Check out this treasure I found on the book shelves at the cafe last night.

This is basically the home life of myself and everyone else who’s in a relationship with a furry, isn’t it.

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Me reading most books: I’ll give it until page 100 to see if it’s grabbed me.

CL Moore: It is page 36 and I have sent my heroine to hell and back (literally, she crawled down a tube to Hell and bargained with a demon who borrowed her face) for a gloriously improbable weapon with which to destroy her enemy, and described Hell in phrases so pulpy and lurid that it’s a wonder they are not burning holes in the page.

cw: cartoon nudity 

As one ages, keeping flexible is important. If you're a dragon who's becoming noodlier with time then this is increasingly complex.

Illustrator, 2h.

trying to decide what to work on today

(cw: at least half of the things I am thinking of working on are furry smut)

Today’s office: the periodicals room of the Latter branch of the New Orleans public library, which is an old Garden District mansion that’s been repurposed. This desk! I feel like a titan of industry as I sit at it and draw a glorious, giant penis on this dragon dude! (Penis layer is hidden for this photo)

It was, indeed, a pretty nice place to sit and draw some furry porn for a while. Anyone feel like being the central, semi-divine-looking figure? This could be a neat YCH.

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b i g g e r (nsfw: hyper smut) 

Oh yeah, I think this piece is working much better with some serious size difference going on. Why get initiated into the cartoon sex witch coven by a seven-foot-tall daemon when you can get initiated into it by a twelve-foot-tall one with a dong that's probably about as massive as your entire body? Show off your skill with hyperization spells to everyone.

I am finally using TransType 4 to convert all my now-unsupported Type 1 novelty fonts to OpenType fonts so I can keep using them for sound effects and holy fuck can someone go back in time and teach the Blambot guy about font families, every single one of his font sets is three separate fonts named "Fartbox", "Fartbox Bold", and "Fartbox Italic" and I am just going through the list of fonts FIXING this

the best part of traditional Italian places is doodling on the paper that covers the red-and-white-checked tablecloth while waiting for your dinner

(though my Shrimp Diavolo was fucking amazing too)

More Illustrator automatic shading experiments. The first image is what I got Illustrator to render with nothing but the shapes seen in wireframe in the second image. The third is what I got after quickly adding some more lighting by hand. The fourth is a hint at the complicated Appearance stack that makes this happen.

somewhere inside of me there is a very puzzled teenager from the eighties who has no idea how the hell they ended up so old

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