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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I'm planning a multi-city trip in January - gonna do Further Confusion, hang out in sunny SJC for a little while after, then go visit some crazy unicorn in Santa Barbara.

I could spend seven hours flying from SJC to an airline hub to Santa B for ~300, or I could spend seven hours taking the train for like $60. Hard choice. Very hard choice. TOOT TOOT MOTHERFUCKERS, TOOT TOOT.

(Don't go thinking you can break into my lair and steal the hoard, Nick's gonna be sticking around the place while I gallivant about seeking sunlight.)

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@thefishcrow Train beats out bus by a long shot if there's one available, IMHO! Huge seats, snack car, ginormous bathroom. And totally unavailable for huge portions of the US, sadly.

@anthracite oh hey I bet I know that unicorn, SAY HI FOR ME