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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

While getting dressed I find myself pondering a video game where you are a shoulder dragon with shoulder dragon sized problems. Sure, the wizard whose shoulder you ride on has some complex world-in-peril narrative to deal with, and every now and then she makes you do some weird mission that can only be accomplished by a tiny dragon, but mostly you're concerned with lazing around the place while she does research, stealing cookies from the cabinet, chasing the local rats and birds, accumulating a shoulder dragon sized hoard of shiny things, and so on.

It would be the most relaxing thing ever.

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@anthracite the mechanics could be a little bit like those in Bad Mojo (crazy creepy cockroach cd-rom game from the 90s)

@anthracite I played that game well into the wee hours in a darkened empty design studio and the sounds design scared the heebies out of me

@anthracite and then at the end of every day you get pets as the wizard chills in their big chair ofc


> you are a shoulder dragon with shoulder dragon sized problems


@anthracite if this exists I will spend up to $200 on it for @DialMforMara

@DialMforMara @Canageek i mean clearly that's a higher kickstarter tier that comes with, i dunno, a little figurine or the art book or something

@anthracite @Canageek Dragon plushie and a few shinies to start the hoard with

@DialMforMara @anthracite Yes, but they normally cost $70 in Canada, so I doubled that and rounded.

@anthracite call it "Familiar", have different kinds of familiars, each of which relaxes in a different way. Imagine being a raven just flying through a rich world and sometimes eating carrion! Or a rat, exploring a hidden world.

@anthracite I'm not sure if I want to have a shoulder dragon, or be a shoulder dragon

@anthracite Your wizard is a human and smart-but-dopey in that human way. "I can save the world! Help me find my glasses?" Fetch quests and rat hunting speed up or slow down lines of magical research so you can steer your wizard by interfering or helping with various completion tasks.

@anthracite This is what I hang around dragons on mucks hoping will happen.


*world shattering explosions and magic bolts flying all around*

*shut it all away and maintain singular focus on a tiny piece of gold someone dropped behind the sofa*

It's like you're playing a cat. Except, shoulder dragon.

@anthracite like there's epic montage cut scenes between when you jump on the wizard's shoulder as they're heading out the door and when you leap off as they get back all haggard.

@odinsdream yes! Sometimes these montages have interactive bits. But only sometimes. Wizard sets you down by a hole; “blah blah blah blah pretty dragon friend blah blah key” and you have to get a key from a tiny hole for them. Or you’re sitting on their shoulder while the Big Bad immobilizes them and blathers on endlessly, and the item collection UI pops up to remind you that the gem in Bad’s eye socket is exactly the one you need to complete a set you’ve been collecting. But mostly it’s just a blur of Someone Else’s Problem.

@anthracite I want to play this SO MUCH. ... unfortunately that means somebody has to actually make it and eeeenh that's way too much work.

@green @anthracite I can code. I don't know much about modern game dev tools but I can code.

@anthracite Epic revenge if your wizard brings you the wrong sweet?

@anthracite I was more thinking of rearranging the potions in his belt. Switching out the healing potions for polymorph ect.

@anthracite This sounds fantastically charming.