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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Every so often when I am googling for something related to Mastodon I run across this Mashable article about how MASTODON IS INHERENTLY DOOMED and I just giggle.

@anthracite But it doesn't have William Shatner and just a bunch of people shouting IT'S BEEN

@capn_pancakes I am pretty sure the lack of Shatner may be a plus.

@anthracite time will tell, but I tried to explain Mastodon to my SO and she just gave me a blank stare.


Here's a few I've been using with some degree of success:

"it's like twitter with less nazis"

"it's like twitter except it's run by whoever wants to help run it instead of by a bunch of silicon valley techbros whose paychecks come from adviews"

and if she was online in the early 90s, "it's the bastard child of Twitter and FidoNET"

@anthracite do we get to tell him he can't smugly write a repeat of this sentence now? " AS I PREDICTED,"

@Coxy We definitely need to go see what he’s said about Mastodon once that post is a year old. I bet he never returns to the account he made on