Marvel is gonna do a comic about a magical academy in New Orleans. I am looking forwards to the nuanced, accurate depiction of New Orleans that this project will surely have.

Shadow (couch) and Sugarfoot (suitcase) still don’t live here. But they sure do feel free to jump in the window.

I dread the day Sugarfoot’s younger brothers begin making that jump.

I am up and if I really felt like an adult I would throw together a sandwich or have some yogurt and start right in on finishing up the last panel of this page.

Have I mentioned lately that Sugarfoot is a kitty? Because she is a kitty.

I got a few people wanting a physical copy of this panel I shared yesterday so I put it on Redbubble. Prints, shirts, blankets, stickers, the works.

The next page of Mixolyne stuff is coming along. Still needs a bit of a contrast/highlighting pass here and there but I am very happy with this SHOUJO MOMENT that these two biomechs are sharing.

The part about the staircase is such a Text Adventure sentence.

("Curses", by Graham Nelson.)

Also please enjoy the map I am drawing in Illustrator as I suffer this zork.

Me last night: Hey what if I spent like six hours posting a chunk of Parallax and the entirety of Decrypting Rita to those popular comics portals Webtoon and Tapas

Comics Twitter this morning: Tapas' "Ink" "currency" eats twice as much as they promise it will in conversion fees

Tapas this morning:

So I think we have a papaya tree growing in the weed patch out back? And a few shoots springing up around the base of the house, too.

Leaf closeup is from Wikipedia and sure looks the same to me.

New Parallax on Patreon! On which Kirt and Noa find out what's been going on back at home while they were out.

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