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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Tumblr: hey check out this person we think you should follow, they are totally in your orbit
Me: keeps scrolling and looking at cartoon animal people with huge wahoos
Tumblr: hey no really here’s another person from this guy you should follow
Me: keeps scrolling
Tumblr: hey you should really check out this person
Me: keeps scrolling, wow that bat girl sure is well endowed in every way possible
Tumblr: oh whatever here’s an ad for glasses

@anthracite huge wahoos >>> machine browsing suggestions 99.99% of the time, good choice

@Edelwood someday I should try to get a few more purveyors of huge wahoos into my Mastodon follow list.

@anthracite Same here. I've also been a touch lax in my Huge Wahoo drawing duty. I need to draw'm more!

@Edelwood @anthracite Same here... haven't drawn a good wahoo in ages...

@anthracite That shit taught me how to install and use element hiding helper. Block all the things!

@anthracite at least on mobile, you can turn off in your orbit