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Gracious Anthracite

I just took down the canvas print of this picture that’s been hanging on the inside of my front door for most of the time I’ve been living in this apartment. Damn that made the “I don’t live here any more” factor go WAY up.

Guys I think I am gonna need sone backup on this Goddess Caffenia, I am pretty sure she’s nowhere in Bullfinch’s ya know?

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A motley assortment of things marked FREE.

Current desktop image: "Blue Cat" by Pamela Coleman Smith, best known as "the lady who drew the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and got her name left off of it for about a hundred years".

Dang. I am like eight days shy of filling the old diary up in sync with leaving Seattle. I’m gonna start using the one on the right tomorrow, with about a week left before I get on a plane.

New one’s got my new address in it, though.

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I think this headgear I made for Speak Like Thou Wert Ye Odinson Day (or Jack Kirby’s Birthday) is destined for the recycling bin.

Why Seattle’s U district is fucked, in one sentence.

(Jane Jacobs, The Death And Life Of Great American Cities)

I should probably delete this folder full of old Surfer's Serials. But I just can't. Look at all those skull friends!

One more. Most of them have already vanished. I like to think my improvements helped.

Spent another hour or so working on this air spirit piece tonight. Think it's close to done, I just gotta draw the black one off in the distance in my rough, and see if the shininess I see in my mental image of what this should be actually works in context.

Pro tip: do not design the logo for your ironic clothing brand with a giant white space in it.

Bonus tip: if you must do this, ensure you are not posting your fliers outside the home of a cartoonist.

Life pro tip: Carry a metallic sharpie in your bag. Draw derpy cartoon faces on ads that annoy you. Especially ones with giant white spaces like these.