, so I am trying to push his design to the absolute perfection of "if Colin Baker's Doctor Who was a rooster".

Dang. That’s a NICE spider. The bright spots are rotating lights from a hidden projector. I am envious.

Our front porch this morning. The neighbor’s cat had more kittens and they are finally old enough to see Outside.

They are also old enough to try and wander onto our place and I just spent like five minutes extracting the Three Stooges (three nigh-indistinguishable stripey kitties) from the living room after taking this photo.

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Today was a slightly slow week so I decided to work on the weekend. And here's another page of Parallax up on Patreon, in which Olivia and the Baron meet a couple of eldritch space elves...

Uh hello t mobile app this is not a familiarity I really desire from you?

Though I did end up finally getting my account working again as a result of that showing up. It’s been a little broken ever since we added a new line for Nick.

Waiting for the bus. Pausing to notice how insanely pretty this town is.

Got another page pretty far along. I just have to draw a couple of cool biomechs in the top panel of this one and I'm good - and my pile of custom brushes means I might be able to do this in an hour or so.

Gonna take a break and go up to the cafe in the park, then get back to work. But I might detour home and put pizza dough out to rise first...

Prominent in today’s office: rainbow.

New page of Parallax on Patreon!

In which Olivia and the Baron meet up with a couple of skeevy-looking space hippies.

New page of Parallax up on Patreon! In which Olivia and the Baron begin their descent.

thanks for popping this up over everything I was doing for several minutes, adobe

real helpful

Does anyone need an extra vixen for the season?

“Vegan Rob’s Small Gecko With A Watered Down Bottle Of Tabasco Sauce” would be more honest.

This page still needs some backgrounds but the foregrounds are almost done. And more importantly the Weird Alien Language Sigils on it are done - and I made sure that these two closely-related lines have closely-related squiggles, as well.

Details matter, you know?

Today’s office: Rue de la Course in Leonidas. It’s a former bank!

I was afraid that designing Nemesis Kirt and Noa would take forever but it turned out I was already like 90% there for Kirt. An hour and a half saw Noa coming together and the finishing touches on Kirt.

They ended up looking like the sleazy dudes trying to get you to inject a weeds on a Very Special Episode of something animated by Nelvana. But that's fine. They're, like, living mushrooms or something, after all.

one dialogue sigil later I think I am done today. Time to visit the grocery store and get some stuff for attempting to start having sandwich fixings in the house again.