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Thanks to I now have a link to Patreon's new fee structure. Show more

According to Patreon's current fees page, the old fee regime works like this: Show more

Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Finally, for those pondering Kickstarter's new service:

1. it's invite-only for now and they sure didn't invite me despite a history of three successful campaigns, two of which were staff picks, if you're around my level of obscurity then you probably won't get an invite any time soon either

2. their website says absolutely nothing about the fees - we can ASSUME that they will be pretty low, since Kickstarter is a Public Benefit Corp who makes most of its $ off of people using KS as a pre-order site for electronic gizmos, but we can't be sure of anything

anyway I guess I should save a link to this thread somewhere so I don't have to redo all the Patreon fee calculations if and when I *do* get a chance to set up with

@anthracite I'm pretty sure they did, it's 5% + processing like patreon used to do (i'll try to find the link again...)