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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Sitting at the open door, doing a little minor repair on one of my sun hats. My thoughts drift around an article on Reddit’s troll problem and their slow backing away from Free Speech!!!.

FWIW: Dragon Style is not a bastion of Free Speech. You are in a dragon’s cave and she is politely asking you to be chill; if you start acting like an asshole you will be shown the door.

(Nobody has even come remotely near being a problem, AFAIK. I am not subrarring you here, no matter how much you may fear I am. I am just thinking about what I’ll do if anyone ever BECOMES a problem.)

@anthracite "You are in a dragon's cave and she is politely asking you to be chill" could be the beginnings of a great text adventure


> l dragon

She is approximately seven times your mass, well out of reach, and probably breathes fire.

> inventory

You are carrying:

An Elvis sword of great antiquity
A bottle of water
A journal
A powerful urge to scream obscenities and racial slurs
A package of cupcakes


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