Digging into Parallax and I get this error. Ufgghhh. Guess I'm gonna be looking into Type 1-to-Truetype conversion tools.

The first thing I'm seeing come up is FontLab's TransType4. A hundred bucks but it seems to work okay, though I'd be pretty happy with just some kind of little free script that I point at my fonts directory and let grind for a bit - it looks like this might require a lot of human decisions.

Uuugggggh FontBook tells me that 289 of the 618 fonts on my computer are Type 1.


fontforge is a small nightmare, but i believe this is within its wheelhouse, and it is free. it's also scriptable so you could maybe do this in batch?


not 100% sure on type1 support but the top answer here gives you how to convert fonts from the command line. it should generalize to any formats fontforge supports


What's wrong with Type 1 fonts that they no longer have to support them? Or is the ever marching of capitalism that "Nothings wrong we just want to try and sell something and also not support the old thing"

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