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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Would you like to read an epistolary novel that tries to be a sci-fi YA House Of Leaves

Sure you would

And by “epistolary novel” I mean it’s modern equivalent: chat logs, analyses of security cameras, email... forms move with the times.

@anthracite I know there was a web 1.0 type House of Leaves-ish thing a while ago, with blogs and LiveJournals and such.

@anthracite Does that make an epistolary novel without any discernible plot?

Jerk City Considered As An Epistolary Novel Show more

@anthracite Content Warning: Jay Kristoff author of Stormdancer the orientalist, culturally appropriated racist books.

@maverynthia I was gonna ask if this is "no white person can ever write about another culture without being called out for appropriation" or "no really his research came entirely from watching some animes and throwing around cliches" and then I dug up the goodreads reviews and, wow, yeah, it sure is the latter.