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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Well. Got to the end of Gurren Lagann. Gorgeous restatement of it’s core themes of Never Fucking Give Up and Big Fucking Robots Drilling Stuff.

Each disc felt like the highlights of one or two seasons of another show. It’s all amazingly dense.

I’m pretty glad I watched it.

@hellojed 6 discs, about 2h each. Be prepared for a lot of macho posturing and gratuitous titty jiggle. I’d say they are very interested in both having their macho posturing and deconstructing it; not interested in deconstructing the titty.

I went in skeptical but open to it, and it grabbed me before the end of disc 1.

@anthracite Gurren Lagann is one of those anime that may have legitimately changed my life


@And_Zoidberg I don’t think it’ll do that to me, but I can sure as hell see it doing that. It’s a gorgeously dense story wrapped around a precious cargo of HOPE.

@Efi oh that sounds interesting, and solving problems with dance instead of punching is probably a pretty good antidote to the raging punch frenzy of Gurren Lagann!