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Early Facebook guy: "We built Facebook to consume as much of your time and attention as possible."

This. This is why I need to set things up so that boosts and favs are off in the notifications column by default. This is why I keep on thinking about ways to make boosts a thing you do less of.

I want–and all of Mastodon–to be a thing you visit *briefly* and *leave*, instead of a time parasite.

Close the tab and do something that makes you happy.

@anthracite I kinda feel like social networks, especially pseudonymous ones like this, are fundamentally built as a way to "waste" time, though? If we really needed "communication" we would use existing private channels

Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

@impiaaa There's nothing wrong with Mastodon being a site where you spend some leisure time. But the drug of 'people liked what I had to say' is strong, and can get some people caught in a loop where they never LEAVE the site. I'd like to build in tools to help people fight that addiction.