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Gracious Anthracite

anyway back to making lots of little paintings for this crazy comic.

I should really find a bunch of Bill Sinkevich's work, especially his painted comics.

I am really glad I set Time Sink to retain its logs indefinitely. It’s nice to be able to figure out how much time I spent working when I have days where I never get around to using my to-do/diary.

There are spaceship names from before Iain and there are spaceship names from after Iain.

And yes, ‘Splain is a warship. What else would she be with a name like that?

(Elizabeth Bear, Ancestral Night)

This is the second time I've had a closeup of a handshake in chapter 1 of Parallax.

It's like it's a *motif* or something.

A couple pages in progress are updated on the WIP page, if you know where to find it. For everyone else these'll probably be up... next month, maybe? unless I decide to sit on them a bit to build up more queue.

New page up on Patreon! It is super pretty.

Also there are new pages popping up on the public site this month!

“Have you seen Sugarfoot?”

“She’s not back here.”

Then I find her sitting on the not-quite-an-altar. I sigh. She had better not knock over the Duck Of My Mother, but I don’t have the heart to take her off. Especially when she’s settling in for a nap.

Today I spent an hour and a half working on this page of Parallax plus a half hour being interviewed about how I use Patreon. I am tempted to say "that's two hours of work, I'm knocking off" but I feel like a half hour more could see this page DONE and I'd really like to get there.

Either way I think it is time for me to get up from this table in the corner of the park Du Monde and go somewhere else. I've been here for about an hour.

Today’s offices. Just sitting down in Du Monde for some more work. First shot includes a rare appearance of the artist by request. I really gotta dye my hair again.

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Today I am doing @zebratron2084’s laundry. It’s less stress for me, and he’s been doing a LOT of the dishes lately. So here I am in the laundromat. I just got an hour of work on the next page of Parallax while the laundry machines did their thing; now I think it’s time to kick back and read for a while while ignoring Judge Judy on the TV and the occasional governor campaign ads from a dude who is proudly proclaiming he “stands with the President”. Louisiana ain’t perfect.


This was a cool piece of surrealist art built as a Quartz Composition that I was using as one of my collection of screensavers. Now this and all the other QCs I was using for that no longer work because Apple's depreciating Quartz Compositions.


Doing a contrast pass on this page. I really need to get some value contrast into my palette for Parallax, this is a persistent problem.

Tonight’s pizza is made in honor of the Black Star.

Every time I come by Popp’s Fountain I feel simultaneously overdressed and underdressed. I should be wearing a diaphanous white gown, and possibly either feeding grapes to another pretty girl, or being fed grapes by another pretty girl.

I do not know what to make of this run of Blue Oak’s cups.

“You come from a hell of a town, Peg,” said Nick.

hey who's this asshole

oh hi sugarfoot