Today’s office: the periodicals room of the Latter branch of the New Orleans public library, which is an old Garden District mansion that’s been repurposed. This desk! I feel like a titan of industry as I sit at it and draw a glorious, giant penis on this dragon dude! (Penis layer is hidden for this photo)


Isn’t it though. I want one. And a room suitable for keeping it in.


*reclines in her chair and sips her scotch as she contemplates her work*

*snaps her fingers*

*a twink in high heels, a thong, a boa, and little else struts in*

“Stephen! Stephen, get me the latest news on donker futures. And a fresh pitcher of ice water.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

@anthracite many were ruined by the donks market crash of 1929, others saw opportunity… and took it.

@anthracite That place is so cool! Extra since it's a library now.

My aunt and uncle live in a mansion that was originally built for an oil tycoon, it's actually surprisingly small for a mansion, tho. This reminds me of their place! Super classy.

Your computer and art stand out so much, and that coke! I love the dissonance, and somehow they are also harmonic?


That looks like the kind of desk at which one could draw a REALLY BIG PEEN. Like, too big for the space under the desk.


I drew a peen that was approximately the size of the torso of the person it was on, I am pretty sure it would not be capable of fitting under that desk when erect. Might be fine flaccid though.

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