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Gracious Anthracite

I checked Twitter and the reviewer had tagged me in their tweet about the review, so I replied with a screenshot of the Parallax directory and a few other fragments.

Is this how to build buzz I don't know

Sitting at the optometrist with dilated eyes. Got my normal glasses adjusted - no change on that prescription, but they’d gotte off-kilter - and am contemplating getting a separate pair for close-up work on the computer. Getting old.

Reading Simonson’s “Star Slammers”. This is a nice page, I really like the floating heads expositing away next to the wide panels illustrating their dialogue. Could work real nice with a different plot thread in the wide panels, too.

Hey all, I’ll be signing Twisted Romance #3 at Phoenix Comics in Cap Hill in an hour! Maybe I’ll see some of you there. If you have a copy of Rita that needs signing, bring it along too...

So recently the Smart Fridge got an upgrade and now it’s showing space going guitars as a reward for clearing out all its to-do items.

cw: naked cartoon dragon lady with big magic sword, now with images actually attached, oops Show more

Flirted for a while. Got shown what Ican only describe as "Seinfeld as a Hungarian cartoon". Came back to the computer and spent another hour on this.

The sword is a slight edit of the one who's a main character in my perpetually-back-burner project "Drowning City".

Yeah I am liking where this is going. 1h so far, including the initial sketch. Work on this more or go lift my tail at @zebratron2084? Hmmm.

makin' up some lady dragon fantasy armor

trying to avoid shoulderpieces that guide swords to chop your arms off, and individual titty cups

currently punting on: wings (though I have a layer with the idea of 'what if they curl up like fists' despite my usual habit of just having them kinda magically come and go as needed), having any idea how to shove those big spiky things on the top of peganthyrus' head into a helmet.

Thank you for these lovely suggestions Mr Zuckerberg

(None of the birthdays I have ever told Facebook were mine are anywhere near Aquarius, FWIW.)

a tool-assisted sigil I spent half the day stonedly fooling with Show more

Today I discovered that the icons in Safari's 'downloads' pane act as proxies for the file. I dragged all those folders straight into a new folder to deal with them instead of having to sort through my messy Downloads pile.

Somebody is very very annoyed that I took their wet clothes out of the single washing machine to get my own laundry started.

Somebody is probably living away from home for the first time.

I think this is the first superhero comic I have ever read that really felt like it had more to say than “dudes super-punching each other is cool”.