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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I wish this dialogue had more details. What layer is the offending object on? Where in the appearance stack did things go awry? Maybe I'd like to find out which object did this - how about a button to select the offending object, unlocking whatever containing objects may be locked?

Programmers get line numbers where the compilers break. Artists... don't.

@anthracite I'd not really thought about this in terms of how programmers get line numbers (usually) when things break, but I totally agree. Been wrestling with an addon for blender for hours now, and I'd probably have fixed it already if I actually knew *why* it was giving seemingly incorrect values >_>

@StarshipAmelia debug information is THE BEST. Even if it's hidden behind an "advanced details" button.

@anthracite it’s even worse than that because PostScript is technically a programming language

@anthracite Illustrator in particular always seems to like to shit itself and then deny everything, in my experience...

@anthracite downside is, "your program broke on line X" is a statement that can contain lies so intense that they pull your toenails out right through your socks.

@krinndnz oh of course! But even if it's only accurate 50% of the time that's still a lot better than "there is an error somewhere, good luck finding it".

@anthracite IDK, for the shape of my head, "guaranteed unhelpful" is easier to cope with than "one knight lies, one 50% tells the truth, one knight rolls a biased 3d12 to determine whether to lie, you have two questions and a magic chicken that can tell you if the last answer was a lie"