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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

So it looks like I can talk about the book I'm doing that "Academy Romance" story I keep mentioning for!

It is called "Twisted Romance" and it will be a WEEKLY book from Image, coming out all through February. It's a shorts anthology; each issue consists of a 30p (I think) story written by Alex DiCampi and drawn by some pretty rad artists, a prose story, and an 8p backup comic by an assortment of folks, including yours truly!

You can read more about it [here]( If that sounds cool then bug your local comics shop to order it!

My story is about super cute cartoon animals, force-field rapiers, and that weird thing that happens when you and a friend get maybe a little too deep into some obscure media.

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@anthracite @zebratron2084 Oh hell, you're drawing something by Alex Di Campi /and/ it'll be in the same issue as Carla Speed McNeil? Holy shit, this is awesome! :-D

@emanate @zebratron2084 Carla's drawing Alex's story; the backups are written by whoever's doing the backups. I'm just in very close proximity to Carla. :)