Fuck it. Tonight feels like a good night for a trip to Basingstoke.

okay I just abused the Restart Best trail I forged several years ago when I clawed my way to Basingstoke and just kinda... hit continue a lot, on some mediocre play, but I sure did have a couple of nice braingasms along the way. This is one of the few video games that can regularly make me cry. Despite its complete lack of a story. It just... reaches into your brain and DOES stuff.


The final level is, in fact, called Basingstoke, and it is a gorgeous trip through some amazing interactive psychedelic landscapes. Even more so than the rest of the game.


I still consider it a personal mission to get you to play this game in VR.

That, and Rez. (With suitable vibrational enhancement)


tie me up, stick the vibrator where it goes, hand me the controller :)


(actually I just found myself wondering if ps4 vr hats were still available now that I don't have my projector covering an entire wall that dominates my entire visual field)


I do believe they're still available, particularly as bundles and/or as "renewed" hardware. But the prices are still way too high for what I'd expect for what is, admittedly, the lowest tier VR experience on the market.

Honestly, if it weren't so many fiddly bits, I'd just give you the PSVR equipment I have - But I really don't trust sending it through the mail, sadly. The lenses are pretty sensitive.

@Phorm @anthracite

Walmart has them, but honestly the PS5VR is getting awesome reviews.
I have the HP headset for PC and love it.

@KirinAW @anthracite

I would absolutely wait before investing in the PSVR 2, honestly. The original PSVR might be worth it by virtue of being more affordable at this juncture, but the PSVR 2 is mighty expensive, requires a PS5, and honestly I expect it to be outclassed by the next wave of hardware.

But now I'm turning into a bit of a wonk on this, and I apologize.

I just want people to experience Polybius in brain-melting glory.

@Phorm @anthracite

It's $6 on Steam. Just added it. If VR is gonna melt my PC, might as well add my brain into it as well.

@KirinAW @anthracite

It's a hell of a ride! I hope you enjoy it.

Honestly, Rez is also worth looking at, in either 2D or VR.

@KirinAW @Phorm

there are few superior brain-melters than Polybius IMHO, Minter's a master at the genre.


Not sure it would really affect things much. But this is just from the phone camera and Mastodon not agreeing about the alignment.

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