Thanks to I now have a link to Patreon's new fee structure.

Apparently every pledge is now gonna get service fees tacked on top, instead of coming out of my cut: 2.9%+35¢ extra for every patron.

The big question for me is how they calculate this for pay-per-thing creators like me. If I make eight things a month, is a $1 patron going to pay

($1+2.9%+.35)*8 things = $11.032


($1*8 things)+2.9%+.35 = 8.582 ?

Their page on this sure does make it sound like it's the first, which... I dunno, it feels like they're nickel-and-diming everyone here? Maybe that 2.9%+35¢ fee should be calculated on the sum total of ALL of the pledges you're paying this month instead of applied to every single pledge separately?

We shall see, I suppose. And I will probably hear about this second-hand since they couldn't be bothered to send me any email about this.

According to Patreon's current fees page, the old fee regime works like this: 

1. Payment processor charges their fees. Paypal is 5%+5¢, Stripe is 1.9%+¢30.

2. Patreon takes 5% of what they get from the payment processor.

3. Payment processor transfers the money to the creator and takes their cut, which varies depending on if you're in the US or not. I'm not gonna get into that calculation because it's presumably still there.

(ref link:

($1*8 things)-5%-5¢ = 7.55, that -5% is $7.17 (Paypal)
($1*8 things)-1.9%-¢30 = 7.548, minus 5% is 7.17 (Stripe)

-- with the patron being charged a flat $8 either way.

If Patreon is applying this service charge to every pledge, there is $3.86 more going to the payment processor and/or Patreon, or $1.412 more going there if it's applied to the single hit they make on the patron's bank account.

So that's some numbers, and now I guess I can think about this more solidly - the vast majority of my patrons are $1/thing, and a good month is one where I make eight things.

Finally, for those pondering Kickstarter's new service:

1. it's invite-only for now and they sure didn't invite me despite a history of three successful campaigns, two of which were staff picks, if you're around my level of obscurity then you probably won't get an invite any time soon either

2. their website says absolutely nothing about the fees - we can ASSUME that they will be pretty low, since Kickstarter is a Public Benefit Corp who makes most of its $ off of people using KS as a pre-order site for electronic gizmos, but we can't be sure of anything

anyway I guess I should save a link to this thread somewhere so I don't have to redo all the Patreon fee calculations if and when I *do* get a chance to set up with

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

Okay so Patreon has updated the FAQ on their new fee structure, and:

Q: How does this impact me as a per-post creator?

A: As a per-post creator, your patrons will see the 2.9% + $0.35 service fee added to all paid posts. For example, if you are a per post creator making two paid posts per month, your patrons will be charged 2.9% + $0.35 for each paid post.

Their example is a $5 pledge on a month you made two things, which is now two $5.50 pledges. Which is... I guess it's an *average* pledge but more than 50% of my backers are pledging $1.

So consider the case of a $1 pledge, with ten things made in a month (which is much closer to my numbers, and probably most webcomics folks'):

($1+2.9%+35¢) = $1.379
$1.379 * 10 = $13.79


($1*10)+2.9%+35¢ = 10.64

...and what the hell Patreon why are your processing fees suddenly so huge now where are those going ffs.

@anthracite I'm pretty sure they did, it's 5% + processing like patreon used to do (i'll try to find the link again...)

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@anthracite HOLY MOLY NO this is very very bad? I thought it would be per month, like, if I made two comics the fee would be applied to the pledges for that month as a whole. GOOD LORD.

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@cassolotl yeah this basically feels like a giant fuck you to moderately prolific per-thing creators.

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@anthracite Definitely. :(

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@anthracite My cynical thought: There's something about $1 pledges that they don't want/like. It's not enough to just disable them, but they definitely want them they wrap it up like they're giving creators more money! How gracious of them!

Or they just want more money, realized most people pledge a dollar, and decided to stick their arm a little deeper.

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@anthracite Keep in mind part of those processing fees are Patreon’s profit. They’re unfortunately a business just like every other. Switching the fees can be seen as more transparent even though edge cases like this allow them to actually take more money out of the pockets of donors.

Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

@packetcharmer yeah, this is true. I need to do all the math on exactly how much more Patreon is taking here - [this person]( did more math than I did, and it sure looks like Patreon is taking a LOT more from multiple pledges with this new scheme.

I really don't like the way they're now wrapping "payment processor's cut" and "patreon's cut" up into one number. Makes it a lot harder to compare the new numbers to the old.

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