I am trying to decide if a mug reading “#7 MOM” would be funnier than one reading “#8 MOM”.

@anthracite look you're gonna end up making some kind of low-stakes suburban Afro Samurai rip off if you're not careful

Much funnier. Especially if the 7 can be mistaken for a 1 on first reading.

@Chip_Unicorn @anthracite
This is plausible! One time I saw some German guys trying to get into my hotel room, because they'd misread the American 7 on the key card envelope as a European 1.

@anthracite Definitely 7. The visual confusion with 1 works great. And when said aloud, "seven" fits the ironic tone better than "eight," I think.


I think at that point, I would be mentally hearing it as a Varsity sport's announcer calling out MOM's jersey number...

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