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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Early Facebook guy: "We built Facebook to consume as much of your time and attention as possible."

This. This is why I need to set things up so that boosts and favs are off in the notifications column by default. This is why I keep on thinking about ways to make boosts a thing you do less of.

I want–and all of Mastodon–to be a thing you visit *briefly* and *leave*, instead of a time parasite.

Close the tab and do something that makes you happy.

@Efi I can't help you there, madam. All I can do is say that I've been in that place and it's terrible and grey and I hope you find a way out of it soon.

This spurs the idea: what if I built a button that you could press, which said "don't let me back in here for A Little While"? You'd stay logged in but you'd just get a polite, friendly refusal to serve More Content to you.

Lockout time should probably be configurable by the user.

@InspectorCaracal I am definitely gonna share that patch if I get it done!

@anthracite i love this idea. make the platform work for people.

@anthracite sort of like the Forest app, which sets up a full internet access block, but for specific applications ?

@SpotWeld Yeah. Just build that right into The People's Glorious Twitter Alternative, because we all know that this is a powerful drug and want to help people get high on it *responsibly*.

@anthracite I know this is not exactly what you had in mind, but there are browser plug-ins to do just that: block you from the site that distracts you, for however long you specify.

@mirabilis Yeah, I've used them myself sometimes! Building it into the site feels like it's making a statement of intent: use this healthily, we know it can be addictive, here is a tool to help you not get lost in the toot/like loop.

@anthracite I need this in SO many facets of my life that it isn't even remotely believable.

@anthracite I kinda feel like social networks, especially pseudonymous ones like this, are fundamentally built as a way to "waste" time, though? If we really needed "communication" we would use existing private channels

@impiaaa There's nothing wrong with Mastodon being a site where you spend some leisure time. But the drug of 'people liked what I had to say' is strong, and can get some people caught in a loop where they never LEAVE the site. I'd like to build in tools to help people fight that addiction.

@anthracite I really value keeping boosts to a minimum, because I'm much more interested in what the people I'm following say, rather than the viral spew.

I may also be guilty of wanting to spend a lot of time here. Between longform post desires, and just wanting a window to something better while at work.

@Phorm Same on the first point. Less echos, more careful thoughts.

Went out for brunch. Doodled a first cut at the idea of “keep me out of Mastodon for a while, I need to use my brain for other shit”.

Also doodled a design fragment for the LAST SIGNED RITA OMNIBUS so I’m gonna get on that now. L8r. 💜

@anthracite What about "Take a break for..." and it could let you back in early if you have it email you a link to click, but it purposefully delays the email by, like, 15 minutes?

@anthracite I suggest making it "something that makes you happy"--sometimes when I'm feeling panicky, this is the cave I choose to hide in.