I just described my commissions as being open "slightly more often than Brigadoon intersects with this world" and now I kinda want to redo my commission info image as a riff on one of the posters for that movie.

Somehow, I feel like my mother is to blame.

Sometimes you just gotta do the background first. Usually I don't, the way Frazetta generally composed his stuff around the characters rather than fitting them into a preplanned scene pretty much became My Routine once I read about that part of his process. But sometimes you just gotta figure out what kind of mood the bg's gonna lay down.

Reference photo. Just tooting this to get it to my computer faster than waiting for Photos to sync.

I dub thee the Leatherman Gaybar!

(Color coding: now I know which end to open it at, and which tools are on which side. And the ruler markings are a lot more contrasting now.)


On a Mac, set your desktop image to the model sheet for the character or prop you just can't remember all the details of, then hit command-f3 when you need a refresher.

I have been feeling the need for a break from the comic lately, so it's time for some commissions!

Send me some email with your idea and we'll talk.

Hmm. These little adhesive cable holders I got at Daiso ages ago don’t feel like they’re really gonna work out for running speaker wires over the arch between the living room and studio. Guess I have another visit to the hardware store in my future for something better that, like, nails into the wall.

ᴘᴇɢɢʏ ғᴏᴜɴᴅ

ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴜᴘ!

seriously owning one of these makes me feel An Adult, is that weird?

It is the middle of January and this is my office for the moment and this is kinda why I moved back down here.

I should probably stop posting photos like this before my Northern friends start to hate me. Well, except for the frost wyrms... 😇

Oh geez it’s gonna get all the way down to 70° tonight, I’d better take a jacket!

I think it’s getting to be warm enough to work in the Undine Chapel today.

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