Hi it’s me your weird old lady artist neighbor. Presently sitting in a quiet tree-filled roundabout in the middle of the park.

So back in the end of 2018 me and Nick ended up at Patrecon. There was a thing where you could send notes to your future self. They caught up with me around the beginning of last year and sat on the coffee table for ages; I finally opened them today.

The audio drama idea never happened for us. Nothing astounding started at Patrecon. But I am now living somewhere sunny, at the very least!

New page of Parallax up on the Patreon!

In which Olivia attempts, once more, to communicate with the aliens.


Never in my life did I think I would have cause to say thank you, Cox Cable. Damn. Thanks, Cox Cable!

Every time I look at this Endymion cup I get a little angry. You can barely see it in this photo but in real life it is very easy to see that despite seeming to be printed in four spot colors plus K (purple, green, yellow, and pale peach), every single color is horribly dithered. So all these little white dudes have green spots all over their flesh. And the parts of their clothes that are not green. The green parts have obvious purple spots, of course.

Their banner used to have the name of the parade but I edited it to show its new use. Perhaps it will remind me to think before I act should I end up doing any hand separations in the future.

*wipes away a tear*

(cancelled - and refunded - due to C19, but I was really looking forwards to that! Maybe I'll just put their stuff on REAL LOUD this Monday.)

I just spent a half an hour fucking around with this sound effect until I pared it down to this jauntily-arranged font and this very simple treatment.

And now this page is that much closer to done so I am happy. Will I do more? Maybe! But lately it feels like even a half an hour of work is cause for celebration. It sure would be nice to go to bed with that big empty area at the top of this panel full of an ancient alien mecha beating the snot out of a creepy alien biomech though.

drunk horny furry porn sketches 

Damnit I was planning on going out and doing some drawing but then I drank this and got distracted and it snuck up on me and now I am Very Tipsy and just wanna curl up and draw some porn.


I want to reuse one of these pieces of board but I don’t know which one. Help me decide!

Pick one piece to be painted over with something new, and one piece to be finished if I feel like breaking out my acrylics.

Hey so tonight at 8pm CST some crazy friends of mine are gonna be doing their insane game-show take on "small streamed concerts". With many twists.

(Guess who drew the logo.)

Feels like a good day to take a walk with a freshly painted jackal mask.

Sitting around listening to an ex-Floyd jamming aimlessly with the Orb before I go to bed.

I was originally gonna listen to Orbus Terrarum, which is kind of my favorite Orb, but for some reason that’s not on the iPad, probably because Apple thinks my old VBR rips are too shitty for them to want to match.

Damn this is some sweet stuff. I like it. It does indeed taste like rainbow.

Second coat. It’s... black, I guess? But not any kind of light-swallowing void black. Maybe if I could find my hair dryer to cook it a bit it would be blacker, the how-tos definitely mention that. No damn idea where it is or even if I kept it in the move, so much shut is still in boxes.

First coat. The left side was thinned with water (wearers left, not Image left). Right side is straight Black 3.0. Now to let it dry overnight, then maybe do a second coat.

Hello Sugarfoot. Who let you in?

Oh right you came in through the window.

It's been a while but there is a new page of Parallax up on Patreon! In which the Baron shows that he can, in fact, get angry. Or at least a little tetchy.


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