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Gracious Anthracite

Looks like a good place to slouch for a bit and poke at this comic script that needs poking at.

I spent two hours total on this background. I could tweak some stuff and may well do so before I call this page finished, but I think it is pretty much Done.

I think Illustrator agrees. It's getting really, really slow. All these overlapping complex pattern fills and transparent shapes take a lot of thinking to render.

Today I learnt that the IANA has let Microsoft reserve like fifty different private URI schemes. Because everyone on the web really needs to be able to provide a link specifically to ms-settings-displays-topology:// or to ms-gamebarservices://.

Hmm, looking at the covers of the PDFs I just picked up, looks like the last time I caught up with Zebra Girl was somewhere in the fourth volume? Which pegs it at somewhere between 2009-2013.

Regardless, I'm just gonna start from page one.

I should get some breakfast before I embark on this journey.

I just bought the first four books as PDFs. That plus the last volume is gonna be about 800 pages. The change between the first and last pages is insane; I look forwards to seeing Joe's art go from amateur to mastery over that time.

SOMEBODY had better step in to help Joe kickstart a nice hardback compilation of this thing; I am so there for that.

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Hey all. Wanna see some crazy roughs and a chunk of the script for the first pages of the Goth Space Dryad side of Parallax? It's up on Patreon if you do.

And we are back up. Sorry for the downtime, y'all.

We ran completely out of disc space and things ground to a halt. After a lot of swearing I was able to free up enough space to run the command that clears out the local cache of media from other instances, and, well... that sure was a lot of space, wasn't it?

I created a bogus file that does nothing but waste about as much space as I had to clear out before I could get this running.

I think I also definitely need to get that "delete old stuff cached from remote instances" task running regularly.

The Woodring Continuum seems to be expanding into our world. I find this worrisome.

warmup/procrastination: I want to have little drawings of all the Important Characters at the beginning of each chapter of Parallax. And I want to use these to make our central conceit of "they look different depending on who's telling the story" CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I feel like I need to spend more time drawing Kirt and Noa; their friendly headshots feel a little lacking. Olivia and the Baron have like a dozen comics pages worth of practice behind them now...

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I think this design is done.

Trying to combine Miyazaki's forest spirits with Froud's faeries and faint memories of exposed-muscle-under-armor-plate Ro-Beasts from the Voltron of my youth that I can't actually find any evidence of online makes for a nice look, I think.

Especially after I wrap it in shiny pink rubber.

Summer Office 2 kicks people out around six so here I am in Summer Office 3 for today. I really love being able to wander around with my laptop and get shit drawn in small bursts. Super happy to have found a new place to do some of that downtown today.

I have owned’s Texturino since it came out and have finally drawn a thing that needed it. I’m pretty happy with how quickly it let me jank things up with textures and save them in Graphic Styles for drawing in lots of future comic panels.