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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

what if we built a frontend for mastodon that rendered threads ala comic chat

(if someone feels insane enough to build this I'll do some art for it!)

@anthracite omg how is this just now something I'm hearing about? Is this a joke history? It's real!?

@odinsdream It's a real thing! Imagine if your IRC chats were illustrated with cut-and-paste of Jim Woodring drawings.

It mostly survives today as "the app Jerk City is made with", JC being a long-running webcomic that is basically "some dudes talking about dicks a lot".

In related news Jerk City still sure as hell hasn't changed any despite keeping up with the times.

(image: nsfw dialogue, vague intimations of homophobia-as-humor)

@anthracite Jerkcity's continued existence is kind of a wild thing

@HereticSoul I suspect the dialogue may be machine-generated along with the art nowadays.